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Hunters-Dark Blood


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Night gazed out at the sleeping city from his balcony. A soft breeze blew threw the trees. His gaze shifted from the large stone courtyard to the pathway leading up to the large castle. His family had owned it for centuries, and he now used it for his own purposes. Turning, he walked back into his chamber. The wind suddenly shifted direction, blowing the balcony doors wide open. Night stopped. His retainer, Selino, walked into the office.
"Shall I summon the Hunters, sir?"
Night looked at the old man.
"Yes. The Acolytes are on the move. They've started early this time. That new Acolyte, Nashyl. He's becoming a problem...he's much smarter then the others."
Night smiled.
"Nothing Selino. Summon the Hunters."
The aged servant bowed, then headed off to the dormitory where the Hunters with no homes stayed. Night turned back to the balcony, casting his gaze across the city.
Though he could not see them, he knew Acolytes were roaming, finding sacrifices, performing crude rituals to summon dark creatures into being. This war had gone on for a millenia. Night's pale eyes turned to his chambers, to the large bastard sword hanging above his bed. A small smile crossed his face. His Hunters would be roaming the streets in a matter of minutes, searching for Acolytes and Demons alike. THey did not take prisoners.
"The hunt has begun..."
((There ya go folks. All you have to do is roam, searching out acolytes and demons. Night will call you on a cell phone if he has a job for you. For evil people, you have to summon demons and find sacrifices for your masters. Remember, the more important the person is, the better sacrifice they make. Go to it!))
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]Ziarre opened her eyes slowly. Selino gently shook her awake.
" Mistress Ziarre, Master Night says the hunt is beginning my dear," the aging servant said quietly. Ziarre sat up straight and rubbed her eyes.
" He always manages to wake us at the most untimely hours, I swear," Ziarre complained. Selino chuckled quietly to himself. Ziarre moved herself to the edge of her bed and hopped out. She walked behind a screen and dressed herself in her hunting gear, black leather top and pants and body-length black leather trenchcoat. Her Soul Talisman swung around her neck loosely. Ziarre grabbed her whip and hooked it to her hip. With all things now in place, she walked out of her room in the dormitory and headed up the hallway - her purpose, going to find Night to get her instructions.[/COLOR]
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Maura climbed back into the window to her dormitory and sat at the base. A slow, moldly voice startled her.
" Ah. Miss Maura gald to see your awake. Sneaking out again I suppose?"
" Aw, come on! All I was doing was feeding Ranpu!"
" He has already been fead."
" He doesn't like crap you give him."
" Really than what does Mr. Ranpu like."
A smilie crossed Maura's face as she spoke," Flesh, demon flesh."
" Well then.. the hunt shall start soon."
The man left and went to the next room, leaving Maura alone. She turned back to the window and whistled. A large snowy, white beast ran towards the window, as Maura moved out of the way the demon bounded in.
" Hey Ranpu buddy. Guess what, we're going hunting!" Maura whispered. She turned and grapped her spear placing it on her back and turning back to Ranpu smiling.
" Come on lets go!" Maura looked out of her door and turned her head bothe ways seeing another hunter already up and the old man wasn't in the hallway she ran towards the hunter, Ranpu behind her.
" Hey Ziarre! Ready to go hunt and kill demons! I am!"
" You know if you keep talking that loud Selino won't have to go and wake everyone up. And is that dog aloud inside?"
" Nope!"
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Akuma had just been sitting in his room, unable to sleep, when a woman came in.
"Master Night says that the hunt has begun".
"Great. i've been looking forward to a new hunt", Akuma said.
After the woman left, Akuma put on his suit, grabbed his katana and typhoon talisman, and leaped out of the window. He could already see the other hunters roaming the street. Akuma began his wn hunt for acolytes. Since he was a half demon, he could sense the evil force that flows through the acolytes. He caught a strong sense, and ran off in the direction it came from. it led to one of the openings that leads into the sewer.
"Their in the sewers", he said.
Akuma drew his demon katana, and entered the great hole. As he went, the demon sense became stronger.
"Im getting closer, I can feel them"...
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[color=silver] He was running though the sewers, half wondering why is master neededd these gems and the human child, but they were his orders and he would fallow them. He needed a rest, this child was heavy and he had been running a good bit of the night, he dropped the child on the side of the sewer above the water, the child was unconcious s he didn't have to worry about the child running. he paused to look at the gems for the first time sense he stole them.
"amazing" he said "these are beautiful."
He heard a splash echoing though the sewer. "Guess its time to start goin again" he thought to him self. with that he picked up the child and continued on his way. [/color]
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Ziarre sighed and shook her head.
" I dunno about you Maura."
" What?" Ranpu growled at Ziarre.
" Hey Ranpu, I'm not that bad am I?" Ziarre asked the white dog.
Maura turned to Ranpu. " She's half demon Ranpu, that's why she sorta smells like one."
" Oh thanks," Ziarre replied, rolling her eyes. Ranpu stopped growling but kept glaring at her. Ziarre started walking with Maura and Ranpu in tow. They headed out of the mansion before Ziarre stopped. She looked up to the balcony to see Night up there in all his glory. Ziarre's cheeks flushed a little pink. Maura watched Ziarre and snickered when she saw Ziarre blush, something that was very rare for Ziarre to do, on any account.
" Ooo. Is it just me or is Ziarre blushing at the sight of Night?" Maura asked her friend in cocky tone. Ziarre spun around, her black trenchcoat flew out behind her. Her bright yellow eyes narrowed dangerously.
" No I didn't," came the snapped reply and with that, Ziarre stalked off. Maura giggled.
" I think I hit a nerve there," she said to Ranpu. Ranpu barked in reply. They ran after Ziarre.

