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OOC: OK, first, you must post your beginning post, just to signify where your Virus Buster is, and what you are doing at that point in the RPG. Now, let's go and stop the Independent Killer viruses!
[color=blue]Kaida sat alone in his apartment room, at his computer like he has been in the past few days. He had just finished creating his Virus buster for the E-Connect "game". He started to enter his first online chat with his Virus Buster!
[u]Kaida:[/u] Um... hi? Are you really real?
[u]Pendrila:[/u] Why are you asking that, of course I'm real!
[u]Kaida:[/u] (Wow, this is a miracle...)
[u]Pendrila:[/u] What, you never met an online creature like me before? Are we going to start this adventure or not? I'm thirsty for virus blood...
[u]Kaida:[/u] (If there is such a thing. I want some too.) Let's go!
Kaida scrolled down the page, and he found a large red button that said "Start!" The computer beeped, and then a screen listed Pendrila's stats and abilities. It indicated that Pendrila was physically fragile yet mentally strong, and that he shouldn't be exposed to too much sunlight.
[u]Kaida:[/u] Tch! Is there even "sunlight" in a computer?
[u]Pendrila:[/u] There is if you go to a website about the tropics or the sun!
Kaida shrugged, not being able to believe that the computer world seemed just as real as the real world. He clicked a button that said "Confirm?", and the computer went through a series of nonsense images and then took him to a screen that looked like a little world in a video game, a CGI version of the real world. Kaida saw Pendrila on a beach at night, not far from what looked like a forest. It was quite quiet, except for the rustling and lapping of the waves. Kaida, strangely, couldn't hear the waves; only Pendrila could because he was inside the computer and Kaida wasn't.

Pendrila looked around, hovering in the air for transportation. He looked towards the virtual forest and found dozens of little blue blobs with different kinds of cookies on their heads.
[u]Kaida:[/u] What is this? Cookies on a beach?!
[u]Pendrila:[/u] Just like the bits of data you humans call "cookies" on the computer!
Kaida shook his head and watched Pendrila wander around, ignoring the cookie creatures. He sighed and lay back on his chair, almost bored already. However, he was startled by someone (possibly in the next apartment room) turning on some very loud music that could be heard for miles. Kaida became angered, stood up, banged his fist on the wall several times while cursing under his breath, and then sat back down, trying to focus on the computer screen. Within minutes, the noise stopped.

The cookie creatures became sad because Pendrila avoided them without taking the cookies from their heads and eating them--that was what they wanted. They chitered somberly and bounced back toward the ocean, where they watched the virtual full moon above. Pendrila, meanwhile, floated into the increasingly dark and quiet forest.[/color]

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[SIZE=1][COLOR=Orange]Aida yawned and stretched. He had just finished his Virus Buster that he had been working on all week. He was exhausted but was glad to finally be able to chat with his partner. He started off the conversation.
[U]Aida:[/U] Hey, how ya' doin?
[U]Ridge:[/U] Ummmm...just fine, thanks.
[U]Aida:[/U] (Alright! This is awesome!) Sooooo...me and you are supposed to stop "Independent Killers" or something like that right?
[U]Ridge:[/U]Yup, so let's get started alrady!
[U]Aida:[/U] Rightio!
Aida scrolled up and down the page looking for a way to start. Then he noticed a large red button that had start written on it. He laughed at his foolishness and clicked on the button. He heard a beep, and then Ridge's status parameters were shown. He disovered that Ridge was speedy, fairly strong, and doesn't like the rain.
[U]Aida:[/U] Rain?!? On a computer?!?
[U]Ridge:[/U] Duh!
[U]Aida:[/U](Riiiiiight)Whatever you say, partner.
Aida saw a button that said confirm on it. He grinned and clicked on the button.The screen flashed for a while, then it displayed Ridge on a mountain top, in the virtual moonlight.
[U]Aida:[/U] Wow...
[U]Ridge:[/U] Nice, huh?
[U]Aida:[/U] Yah....wait one second.
Aida turned around to see his brother and sister loking at the computer screen. He stood up and glared at them,"Out!! Out of my room!! Haven't you ever heard of knocking...OR PERSONAL SPACE!!" His siblings ran out of the room and he slammed the door behind them."Sheesh..." He walked back over to his labtop. Ridge was now at the bottom of the mountain, walking towards a forest.
[U]Aida:[/U] So where are we going?
[U]Ridge:[/U] I wanna take down some viruses...bet you there'll be some in the forest.
[U]Aida:[/U] Well than here we go!!
And with that, Ridge dashed off into the forest.[/COLOR][/SIZE]

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Jake had finally finished working on The Jacobian, his Virus Buster. He began talking to him.

