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    I'm quite tall for my age and I've got brownish hair , black eyes , it's kinda cool . I like rpg's (of course) and japanese animes , especially ones with girls cute enough to die for . people see mee as a bit dark and silent , but it's ok with me .
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  1. [FONT=Comic Sans MS]"So... this Or?ganization... Where do I sign up again?" Ashley infuriated by the boy?s outrageous assault was starting to calm down. He took a deep breath, as he slightly touched his bleeding mouth. At first he wanted to get up and kill the boy where he lied, but then he just smiled. ?You have quite a strange sense of humor, I like that?I will be your guide young one?? He said, as he got up. Ashley sheathed his blade in its leather scabbard which hanged loosely at his side, and sat on the fallen half of the severed tree. ?I do not know that much about th
  2. [FONT=Comic Sans MS]"Don't disappoint me, I want a great fight" Ashley grinned, as a sinister flare blazed in his eyes. He crouched, and thrust Fandango in the earth. His side stung horribly due to the blows he had received. ?Let?s take this up a notch shall we?? He chuckled. Ashley held his cloak tightly, tore it off his body, and used it to wipe the blood off his mouth. He then leaned down, and pulled his curved blade out of the ground. ?You are too rash boy, you may have increased your strength, but I can see the side effect of your action in your sluggish movement?Beho
  3. [FONT=Comic Sans MS]Wandering about in the darkness of the night; Ashley was a bit disturbed. Before the moment when he met the girl that called herself Kairi he had no recollection of the name Merlose whatsoever, now he remembers everything about it, and the person who once went by it. It was awfully strange for him, that odd feeling of nostalgia. He shook his head, trying to rid himself of her memory, but in the end he wanted to bask in its warmth, and hold on to it for as long as he can. It was the most private, and precious of his possessions in that strange world where he felt naked
  4. Confusion :animestun Confusion :animestun If things are going to be changed or anything of that sort, I'm willing to edit my post :animeswea. A hint for the future: Spell check... :animesigh... Asim :animesmil
  5. [FONT=Comic Sans MS]He sauntered restlessly amongst the ruins of the cursed city. The full moon shed its bewildering silver light upon the cowering shadows. The winds howled eerily; echoing the sounds of battle, and death. His body drank full of the darkness, his heart was cold, and numb. The velvet cloak shrouding his body, fluttered about gently; it seemed for a moment that the garb was fabricated out of shadows and not mere cloth. Going down a stone stairway; he descended into an old dungeon. Going through one rusty gate after the other, as if searching for something, alas he did not k
  6. Hurray :animesmil Another Vagrant Story fan :animesmil "Calms down" :animeswea , I like them all, very nice work :animeswea. Thanks alot :animesmil
  7. [FONT=Comic Sans MS][B]Sign-Ups:[/B] [B]Name-[/B] Ashley Riot. [B]Age-[/B] Unknown (He seems to be in his late 20s). [B]Side-[/B] Darkness. [B]Story-[/B] Ashley was once member of the Valendia Knights of the Peace. Though young, Ashley has worked his way into the elite Dangerous Criminal Task Force, also named "Risk breakers" through a combination of skill and his intense drive for justice. After Undoing the madness of Romeo Guildenstern, and Sydney Losstarot upon the destruction of the cursed city Leá Monde he was forced to accept the role of Rood bearer and avatar of the
  8. Can anyone make me a Final fantasy XII Balthier banner and avatar? I just want the following phrase inserted into the banner with a Cursive font: "Last man standing", and I also want my name placed diagonally at one of the corners of both the banner, and avatar. Try to put a Vagrant Story theme, or kind of feel into it. Asim
  9. A smile was upon his face. Three figures strolled before him. His fingers tightly clutched the scabbard of his sword, as he carried it by his side. The wind blew softly through his hair; gently bidding a stray strand to fall upon his face. He pulled it back, and smiled again. The sky was slightly getting darker. Talia turned around; eyeing him. ?Why are you falling behind? And what is with that weird smile?? ?First of all I was enjoying the nice sunset not that it?s any of your business, and second of all I believe I can smile as much as I want, not all of us are grieving over Callip
  10. [FONT=Comic Sans MS][B]Edit:[/B]I've edited the weapon and personality parts a bit, and finished the Abilities/Magic part, sign up complete. [B]Edit 2:[/B] I've changed some things in the Abilities/Magic, and Weapons parts. **************************** [B]Sign-Up:[/B] [B]Real Name:[/B] Asim Harith. [B]Age: [/B] 19. [B]Delta Name:[/B] Musha boushin, called "Boushin" by most. [B]Delta Age:[/B] 26. [B]Team Name:[/B] Giga Omega Ki. [B]Class:[/B] Dark Knight [B]Player Rank:[/B] 3. [B]Weapon:[/B] [U][I]Ouja Subeta (Picture attached):[/I][/U]
  11. [FONT=Comic Sans MS][B]Edit:[/B]I edited my cars, sign up finished. [/FONT] [CENTER]**************************************************[/CENTER] [FONT=Comic Sans MS][CENTER][B]Rap Sheet[/B][/CENTER] [CENTER]**************************************************[/CENTER] [CENTER][B]Report filed by:[/B]Tokyo P.D, L.A.P.D, N.Y.P.D, Paris PD, Stuttgart PD, and many other police departments across the US, Europe, and Asia. This report was also fed to the interpol. [B]Name:[/B] Asim - Last name unknown - A.K.A Shiro Hayabusa (Known to most as Hayabusa) [B]Age:[/B] Around 25
  12. Welcome to The Blaze Tempest underground thread, here you can post any questions you have. You can also find the map here, as well as descriptions of the regions, and how they are divided. [U][I]Here's the map:[/I][/U] [CENTER][IMG]http://img123.imageshack.us/img123/2692/map1we.png[/IMG][/CENTER] [I][U]This is a list of all the regions, and their prefectures:[/U][/I] [B]Ezochi (now know as Hokkaidô):[/B] The entire island is known as Ezochi. [B]Tôhoku:[/B] Akita, Aomori, Fukushima, Iwate, Miyagi, Yamagata. [B]Kantô:[/B] Chiba, Gunma, Ibaraki, Kanaga
  13. [COLOR=Red][B]This RPG is Rated M for LSV.[/B][/COLOR] [I][B]Prologue:[/B][/I] The Blaze Tempest; a war whose battles were so fierce that the winds were set ablaze by the flash of the clashing, and conflicting blades of the warriors that drove it on. The events of this war were recorded on six secret scrolls, all of which were burned along with Nobunaga Oda at Honnoji Temple. The period in which this war had engulfed Japan is unknown since the country was cut off from the outside world for almost six hundred years, during which the war had begun and ended. It became a mere
  14. Yep this works as a rough cut, I'm very interested in seeing the high quality version. The pixilated look will be removed in the high quality version I hope. Well like I said I'm very interested in seeing the high quality version. Asim :animesmil
  15. I need someone to add the following phrases to the attached pic: "Arashi Kaen Sono" and beneath it "The Blaze Tempest", if flash is used, so that the first phrase disappears as the second one appears, then it'd be much much better. Please use the following font from the following site: Ginko from [url]www.dafont.com[/url] I want the letters to be gold fringed, with flame like silhouette shadows if possible, and a touch of glint on the first letter of the first word of both phrases, would be very cool. This will not be used as a banner, in the "banner & avatar" sort of way,
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