Ziarre looked around the corner of the stone building. The moon shed just enough light to make out the alley. She had cornered an Acolyte in it with help of Maura and Ranpu. Ziarre looked to the other corner. Maura and Ranpu looked at the Acolyte. Ranpu had its hackles raised and growled. Ziarre unhooked her whip and let it unravel. She looked at Maura. Their gazes meet.
" Shall we?"
" Sure."
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Night glanced back at Selino.
"Did you alert the Hunters that dont live here?"
"Yes sir. All the Hunters are mobilized."
Night couldnt help but smile. He never worried about his Hunters when it was a simple hunt. They were rarely in any danger. Night stared back at the city. Breathing in the night air, he savored the moment.

The creature stood before his prey. A Hunter, newly joined, glared at the monster, bleeding profusely from a shredded arm.
"Your kind will never return! Lord Night will keep you locked where you belong!"
The creature laughed, a sick sound.
"Your precious Night will not last for long. Although you shouldnt worry. We'll bury him next to his beloved Hunters' corpses!"
A swift slash from the burning blade, and the Hunter was little more then a pile of smoldering blood and ash. The creature glared up at the mansion. [I]Just a bit longer[/I], it thought to itself. [I]Just a bit longer[/I]...
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Dead demons bodies lay around them after a few minutes. Maura leaned against the stone wall breathing deeply.
" You okay?" Ziarre asked. She sneezed lighly.
" Ya, somebody must be thinking about you."
" Don't tell me you belived that junk."
" Could it be... Night?" Maura said smiling looking up at the dark sky.
" Oh shut up Maura! Your so imature!"
Maura looked down no one ever spoke to her like that before. Ranpu rubbed up against her and looked up at her. His cold,hard eyes seemed to look right through her. Maura tried to think of her mother but, couldn't recall any happy memories of her. The reason she stuck close with Ziarre was becaues she was like a motherly figure to her. She was one of the few hunters she really conected with. A drop of water hit her head. Glanceing up as the rain poured down.
" Oh shot its raining what are we going to do know?"Ziarre asked.
" How 'bout the sewers." Maura said smiling.
" Why?"
" Demon presence." Maura kicked of the sewer top near her and jumped in Ranpu after her, Ziarre following. Ranpu growled his fangs bared. A man stood with a child on his back.
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Ziarre looked at this man.
" Who are you?" she asked. Ranpu growled at the man.
" ****, Hunters!" he swore.
" Acolyte!" Maura screamed. In a flash, Ziarre had her whip out. The man shot at them with a gun.
" Maura GUN!" Ziarre yelled at her as she made an air shield that stopped the bullets dead in their tracks. Maura and Ranpu hit in a sideway as bullets showered the wall on their side. Ziarre's temper flared.
" No one dares hurt Maura while I'm still alive!" Ziarre said strongly as lightning cracked from her fingertips. She was about to destroy the Acolyte when she noticed a human child on his back. She withdrew from the attack.
" Ha! You won't hurt me with this child on my back!" the man hissed, his gun pointing at the wall near Maura. " I have found two weaknesses in this Hunters armour." He backed away steadily and disappeared into the darkness. Maura and Ranpu came out of the sideway to see Ziarre standing there with her eyes open and blood-shot.
" Ziarre?" She didn't answer. Ziarre turned to the opening to the sewers and made her way back to the mansion with Maura and Ranpu following.