[U]Jake[/U]: hey there! whats up?
[U]The Jacobian[/U]: nothing. just chilling out.
[U]Jake[/U]: Awesome. (this is insane!) So...me and you are supposed to be destroying some Independant Viruses arn't we?
[U]The Jacobian[/U]: That we are! Let's get to it!

Jake began searching for a way to get going. He found a red button labeled "Start". He clicked on it and then there was a beep. The Jacobians status and attributes came up...Jake saw that The Jacobian was strong, quick, not the smartest out there, and was always ready for some food.

[U]Jake[/U]: So..you're always hungry?
[U]The Jacobian[/U]: Yes, why? Wait...DO YOU HAVE ANY FOOD????
[U]Jake[/U]: (Dear God) Not on me, no.
[U]The Jacobian[/U]: Oh. :(

He saw another button: "Confirm." He clicked it and soon found The Jacobian in a cave.

[U]Jake[/U]: How did you get in a cave?
[U]The Jacobian:[/U] This is where I train.
[U]Jake[/U]: Oh...makes sense.
[U]The Jacobian[/U]: Well, yea. Let's go get some Viruses!

The Jacobian raced out of the cave. He flew off into the horizon.

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OOC: Very well done, you two! *kisses the RPG* Ooooops... :D
[color=blue]As Pendrila floated into the forest, he could hear an owl hooting somewhere off to his left. Meanwhile, Kaida watched with boredom--he had just spent the last fifteen minutes watching his Virus Buster wander aimlessly through the forest without finding anything, not even more cookie creatures. He began to fiddle around with the toolbar on the bottom of the screen. One button he clicked on displayed Pendrila's stats, just like the screem he got at the beginning, after he created him. Another one displayed Pendrila's abilties and attacks; this he looked at and began to memorize for future reference, in case any viruses appeared...
"Hypno Wave, Chloro Blast, Chloro Orb, Nightmare Shot, Dream Control..." he read out loud just for the heck of it.
[u]Kaida:[/u] Hey Pendrila, do you like the attacks I gave you?
[u]Pendrila:[/u] Heh, hypnotic powers and leaf blasts? You bet!
Kaida clicked another button on the toolbar and found a map that pinpointed the viruses' locations, which were highlighted by flashing red splotches. A blue splotch indicated Pendrila's position. Yellow dots indicated fellow Virus Busters. To his amazement and surprise, Kaida found a yellow spot at the far end of the forest, and a large red glob between it and Pendrila's position.
[i]Hmmm... I know what this means...[/i] he thought. [i]We'll meet an enemy and then an ally... interesting, very interesting...[/i]
[u]Pendrila:[/u] I sense that that owl over there is a virus!
[u]Kaida:[/u] !!! Well, prepare for battle!
Out of nowhere, a large blue owl swooped down and landed on Pendrila's head. Pendrila swatted the owl with his fanlike arms, spinning around to make the owl dizzy. While he was doing that, his petals gathered light from the moon above, which shone through the trees like a flashlight.
[u]Kaida:[/u] Initiate attack: Chloro Blast!
Kaida then clicked a button on the left-hand side of the screen that read "Attack!" then typed in the seven-digit code for the attack and hit Enter. Pendrila's petals glowed with a bright green aura, and Pendrila expelled light energy from them, pulling the owl off his face and flinging it against the tree. The owl's eyes then turned red and fiery, glaring at Pendrila and attempting to intimidate him.
[u]Kaida:[/u] *laughs* Is that the best he can do? He's not a very good hypnotist...
Pendrila nodded and stared back at the owl. His petals glowed slightly and spun around slowly, like a pinwheel. The owl gazed on, entranced, its eyes losing their fiery glare. Then their lids lowered, putting the owl into a slumber...
[u]Pendrila:[/u] Ahahahaha! Too easy.
[u]Kaida:[/u] Heh. You tell me. Let's see, what shall we do with what he has for a mind...
[u]Pendrila:[/u] Ooooh, sounds fun!!
Pendrila hovered close to the owl and put his fanlike hand on the owl's head and closed his eyes.
[u]Kaida:[/u] Heh, now initiate attack: Nightmare Shot! *click*
The owl sprang up and jerked around like it was having a seizure. Pendrila backed away and laughed at the virus's demise. Meanwhile, Kaida noticed that at the top of the screen was a red meter and a blue meter; both looked like sideways thermometers. The blue meter was nearly full while the red meter slowly emptied. Kaida recognized the meters as Pendrila's and the owl's hit points, and he laughed menacingly at the fact that the owllike virus was getting creamed. The red meter was then fully depleted, and on the screen, the owl exploded. A data stream shot up from where the owl was and dove back down, hitting Pendrila. After a flash of light covered the screen, the scene reappeared. A popup came up that said, "Virus defeated. Pendrila gained 500 experience points." Kaida then clicked on the map, and it showed that the virus had vanished. However, some other Virus Buster was heading straight for Pendrila...
[u]Kaida:[/u] I think you got company...
[u]Pendrila:[/u] What? I hope he doesn't think I'm a virus...[/color]

