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[color=indigo]Heh, the Omega Pirate is one of the hardest fights in the game. Worse than even Meta Ridley. I'll give the strategy I used to beat it, but it's been quite a while since I fought it, so my memory's a bit fuzzy.

Right at first, I'd keep my distance and just keep jumping over the shockwaves he sends out, while I used Super Missiles to blow off the armor on his arms and legs. (It usually only takes one Super Missiles per piece if you can get a direct hit. It might take a bit of practice to get the timing down for firing while jumping to get the right angle). After that, I believe he goes invisible, right? At that point, I'd switch to the X-Ray Visor and look around for him while charging up a Plasma Beam shot. Then I'd let him have it with the Plasma Beam when I found him, wherever he went in the room to regenerate, first with the charged up shot and then with as many normal shots as I could get in. Basically, I'd just repeat that process of blowing off the armor and using the Plasma Beam to actually damage him while he's regenerating, so as to conserve missiles for blowing the armor off.

Once the Omega Pirate starts calling in other types of Space Pirates after you blow off its armor, that's when the fight starts to get tricky. Even with the other pirates running around, though, your first priority is finding the Omega Pirate and blasting it, since you don't have very long to hurt it while it's regenerating. So try and dodge the other pirates while you blast the Omega Pirate, and then deal with them after the Omega Pirates goes visible again. Or, something else I found that works well, is to drop a Power Bomb when the smaller pirates are called in. But, you don't get many Power Bombs in the game, so you can only do that a few times. And again, just repeat the process until it (or you) dies; with enough practice, you should be able to beat it.

Although, I was playing on the normal difficulty, so I don't know what the fight is like on hard mode. I would think the same strategy could apply, just the Omega Pirate would be stronger, but I'm not sure.[/color]
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You need to have a better strategy than that on hard; trust me, the strategy you gave doesn't work to well. Why not? One word: ammo. On hard mode, enemies take a lot more damage. I've never used Super Missiles against the Omega Pirate, but it would probably take at least two for every Phazon patch on the boss's armor. That's 40 Missiles, 5 per Super Missile, to blow off all of the Phazon. Then the Troopers of various types come, and for the Wave and Power Troopers, you'll need the Wavebuster and Super Missiles to kill them fast enough. You'll quickly run out of Missiles, and you won't have enough Power Bombs to make up for the Missile use against the Omega Pirate.

Here's my strategy: I use the side-dash (Tap B) to circle the Omega Pirate, backing up if I need to. I'm never too far away, because that makes it much harder to win. Whenever the Omega Pirate isn't holding out his hand, shoot the Phazon Patches with charged shots. If you accidentally step into one of the Phazon patches on the ground, jump your way out of it.

When you've blown the Phazon off of the Omega Pirate, fight the Troopers. Use the Super Missile and Wave Buster on the Power and Wave Troopers, a charged Ice Beam shot then a missile for the Ice Troopers, and charged Plasma Beam shots for the Plasma Troopers. When you hear the Omega Pirate's roar noise, turn on the X-Ray Visor and spin around while chargeing the Plasma Beam. When you see the Omega Pirate, fire. If he doesn't dissapear, fire regular shots until either he does, or he starts walking toward you. If you're fast enough, he'll dissapear. Charge the Plasma Beam and look for him again (he'll always be in the Phazon). Again, shoot until he walks toward you (meaning that his armor has Phazon on it again and you need to blast it off) or dissapears.

If he dissapears, more Troopers will enter the battle area. Fight them as described above. Don't worry about looking for the Omega Pirate, as you won't be able to get to him again before he repairs his armor. If there are any Troopers left when his armor is repaired, shoot them only if convenient, because the Omega Pirate's shockwave kills them. Repeat the strategy until you win (which may take a few tries to do).
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