Ziarre hestiated at the door of Night's study.
" Come in Ziarre, I know you're there." She opened the door and entered, closing the door behind her.


OOC: I'm assuming that my character is going to get punished because she let an Acolyte get away. I need her to get yelled at or something to continue with her little side story other than hunting. Thanks.
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Night had his back turned as Ziarre stared at the floor. Selino was there as well, standing silently off to the side. Nothing was said for a moment.
"Ziarre...there are only two reasons why you would leave a hunt. One, your injured enough that you cannot fight. Two, you failed to exterminate the prey, and have come to report why."
The red cloaked Hunter turned, his eyes burning into hers
"Your lack of wounds leads one to assume that it is the latter."
Night's voice was lethally calm. His eyes were flashing dangerously.
"I...I couldnt kill the Acolyte beca-"
"It was an Acolyte? A demon I may have forgiven but you let a mere Acolyte get away?!"
Night was yelling now. Ziarre flinched at the barrage of words.
"I couldnt attack. He had a child with him."
Night froze.
"Yes sir. I didnt wa-"
"Quiet! I want no excuses! Fair enough, you did not want to kill the child. But I thought you had more control over your powers to be ABLE TO GUIDE THEM! Is it so difficult to aim for the damn Acolyte and not hit the child!? For Gods sake! Ive seen you use that whip, and your damn good enough to AIM!"
Ziarre was silent. Night lowered his eyes, regaining control of his temper.
"Selino. Alert the others. Im joining the hunt. I must succeed where Ziarre has failed."
The last comment was a mental slap to the face. Ziarre met eyes with Night. He had an almost sad look in them.
"Return to your dormitory. As for your punishment...I will deal with that later."
Ziarre opened her mouth to reply, but Night had already turned his back and began to buckle on his bastard sword. Selino guided her out.
*In the sewers*
Nashyl was slowed considerably by the child's weight. Coming to a rather large room, he glared around at the tunnels. A whirlpool appeared, and a rather large demon materialized before him.
"Nashyl, the master is getting impatient."
"I cant move much faster with this burden, Tylrian!"
"You'd better. The Hunter's leader, Night, is searching for you."
"What?! ****!"
The demon melted back into the water. Nashyl took off down one of the tunnels. He was strong, but Night wasnt stupid enough to Hunt alone. He'd have at least three others with him.
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He kept running, his lungs burned, his legs ached, and the smell of the sewer was saturating him, he felt like ditching the child but the wounds on his back were reminders that it was better to die then to fail his master, so he couldn't ditch the kid.

He had found it, he had found the exit, thank god... or what ever passed for a god these days. He climed out of the sewer and headed down the alley way nearest to the sewer, he was about half way down the alley way when his cell phone went off.

"yeah, i'm here"
"yes, i got the child"
"what more hunters are out... damnit"
"where? yes yes i know where that is, I'll have the child there by morning"
"alright, good bye and watch out my friend"

He hung up his cell phone and put it away. damnit they just had to change the drop off point, but then hunters were out he could understand why. He walked out of the alley and pulled out a cigarette and lit it up, it was the only source of light on the street.
The child was bruised and scraped in many places and he knew he would get questioning looks normaly but he was in the older part of town... the part society had all but forgotten, this is where he grew up and he was still remembered here, and still affored a certain amnount of respect.
She had been the one who trained Nashyl, and she loved him like a brother, yes love was rare here but he had saved her from hunters when he first met her, back when he was innocent, back when he thought she was innocent. Her mind drifted back to that night.
Night had been chasing her and he had grabbed her and pulled her into an alley as they ran past, she had almost killed him then but she saw something special about him, he had accepted death as a part of life he wasn't afraid, he had pushed her into an apartment as night and another hunter came back and they ran past not giving him a second thought. She had taken him in after that, taken him to live with her, she was half-demon but he didn't know that at that point.
She woke up. "Damnit Nashyl" she thought "get that kid here soon"
OOC: i hope that part of history is alright. If not i'll delete it.[/color]
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Ziarre sat on her bed.
[I]The child looked exactly like....no it couldn't be....could it?[/I]
One idea chased another like hungry dogs. She stood up, shaking with anger.
[I]I have to get out there and get that child. I don't care if I get punished again. That child looked too much like...how can that be?![/I] Ziarre stood up and walked to the window. She opened it and jumped out of it, landing on the rain-soaked earth.
" I will not let Night down."
Ziarre looked up into the sky. Rain pelted her face hard. Anger rose in her chest as she kept feeding the fire of her temper. Her demon blood screamed for a massacre.
" NIGHT!" she screamed into the night. Thousands of lightning bolts struck Ziarre from the dark clouds above.