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[FONT=Trebuchet MS][COLOR=SlateGray]Satoshi was walking out if school when he heard a shout behind him,
"Nanashi-kun, you're virus buster, I finished it."
Satoshi turned around and nodded to the girl as he took his Virus Buster from her,
"Arigato." he muttered and then turned on his heel and walked off back home.

After he had grabbed a sandwich from downstairs and finished his homework, Satoshi decided to see what his new partner was like.
He turned on the machine and up popped....
"A girl?!"

[U]Imi:[/U] Well yeah, what were you expecting, Frosty the Snowman?
[U]Satoshi:[/U] :mad:
[U]Imi:[/U] :p anyway, I'm Imi-chan but you can call me Imi, because you're so cute :love:
[U]Satoshi:[/U] Grrr....why is my Virus Buster a girl?
[U]Imi:[/U] Does it really matter, I can still kick-ass! *posses and nearly falls over*
[U]Satoshi:[/U] :o

After more arguments about girls and cute boys, Imi finally convinced Satoshi to go and do some Virus busting.

[U]Imi:[/U] Listen, if you don?t like me then you can always change me for something else TT_TT but that would be terrible.
[U]Satoshi:[/U] Just shut up before I throw you away right now :mad:
[U]Imi:[/U] O.O;;;; Yessir![/COLOR][/FONT]

[B]OOC Short I know but --> :sleep:[/B]

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"Yeah, one hour's enough."

Daphne slided the coin underneath the glass screen that seperated her and the owner of the cyber cafe. He grabbed it immediately, then examined it suspiciously.

"Burn it if you want," Daphne muttered. "It ain't fake."

The owner of the store shot Daphne a dirty look before reluctantly handing a ticket to her.

"Before you use our internet services, young madam, there are a couple of [i]rules[/i] you will have to follow," he mumbled, before retrieving a scrumpled up piece of paper from under his desk. It was half torn, and had bits of bacon and egg yolk on it. Daphne shuddered. "No pornography, no food or drink, no smoking, no music, no deleting system files, no changing of settings, no..."

"Do you have a printer in here?" interrupted Daphne.


"Good. I'm here to finish off my chemistry assignment, y'see." The store owner was about to say something, but Daphne interrupted again. "Oh look, a computer's free. Thanks for your time."

Fourty-five minutes later, Daphne had finished her assignment.

"Whaddya know, she does her school work for the first time ever." Daphne said to herself. She saved her work and put on her white, furry coat. No point in going now, she thought, might as well surf the net, then print when her time was up. However, as she was about to click on "Internet Explorer", a small icon with the words "E-Connect" underneath it grabbed her attention.
"Oh, I remember this. Medara's got it." She double clicked the icon, and the program started.


Daphne clicked load. She only wanted to try it out. After all, these kind of games were only for nerds... and Medara.


"No way"

"I wonder what spotty, glass-wearing freak came up with his one?"

"I suppose that one sounds better" Daphne clicked on the name.

A few seconds later, a small, female avatar appeared on the screen, sitting on a chair in a virtual enviornment which resembled a cosy, old fashioned child's bedroom. She looked somewhat like a vampire: dark, frilly victorian clothes which made her seem bigger than she actually was; long, sharp, dangerous looking fingernails and fang like teeth; her eyes: big, black holes which could suck anything in; Her hair..

Her hair?


An empty box popped up on a screen.

"A chatroom..." said Daphne.

Mystery_Chick: This isnt 1 of those cyba sex thingies, is it
[U][COLOR=Purple]Vanessa:[/COLOR][/U] No.
[U][COLOR=Purple]Mystery_Chick:[/COLOR][/U] uh...gud
[U][COLOR=Purple]Vanessa:[/COLOR][/U] You asked one question. I answered it. Now it is time for me to ask a question. And you have to answer it.
[U][COLOR=Purple]Mystery_Chick:[/COLOR][/U] wotever
[U][COLOR=Purple]Vanessa:[/COLOR][/U] You have to answer it. If you don't answer it, you'll end up being unhappy. Very unhappy.
[U]Mystery_Chick:[/U] LOL, I'm being threatened by a game character
[U][COLOR=Purple]Vanessa[/COLOR]: [/U] :)

[COLOR=Purple]*VANESSA.EXE HAS LOADED "ChemistryAssignment.doc"

[U][COLOR=Purple]Mystery_Chick:[/COLOR][/U] wtf
[U][COLOR=Purple]Vanessa:[/COLOR][/U] You WILL end up being unhappy.
[U][COLOR=Purple]Mystery_Chick:[/COLOR][/U] ok ok ill listen, sheesh
[U][COLOR=Purple]Vanessa:[/COLOR][/U] I shall begin.


[U][COLOR=Purple]Vanessa: [/COLOR[/U]] This is obviously not your account. Therefore -

[COLOR=Black]Daphne's screen flickered, and the chat dialog disappeared. Another small avatar appeared in the room: a large white dog wearing a police helmet.[/COLOR]

[U][COLOR=Purple]Vanessa:[/COLOR][/U] A Virus has unexpectedly appeared...before I finish my request, you will have to help me defeat this Virus.
[U][COLOR=Purple]Mystery_Chick:[/COLOR][/U] but im new 2 this game
[U][COLOR=Purple]Vanessa:[/COLOR][/U] I shall tell you what to do.

Daphne left her computer and ran to the store owner's desk.

"Another hour please," she said.

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[SIZE=1][COLOR=Orange]Ridge dashed into the forest and looked around. Aida decided that Ridge could take care of himself and went to go get a soda. He went into the fridge and grabed a Siera Mist. His siblings tried to ask him something but he merely brushed them off and kept on back into his room. When he sat down in front of the screen Ridge was still loooking around. Aida began pressing the buttons on the screen, and found a map.
[U]Aida:[/U] Wooho! Score!
[U]Ridge:[/U] Wazzup? What's got you so happy?
[U]Aida:[/U] I found a map of the area. Umm....
Ridge: Yes?
[U]Aida:[/U] What does a red dot mean?
Ridge spun around and saw a lion tpe vrus appear.Ridge readied his blaster and pulled out hi katana.
[U]Aida: [/U] :eek:
[U]Ridge:[/U] Um, Aida...hellooo... :mad: dammit, pay attention!
[U]Aida:[/U] Right, (here goes nothing). Let's go!
Aida noticied the attack buton and pressed it. He typed in Rapid Fire and pressed enter.
[U]Ridge:[/U] Alright!! RAPID FIRE!!
Ridge shot nine beams at the lion and it turned into data. The data flew into the air and Ridge absorbed it. A messag popped up on the screen that saud Ridge gained 500 exp.
[U]Aida:[/U] Cool...
Ridge: Something's coming....
[U]Aida:[/U] :eek: What?!?!
[U]Ridge:[/U] It..it's a flower?[/COLOR][/SIZE]

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[COLOR=Purple]Vanessa: This is only one virus, it should be easy. I'll put on my invisishield while you get used to using the system.
Mystery_Chick: wot am i supposd to do
Vanessa: First of all, you have to talk properly. I don't understand the shorthand method. I, after all, am a computer program.
...You understand?[/COLOR]
[COLOR=Purple]Mystery_Chick: You know, if you were real I'd beat the crap out of you by nowe
Mystery_Chick: now*[/COLOR]
[COLOR=Purple]Vanessa: Ha. Let's silence ourselves now and defeat the virus. Unfortunately, you can control me by typing in commands. I am unlike other virus busters in that aspect.To tell me to scan the virus, type "/-vb viruscan".