Nashyl lit his cigarette under the cover of an eve. He looked up the street. A figure appeared out of the pouring rain. He dropped the cigarette on the ground out of surprise. [B]Red trenchcoat and bastard sword! NIGHT![/B] Nashyl rushed into the abandoned aparment he hid the child in. He had left a fellow Acolyte, Jalen, to guard the child while he had a smoke.
" What? Get the child and go! I'll stay and hold him off!"
" You sure?"
" GO!"
Nashyl picked up the child again and sprinted out the door, towards the fire exit.

A crash echoed through the building. Night entered the room he knew where an Acolyte was. He was standing near a window. Night approached the Acolyte. He could sense it shivering in fear.
" Where is the child?" Night asked fiercely.
" What child Hunter?" it retorted. Night swiftly caught Jalen by the throat and lifted him off the ground. With the other hand, he grabbed his sword and slowly cut an inch into Jalen's throat.
" Where is the child?!"

Suddenly, the glass shattered. A blurred figure entered through the broken window, grabbed Jalen and headed out the window again. Night followed, jumping out of the window of a second level apartment. He landed on the ground to see the figure holding Jalen up in the rain. Night slowly approached the figure. A growled warning came him way.
" Don't step any closer Night, otherwise you won't be here in a second's time."
" Who are you?" Night asked. They didn't answer.
" What do you want?" Jalen asked the figure.
" Why is that child so important?"
" It's not the child, it's the gems that child has."
" Gems?"
" Don't ask me."
" I know you know what they are for." A gurgling sound came from Jalen as he started drowning in his own blood.
" TELL ME!" the figure yelled as a lightning bolt struck them. Night shielded his eyes from the flash. Jalen's body became limp. The figure threw away Jalen's body and approached Night. Ziarre's face appeared out of the darkness. Blood was all over her face and all over her clothes. Night noticed that her eyes weren't bright yellow, they were night black.
" I hope I proved that I am a worthy hunter..." Ziarre said as she collapsed to her knees in front of Night, not being able to sustain the immense power inside of her any longer.
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Night stared at her kneeling figure for awhile. Kneeling, he supported her limp form. He didnt say anything, simply sat there, holding her. He shook his head, snapping himself out of the haze. Carefully picking her up, he looked straight into her eyes. He couldnt tell if she was conscious or not. Glancing down the street the acolyte had taken, he turned around and made his way back to the mansion. Ziarre mumbled slightly.
"You really shouldnt try to speak. Your far too injured to do so."
"I know. Other Hunters are following him. My priority right now is getting you back to the mansion. Im surprised your even still consicous."
Ziarre fell silent, limp in Nights arms. Not another word was said on the way back.
Selino was tending Ziarre's wounds when she awoke a few hours later. The aged servant smiled as he bandaged her arm.
"Ah, and she awakes. How are you feeling?"
"Like I was run over by a truck..."
"Good, then your feeling better. Drink this."
Ziarre swallowed the tea gingerly, her throat still sore. A thought crossed her mind.
"Im right here."
Night walked in. Selino continued to bandage Ziarre.
"You gave me quite a scare last night Ziarre. You nearly lost control of your demon side, and even threatened me. Normally, you would be too much of a danger to keep in the Hunters. However, you did do me a great favor."
Ziarre looked confused, but was soon coughing as Selino forced more tea into her.
"When you busted in, you killed an acolyte, and provided a distraction for me to get what I needed."
Night held up a small crystal fragment. It glowed softly.
"The gems chipped in the other Acolyte's escape attempt. Their near useless now. With them, Nashyl couldve summoned an entire army of demons. Now they will only work to summon a Hellhound. Great artifacts of the eras seem to have quality of scrap these days."
Ziarre stared up at him, yellow eyes still flecked with black.
"I...Im sorry for disobeying you sir..."
"The rewards offset the consequences Ziarre. By the way, you have a visitor."
Night calmly walked off, dawn light creeping up on his back. Opening the door, he sidestepped as Maura blew into the room, Ranpu following close behind.
Night smiled, then shut the door carefully. Walking a little ways down, he paused, listening to Selino's outraged yells about Ranpu.
"You did prove something to me Ziarre. Something much more important then whether your a worthy hunter."
Holding up the shard, he walked down the hallway to his room for well earned sleep. The hunters were all back, and would probably be sleeping till noon. The Acolyte had gotten away. But Night wasnt worried about that right now. With only one gem, his threat had diminished by far.
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Ziarre moved out of the bed and stood up weakly. Maura hugged her around the middle.
" I was worried about you Ziarre," she said.
" Well, no need to worry about me anymore," Ziarre cooed to Maura. For a moment, Maura was in total bliss. The bliss was shattered by Selino's yells.
" Oh Selino, we'll be going in a minute," Ziarre said as Maura released her. The sun shone brightly through the window, bathing Ziarre in warm sunlight.
" We'll? Excuse me Mistress Ziarre but I have specific orders from Master Night that you must rest," Selino explained. Ziarre waved off the explanation.
" I'll rest outside Selino, you can watch me if you are so concerned. It's such a beautiful day, I don't want to waste it."
" Don't worry Selino. Ranpu and I will watch over her," Maura said as they exited the room. Selino shook his head.
" I'd better tell Master Night."