Mystery_Chick: /-vb deleteb*itch
Mystery_Chick: Oops
Mystery_Chick: /-vb viruscan[/COLOR]

Vanessa: ...Flaw in the system, probably. I'll just hurry up and kill it. Type "/-vb vblast.exe"
Mystery_Chick: /-vb vblast.exe[/COLOR]

Suddenly, Vanessa's eyes glowed. She threw a fist into the air, which glowed a bright green. A small, green orb appeared over the dog-like virus, and merged with it.

[COLOR=Purple]Vanessa: 10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...[/COLOR]
The virus disintegrated into nothing.

Vanessa: You know, if you were in my world, you wouldn't stand a chance whatsoever. Just like everyone else.

"Hi...if you don't mind me asking..."
A tall boy Daphne's age tapped her on the shoulder. "You're Mystery_Chick, right? I guess I finally found you. May I ask you what that program is?"

"Virus buster-thing. Question answered, now piss off. I'm busy." she said, typing a reply to Vanessa's strange comment.

[COLOR=Purple]Mystery_Chick: What the hell do you mean? Is that a threat[/COLOR]
"That's how I know you're stupid. Number one, a Virus Buster doesn't use that battle system. Number two, that Virus Buster is extremely strong. Number three, what you just destroyed wasn't even a virus."

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[size=1][color=darkslategray]Lance browsed the screen, and scrolled down the page. There was a button with the word "Start" clearly written upon it. Lance cautiously clicked it. He was afraid of messing up.[/color][/size]
[size=1][color=darkslategray]The screen began to load, and suddenly, the screen shifted to a grassy plain. There was a boy with traditonal samurai clothing, lying down upon the grass.[/color][/size]
[size=1][color=darkslategray] [/color][/size]
[size=1][color=darkslategray]The boy in the monitor looked up at Lance with one eye. [/color][/size]
[size=1][color=darkslategray]" 'Bout time." The boy moaned, getting up to his feet. He brushed off the grass which stuck to him. [/color][/size]
[size=1][color=darkslategray]Lance was in shock. The boy had spoken to him.[/color][/size]
[size=1][color=darkslategray]"So your...Ryoma?" The boy asked carlessly swinging his katan in the air. [/color][/size]
[size=1][color=darkslategray]Lance didn't know what to say, he now knew this was his brothers had made the boy.[/color][/size]
[size=1][color=darkslategray]"No" Lance began to type. "I am Ryoma's brother, Lance, it is a pleasure to meet you." He re-read his message, and hit the enter button.[/color][/size]
[size=1][color=darkslategray]"Yeah, Yeah. Whoever you are, I'm the one and only, Sylver. Your Virus Buster." the boy explained.[/color][/size]
[size=1][color=darkslategray]"I'm...a samurai. Not exactly the kind of virus buster you'd see everyday. I'm speedy, strong,[i] and[/i] the best." Sylver boasted.[/color][/size]
[size=1][color=darkslategray]"I see." Lance typed. "So where do we start?"[/color][/size]
[size=1][color=darkslategray]Sylver laughed. "Thats a good one, your supposed to tell me, bozo. Heh, anyway, open up your map, and see if there are any virus' near by. I'm itching for a battle."[/color][/size]
[size=1][color=darkslategray]Lance opened up the map. He saw a yellow dot, and a red dot. He explained this to Sylver at the same time.[/color][/size]
[size=1][color=darkslategray]"Okay, lets head for the RED dot. Thats a virus" Sylver explained. He unsheathed his katana, which was at his side. "Lets go!" He said, dashing into the forest ahead of him.[/color][/size]

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[color=blue]Kaida clicked on the map and noticed another red dot somewhere else in the forest. A yellow dot was heading towards it. However, the thing that realy caught Kaida's attention was a yellow dot right next to Pendrila's blue dot.
[u]Pendrila:[/u] Look, it's Katana Boy.
[u]Kaida:[/u] Heh, very funny.
Pendrila saw Ridge coming and pretended not to notice him. Ridge had his katana out, ready to strike at any motion... Suddenly, he got a confused expression and looked at Pendrila again, this time putting his katana away.
"My creator saw you as a Virus Buster..." Ridge said to the flower.
"Whatever..." Pendrila muttered, turning away. He didn't feel like making friends. He just floated up slightly until he became more visible in the moonlight. He stood still, looking up and not making a sound.
"Talking flowers are weird..." Ridge muttered.