Meanwhile, Maura and Ranpu were mucking around outside the mansion. Ziarre, now dressed in a light, pale blue dress, walked around the grounds, stretching her legs. She walked through the gardens by herself until she came to a bench. She sat down and looked out over the gardens. It was so peaceful. A prickling feeling appeared on her neck. Ziarre looked at the tall, iron fence.
" Oh no...." A head was stuck on the spike of the fence. It was a Hunter, or the remanants of one. Ziarre felt sick. She quickly made her way to Night's room. She knocked on the door, feeling very weak. Night opened the door. Ziarre looked up into his eyes.
" Head...on a spike...on the iron fence...near the gardens," Ziarre said before rushing off to be sick.
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Maura in a loose white shirt with brown pants was trying to hold Ranpu back as he was trying to devore the head, in al its bloody and decaying glory. As she turned her head she smilied as Akuma walked forward his eyes widened from the site. But he didn't run off like Ziarre. Night ran out a quesy looking Ziarre following him.
" Keep your pet restrained Maura." Night said as he came closer.
" But, he hasn't had his daily flesh yet. And he has this thing for decaied flesh. I kniw because when I went to take him some new flesh last night and he was eating the flesh I toke him the night before. All decaied and stuf."
" That's inof Maura, we'll dicuse your punshiment later." Night said as he steped toward the head. After Maura's little talk about flesh Ziarre looked even more sick.
" What punshiment? What I do?"
" Going out on the grounds before a Hunt is anouced. And without another Hunter."
" But Ranpu would of known if I was in trouble. And you'd be surprised how fast he can run." Akuma leaned over to her.
" Your in trouble." He whispered with a smirk. Maura crossed her arms and as soon as she let Ranpu go he lept at the head swollowing it in one gulp.
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Night quickly grabbed Ranpu's throat. Prying open his jaws, he reached straight in, grabbed the head, and yanked it out. Ziarre nearly lost her stomach at the sight. Ranpu snapped at it, but Night held the head out of his reach. Examining it, he seemed unperturbed by its condition.
"I recognize him. He was new, joined a few weeks ago. But..."
The others crowded in somewhat (short of Ziarre) The head was slashed and bitten, with many burns near the neck.
"He was killed by a demon, probably a Fel Hound."
"Um, dont you mean Hellhound?"
"Nope. Fel Hound. Twice the size of a Hell Hound with a hunger that can match Ranpu's. Not something you want to go up against by yourself."
Ziarre was shaking from the smell alone. Night noticed, and threw the head to Ranpu. Wiping his hands, he glanced at the fence.
"Selino will need to clean that...Ziarre, go back to your room. I really want you to rest. Akuma, Maura, go around the mansion, make sure nothing else is...posted..."
Ziarre opened her mouth to argue, but was immediatly silenced by Night's hand.
"If there is nothing else spiked out, you can come back here. Now go."
Ziarre slowly walked upstairs, Akuma and Maura ran off, and Night stood there, staring at the fence.
"Nashyl, I hope you brought the gems?"
Tylrian stood in front of him, eyes ablaze (literally). The demon was second in command to Thyrale, the leader of the demon hordes. He carried a large halberd, its edges dripping with acid. Nashyl had never liked him. Always so arrogant. Nashyl presented the gems, bowing his head. The demon grew furious.
"They're broken! A simple retrieval mission, and you failed that!"
Hefting his halberd, he was prepared to strike Nashyl. A loud voice interrupted.
"NO! The gems are not broken, merely tainted. Nashyl did well enough with Night and that half breed after him. The gems are not useless to us."
Tylrian snorted.
"We can barely summon a Hell Hound with them now!"
The voice snaked out to Nashyl.
"Nashyl. Retreive the fragments of crystal in Night's room. Enter the mansion. Do not fail this time. Use these."
Two Fel Hounds came up behind him.
"They will obey you unconditionally in this task. Use them as a distarction. Do not fail me!"
"Yes, Lord Thyrale."
OOC: THe attached pictures are for those with no visual imagination whatsoever.
In order: Tylrian, Thyrale, Hellhound
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Ziarre slowly made her way up the stairs very groggily. At the moment, the sight and smell of death overwhelmed her. Her legs gave way underneath her as she crumpled to the floor. Night's room was only up ahead, if only... Ziarre crawled into Night's room and managed to get on his bed only to pass out.
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[color=silver] She walked in to his room with out bothering to knock, as she opened the door nashyl jumped up