Meanwhile, Kaida watched the two Virus Busters meet with boredom. He then noticed that the loud music from the room next to his started again. Kaida jumped up, immediately flying off the handle.
"That's it..." he muttered. He looked at his clock and saw that it was about two in the morning.
[u]Kaida:[/u] I'm going somewhere for about a minute or so... That other Virus Buster can keep you company if you want.
[u]Pendrila:[/u] I guess...
On the computer, Pendrila floated back down towards Ridge and faced him. There was a long silence.

Meanwhile, Kaida stomped towards the door and threw it open, walking over to the next apartment room to his left and banging on the door. There was no answer for about a minute. Kaida became furious and tried again.
"I'll break your door down if I have to!!" Kaida almost shouted. His fist became red from banging against the door. About two minutes later, the door opened, the music still blaring. It became even louder when the door opened. In the doorway stood a man wearing pajamas and looking sleepy.
"Dude, how can you sleep with that loud music of yours? I like this song, but..." Kaida stopped only to find that the man apparently did not hear him.
"I told you," Kaida shouted at the top of his lungs, "to TURN THAT MUSIC OFF!!!" He then pointed to a large stereo inside the man's apartment room, then pointed his thumb down, giving the man an angry look. Seconds passed, and then the man punched Kaida in the chest.
"Forget it, stupid," Kaida teased as he walked back to his apartment room, muttering something that was meant to be a curse. He walked inside, slammed the door, and went back to the computer.
[u]Kaida:[/u] Sorry, Pendrila; some jerk is blaring his music so that everyone can hear...
[u]Pendrila:[/u] Put a curse on him.
[u]Kaida:[/u] That's what I just did!
Kaida shrugged and rummaged through the drawer beneath his computer desk. He eventually found some earplugs and put them in his ears.
"Now I can hopefully concentrate..." Kaida thought.
[u]Pendrila:[/u] This is Ridge. He's quite funny in a way.
[u]Kaida:[/u] I thought I set your social ability to zero...
[u]Pendrila:[/u] LOL[/color]

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OOC: Sorry about the lack of posts from me. I've been kinda busy.

Jake watched while The Jacobian flew around and decided to go get something to eat. He was walking towards his kitchen when he heard a beep coming from his computer. Jake pulled a 180 and ran back to his computer.

The Jacobian: I've found some more Virus Busters.
Jake: Really? Let's go check them out.
The Jacobian: Alright.

The Jacobian flew toward the ground and landed next to Ridge and Pendrila.

The Jacobian: Hello there. I'm the Jacobian.
"Nice to meet you, Jacobian." said Ridge.
The Jacobian: Well what do we have here? A flower?
"Shut up. Yes I'm a flower you idiot!" said an annoyed Pendrila.

Jake: Someone's a little touchy, aren't they The Jacobian?
The Jacobian: Just a tad.
Jake: Haha.

OOC: sorry its so short

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[B]OOC I'm a little low on ideas now, so sorry for the crapilicious post.[/B]

[COLOR=SlateGray]Imi had been wondering around for a very long time now and was dragging her feet along the ground.

Satoshi: I though you knew where these things were?
Imi: I lied.
Satoshi: :o little cow...
Imi: :flaming: What did you call me you...
Satoshi: *glares* I'll delete you if you?re not....hey, who are they?
Imi: Hmm? Those guys *points*
Satoshi: Obviously...
Imi: I'll go see ^w^

Imi walked over to Pendrilla, Ridge and The Jacobian happily bouncing along and humming a little tune. They all looked up at her and raised an eyebrow.

Jacobian: Yes, and you are?
Imi: My name's Imi-chan and my creator is Satoshi-sama
Satoshi: :o Please....stop.
Imi: You should introduce yourself too, Sat-san, it?s rude not to.
Satoshi: I don?t need lessons from you.

He switched his PM system on to search and found the others servers,

Satoshi: Hey, my name's Satoshi Nanashi, it?s....a pleasure meeting you.[/COLOR]

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"Haha, this is such a big discovery, I-"

That's all it took for Daphne to switch. She got up and pushed the boy towards the wall.

"Now, who the hell do you think you are, eh?" she said, grabbing his buy his collar. "What's on my computer screen is strictly MY business. Don't mess with me, I'm telling you."

Everyone in the computer cafe turned around. Daphne screwed up her face. "Don't look at me."

"If you're going to make a noise in my store you can very well get out! Both of you silly kids! Never ever come back again!"

Now it was Daphne's turn to turn around. The store owner walked into the store lobby. "Out!"

With a sigh, Daphne picked up her bag.

She had also forgotten about her chemistry assignment.

It was getting dark now, but Daphne didn't feel like going home. She decided she'd go the long way, to go down Franz Avenue, miss the turning on the right but go down the next one instead.

"Ding ding a dink a ding ding, doo dee, daa"

Daphne's mobile phone rang, in the same style as "Jazz Time" on Channel 6. She retrieved it from her jacket pocket, and answered it:

"D-Daphne...Daphne, it's terrible..."
"I-i-it's gone...I can't - "

The phone disconnected.
"Darn, I'm out of credit!" Daphne shook her phone. "I'll have to go over there..."

"Your Virus Buster was deleted? M-Medara, you scared the heck out of me! I thought it was something more serious! I thought you had -"

Daphne's cousin wiped a tear from her eye.

"I loved him...I really loved him...he was my friend." Medara said, softly.

Daphne sighed. Why were young girls so damn sensitive?

"It's OK," Daphne said. "Just tell me what happened then I can help."
"But, you know NOTHING about Virus Busters, Daphne, you're always saying they're stupid!"
"Haha, shows how much you know! Just...Just tell me about it, before your mother gets back and tells me off...you know how much she hates my guts"

Medara nodded, and led Daphne to her computer screen. In the process, Daphne nearly tripped over the many dolls that were scattered on the floor.
Gah, Daphne thought. You're so girly, sometimes. And you're 12.

Medara loaded up E-Connect.
"Here's a screen capture I took of my latest Virus Buster...his name is Treeflap." she said, softly.
"So, what happened to Treeflap?"
Medara hesistated for a moment, as if she didn't want to revisit the moment she had lived earlier. "Medara, it will be better to talk about it."
"Well, we were virus hunting, and this virus came up which wasn't on the map. Treeflap tried attacking it, but nothing would happen. I even used Treeflap's Knowledge attack against it...and then.."
"And then..."
"The virus attacked Treeflap by using this weird move called "Infest.exe", followed by a move called "GetLocations"...the virus then disappeared. Treeflap wasn't harmed, but when I tried to control him it didn't work, and then he flew off...moments later, my computer said that it "couldn't find Virus Buster"."
"So, uh...what do you think happened?"
"It's obvious, the virus corrupted Treeflap and turned him into a virus, but even so, the computer should detect him as a VB...which means he was probably destroyed by someone else who thought he was a virus..." Medara's eyes began to water. "And, and that's not the half of it...I think the first virus is finding other Virus Busters using my Favourite Location List...my friend Michelle told me that in the Fairytale Bedroom, her dog Virus Buster had been destroyed by a weird virus, too...it self destructed!"

It then began to dawn on Daphne. Everything the boy told her in the cyber cafe...everything Medara told her...it could only mean...

"And Daphne, I think the virus is headed to the next place on my favourites, Maria Forest..."

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OOC: eep sorry havent been online in a while my comps been out of comission but i hope its still ok i start.

Ray sat chatting to Carnifex, discussing strategy and abillities.

Ray: So were are these things
Carnifex: I do not know
The monsterous Virus buster was cleaving a path through a wood on the screen. He was chasing a Virus but had lost its trail..
Carnifex:Viruses are so unnecessary, but i shall destroy them.
Ray: right...
The two stayed silent for a while, untill Carnifex discoverd the virus he was looking for. The Plant like Virus pulsed absorbing data through its roots, Carnifex raised his venom canon and squeezed off two rounds , severing the main body of the plant from its roots, It turned its petal head towards him. Vines flew forth and rapped him up, his claws maki ng short work of the digital tendrils. Carnifex contued with the tearing of the body and as the final blow he opened his maw and vomited on the Virus, its data being digested and consumed. Carnifex grew after feasting, his carapice becoming thicker. Ray was satisfied.