"Hey what the... " he shut his mouth as soon as eh saw who it was, "damnit Tiffany you could still knock even if you don't have to."
"I know, but then I'd miss you reacting like this" She smiled at him playfuly, almost wickedly. "And you know I couldn't do that."
Nashyl just sighed annoied and layed back down trying to get back to sleep.
"So Nashyl what happened? did ya get the kid? c'mon tell me."
He rolled back over "wouldyou just let me go back to sleep?"
"No, I know your leaving again as soon as you wake up."
"Your not going to leave me alone till i tell you are you?"
"Fine..." He told her what had happened and when he was done she started talking again.
"So nights after you?... You remember he gave me this." She turned around and pulled her shirt up showing him her back and the scar going across to her side.
"Damn was that when I met you?"
"Yes... I'll let you go to sleep now"

He was walking down another alley the hell hounds were ahead of them, he was planing to use them as a distraction when he got there. He could see the house sprawling out and lit up. He despised this place, as he dispised hunters. He kept walking till he was just out side and hid in a house nerby waiting untill nightfall again.[/color]
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Night was walking down the hall to his room when a hunter stopped him.
"Sir Night? About last night's hunt."
"What is it Diana?"
"Well, I found the...leftovers...of a hunter. It was little more then ash but I could tell from the weapons."
"You too? We found a head spike on the fence just a few moments ago. Maura and Akuma are patrolling for anything else. Go join up with them. They could probably use a little help, if they havent killed each other already."
The Hunter nodded, then took off out a window, morphing into mist before hitting the ground. Night walked into his room, heaving a sigh. He stopped in midbreath. Ziarre was sprawled on his bed, apparently unconscious. Night stared at her for a second, then walked over. He shook her gently. When she didnt move, he sat down on the edge of the bed, his back turned to her. He was silent for a moment.
"...You look so much like her Ziarre..."
He still had his back turned and was speaking softly.
"The way you speak, the way you move...your almost identical to her..."
Night turned, staring at Ziarre's face.
"But your not her...thats a dream, a fool's fantasy to believe your her. And I cannot live in a fantasy if I am to protect this world."
Leaning down, he picked up Ziarre, and walked to her room. Placing her on the bed, Night ran a finger down the scar on his own face, still staring at Ziarre
"I cannot believe what isnt true..."
Selino walked in behind him.
"She does look like her, doesnt she?"
Night practically had a heart attack.
"Selino! How long have you been listening to me?!"
"Not long, Master Night. But Mistress Ziarre is very much like her."
The aged servant left the room. Night stood there, flushing red slightly. He walked swiftly out of the room, pausing at the doorway. Entering his own room, he sat down on the bed, now slightly trussed up.
"Damnit...get it out of your head Night! Ziarre is nothing like her! No one is like her!"
He heard Ranpu howling down the hall slightly, probably at Selino forcing him out of the mansion.
"But then again...maybe..."
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Ziarre opened her eyes and sat up. Moonlight crept into her room via the open window. She found herself in her own bed. [I]Night must have moved me...pity...he doesn't realise...[/I] Ziarre slipped out of bed, dressed in her freshly washed hunting clothes and exited her room. While walking down the hallway, she heard Night talking to himself.
" She looks exactly like her..."
Ziarre smiled to herself and kept walking. She went to Selino's quarters and woke him.
" Selino, could you please tell Night to meet me in the garden."
" Yes Mistress."
" Thank you." Selino got up and made his way to Night while Ziarre made her way to the gardens. The smell of roses wafted in the night air. Suddenly Ziarre stopped in the centre path.
" You sure you want to do this?" Ziarre said to herself.
" [I] I'm sure,[/I]" another voice came from her.
" It will break him you know..."
" [I]I know but I need to tell him.[/I]"

Night appeared at the edge of the garden.
" You wanted me Ziarre?"
She breathed in deeply and turned around.
"[I] No, I called for you,[/I]" the other voice said through Ziarre's mouth. Night's knees went weak. Could it be?
" Is it?" he asked breathlessly.
" Yes it's me."
" But how?"
" Ziarre kindly let me share her body since she was young. I knew one day she would be a hunter, considering what had happened to her."
" How do I know it's really you?"
" Half Night..." Night flinched. " I've been waiting for the right time to show myself. Night, my love, you have to let me go. I cannot proceed to the other worlds with you holding on."
" But..."
" No buts. I am gone. There is nothing you can do to make me come back. It's peaceful here. I can't come back."
Night just stood there in shock, fingering his scar.
" Move on my love."
" I can't..."
" You can. There hasn't been anything you can't do. Now, I must go."
" Don't go..."
" You have Ziarre to help you, just as I did for you. She is fiercely loyal and will sacrifice herself for you if it came to that choice, just as I did. Let go...."
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Night stood there, silent for a moment. When he raised his eyes, tears were brimming.
Turning swiftly, he kept his back to Ziarre as the soul of his long dead love left her body. [I]It'll be alright Night...[/I]
The hunter was shaking. Ziarre looked at his shadowed form. He suddenly fell to his knees, crying helplessly. Ziarre walked over, crouching beside him.
"Sir Night..."
He was crying freely now.
"Ziarre...dont let anyone know about this...please..."
Staring into his eyes, she saw nothing of the proud hunter. She simply saw sorrow.
"Of course not. No one needs to know but us."
Night rose slowly.
"Thank you Ziarre. I..."
He paused. Glancing around, he unsnapped the bastard sword.
Two Fel Hounds ripped through the fence at him. Night shoved Ziarre away, the flaming beasts gripping his shoulders with their fangs.
"Ziarre! Get the others! Hurry!"
The Fel Hounds smashed through the wall, dragging Night between them. The Hunter was helpless, unable to reach his sword or his talisman.The Hounds began to smash him wildly into walls, trees, anything that looked sturdy. Blood was peppering the courtyard. They finally let him go, watching as his body flew against the wall. He rose shakily, bleeding profusely. The Hounds closed in, keeping an eye on his sword. Night was shaking from loss of blood. The Hounds saw their chance, and leapt at him. [I]Ziarre! Please hurry! I really could use some help![/I]
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Ziarre looked on, anger again filling her soul. But this anger was different - much different to the one before. It was anger of the deepest hatred of the heart. It filled Ziarre's body. Her eyes turned black, as they did before. [I]Not again.[/I] Images flashed through her mind's eye. A boy that looked like her lay in the jaws of a Fel Hound. Screaming came from behind her. Then darkness with only one thing in its mind - revenge. Revenge so sweet that it couldn't be resisted. Darkness formed around Ziarre as Akuma and Maura felt her growing demon presence. They raced down to the gardens to find Night standing weakly with his own blood all over him. They looked to Ziarre.

Lightning crackled all over her body as she began to transform. Only the utmost anger could have triggered a half demon to become a full blooded demon for a time. Fur began to sprout from her skin, her teeth became longer and sharper as she transformed into a giant, bulky wildcat. Her eyes were still jet black as well as her fur. The Fel Hounds smelt Ziarre as she approached them on all fours. Then, the real fight began.