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[color=darkslategray]Sylver continued to run in the shaded forest, looking for the virus Lance had targetted. After about five minutes, Sylver was greeted by a fve and a half foot lizard.[/color]
[color=darkslategray]"Are you sure you can handle this?" Lance asked his Virus Buster.[/color]
[color=darkslategray]"Psch, piece of cake. Leave it me!" Sylver boasted.[/color]
[color=darkslategray]"Whatever you say." Lance said to himself.[/color]
[color=darkslategray]The lizard struck the first and attempted to take a bite out of the young samurai. Sylver attempted a backwards flip, and managed to get out of the tangle safely. As the lizard was off gaurd, Sylver dashed towards the virus, and jumped high into the air, holding his sword out in front of him firmly. As Sylver neared the lizard, he clenched his sword with even a tighter grip. Soon, the lizard was cut in two, and dissengrated in thin air.[/color]
[color=darkslategray]"Too easy!" Sylver laughed.[/color]
[color=#2f4f4f]He sheathed his sword and looked ahead of him. He saw about four Virus Busters ahead of him.[/color]
[color=#2f4f4f]"Are those other virus busters?" Lance typed, anxiously waiting for his question to be answered.[/color]
[color=#2f4f4f]"I'm pretty sure." Sylver said matter-of-factly.[/color]

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OOC: Sorry about the delay... I've been racking my brains for a plot twist in this RPG, and I finally got one...

[color=red]Meanwhile, in a region of the internet far away from any computer known to man...

"Power. Power..." said a virus enclosed in a glass cell. He looked similar to a vampire and a griffin, with pitch-black wings, dark purple fur, and bright red, evil-looking eyes. He was known by the name Doomsday... He floated in the green, glowing, plasmalike fluid in the cell like the victim of a genetic experiment, apparently waiting for something to happen...
"Yes, power..." the virus continued. "I feel it. Let it dwell within me forever... yes, power--infinite power!!!"
[u]???:[/u] Well, do not fret--the experiment's going well, very well.
[u]Doomsday:[/u] How much longer until the upgrade's done? My patience grows thin.
[u]???:[/u] In order for it to achieve full potential... three days.
[u]Doomsday:[/u] ?! You're crazy! Can't we speed up the process?
[u]???:[/u] Not unless you want a 30% chance of dissolving, and an additional 50% of growing weak.
[u]Doomsday:[/u] Fine, I shall develop more patience. *tries to fall asleep*
[u]???:[/u] I can assist you with that...[/u]

A man on a computer in the real world typed something quickly. The computer screen did not show the usual E-Connect screen; it showed a picture of Doomsday and a page full of codes and computer language. Seemingly meaningless characters formed across the page, and with one hit of the Enter button, it all faded.

Meanwhile, back in Doomsday's cell, the plasma inside turned purple, and Doomsday slowly fell asleep...[/color]

* * * * *

[color=blue]Back in the forest, Sylver stood in front of the group of other Virus Busters. He was about to attack them, thinking they were viruses, but Lance told him that they were represented by yellow dots, meaning that they were Virus Busters as well. Sylver shrugged and walked towards the group. Ridge smiled and walked towards him. Imi stood there, apparently having a little chat with Satoshi. Pendrila rolled his eyes and looked to his left, away from the group.
[u]Kaida:[/u] Another one joined the group, huh?
[u]Pendrila:[/u] ...
[u]Kaida:[/u] (Is this like one of those chat sites for social people?)
"Oh, hello, I guess..." Pendrila muttered to Sylver in a bored tone. "I'm Pendrila by the way, and this is Ridge and Imi and Jacobian..."
"[i]The[/i] Jacobian," The Jacobian corrected.
"Hello," said a calm female voice next to the group. "And how are you? I'm Natura!" What looked like a glowing white elf ghost floated towards the group. "I'm a wandering civilian of the Internet with no owner, but I assure you, I'm no virus."

Kaida, Lance, Jake, Satoshi, and Aida all checked their maps simultaneously. In the forest, there was a mass of yellow dots and a blue dot, with a red dot right next to them. All five people looked on with confused looks on their faces.[/color]

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Carnifex stood at a distance scanning the Virus Busters, he clicked his mandables and walked away, the circumstances of his creation rippling through his body, he would not make friends nor interact with others, only to have them stolen from him. Life weather artificail or not means too much.

Carnifex: let us find more viruses i grow hungry for battle
Ray: only if you are sure you do not want to interact
Carnifex: I am sure....
Ray: Very well

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