Ziarre pounced on the two Fel Hounds and slashed them with her claws, leaving great gashes in the sides of them. Another Fel Hound joined the frey as Akuma and Maura dragged Night from the fight.
" Master Night, you must go. You are too injured to fight," Akuma said.
Night shook his head. " No, I will stay here. Even if it takes my last breath."
The Fel Hounds attacked Ziarre with their claws and teeth and took big chunks of skin and flesh with them as they recoiled, ready to make another attack. Ziarre growled, wounded but not retreating. A Fel Hound attacked from the back. Ziarre sprung up into the air and landed on the Hound underneath her, tearing off its head with her fangs. The other two sprang at her only to suffer the same fate as Ziarre became more blood-thirsty. With the Hounds desposed of, she turned to Night, Akuma and Maura. Blood and saliva dripped slowly from her bared fangs. Slowly, like a tiger stalks its prey, Ziarre crept forward towards them.

Suddenly, she stopped in mid step, recognising them. Then she realised what she had done, what she had become. With a swift turn, Ziarre was gone, out into the forest behind the mansion.
" Ziarre!" Maura yelled after her. Night just stood there, neither shocked nor worried.

A few hours later and Ziarre hadn't returned. Night had burnt the Fel Hounds bodies along with Akuma. Neither of them spoke of what had happened the last few hours. Maura insisted on finding Ziarre but returned without so much as a trace.
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[color=silver] Nashyl droped down from the tree's over the fence on the other side of the property, the hell hounds his master hap provided were causing enough damage and and noise to raise the dead causing the stronger hunters to go out and check what was going on, this should be a simple recon mission. He strolled though the house almost leisurely taking in as many details as he could. two hunters were walking down the hall and he had to dive into a side room. he heard the hunters talking as they passed.
"hey man there are fel hounds out in the yard, we need to get down there."
"damn your serious?"

He heard them running down the hall and he slipped back out of the room heading for nights room. He couldn't find night's room.
"what the hell" he said to him self "I'm supposed to get the gems and get out... might help if i knew where in hell his ####ing room was."[/color]
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"Naturally a human would not think enough to look for the biggest room possible."
Nashyl turned, staring at Tylrian. The demon smiled patronizingly.
"What are you doing here?"
"I came to make sure you didnt mess up like last time."
"I can do a task without a demon watching over my shoulder all the time!"
"Thats where your wrong. Your only human. You can barely do anything without
our help."
Footsteps caused both of them to stop.
"The door to your right leads to Night's room. It's the big double doors. Is that too difficult Acolyte?"
The demon faded away. Nashyl dodged into Night's room. The footsteps receded.
In the courtyard, Night and Akuma watched the last of the Fel Hound's body burn.
"Night! We have to find Ziarre!"
The hunter was holding Maura in the air by her pants. Maura was squirming and lashing out wildly with her fists.
"Night! She's out there alone! We have to do something!"
"We will Maura. As soon as you stop yelling and calm down!"
Maura immediately shut up. Night dropped her.
"Ziarre's demon blood has reacted. She's a full demon with a human mind, and there is nothing more dangerous. If she doesnt morph back, she will go insane....and become prey for the Hunters."
Night whirled around, facing the others.
"Find her! Look everywhere! Whatever you do, do not attack her! Bring her back here!"
The Hunter's flooded into the forest, and soon, only Night was left. He stood there for a moment, then ran off to join Maura and Akuma, completely ignoring his wounds.
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[COLOR=DarkOrchid]" Ranpu smell the air for a blood change. Quick!" Maura said angerly at the white dog now at her side. Ranpu barked and dissapeared running back to the castle.
" Maura why's that thing running off?" Akuma asked.
" We're going in the right direction. Ranpu said somethings not right back there. I wounldn't follow him if I was you he'll kill anyone in his way, even a hunter." Maura said coldly.
" Maura are you okay?" Night asked as he joined them.
" Fine!" Maura toke off with an alarming speed as she raised her hand before her face she saw that her scars were bleeding and her nails were getting longer.[I] **** I'm revirting back! Crap were's Ranpu when I need him.[/I] THe curse her father had placed on her at his death was starting to work. Whenever Maura emotions reached a high point she would turn demon. Ranpu normally clamed her down whenever it happened. Her fathers curse was placed on her so that she would lose her human blood and it would be replaced with demon blood. Maura felt all that she cared for slip away as the blood gushed out of her old cuts and scars. Maura stoped and slumped down her hair falling in her face. She still had a concouis part of her that knew that in this state she would lash out at anything even if they were friends. [/COLOR]
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