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Hold Tight, Drink Deep UNDERGROUND [M-SLV]


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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]Just a space for anything to discuss about HTDD, the War of the Blood, or Vampires in general. If you have something to say about the world of the RPG, say it here.

Actually, I had an idea a while back...what if the War of the Blood was broken into several parts. This would (possibly) keep the story from stagnating, allow for fresh blood, characters could die but you could still be in it...etc. HTDD seems to be shutting down right now, and I was wondering if the "arc" should end (if the Part system comes into effect)

And if the Part-System sounds interesting...what's next? I think that some of the currently unrepresented Clans should be focused on. My key idea right now; HTDD Part 2: Skulls and Crosses. Kuroichi heads to Australia to speak with the Zugai, and the Clan Alliance tries to stop him from gaining the Zugai's support. As the Zugai despise the Ijuuj, Kuroichi has the advantage.

Other ideas could be "Nectar of the Pirahna," dealing with the Labareda in South America. Maybe a visit to a major metropolitan area could show of the Knubrap, or there could be a mini-war between the Mirichai and Labareda in Mexico for power. Just throwing some ideas out here.

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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]Thanks for the support on re-starting it. I'm going to do that very soon, and hopefully we can get it going again. But first, another question:

Would you like it switched to a Chapter System? While this may restrict freedom a little, it'd keep for some tighter play and people would probably be more dedicated. Let me know.

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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]...The Hold Tight, Drink Deep Soundtrack. Well, not really. Just some songs that describe the characters and key events of Hold Tight, Drink Deep. I was bored, okay? If you don't like the song assigned to your character, or have a better one in mind (as my music selection is a tad limited), you can PM me with your suggestion/complaint.

Now, the songs.[/size]

[*]Bad to the Bone by George Thurgood - Kuroichi's Theme
[*]Half a Woman, Half a Shadow by Roxette - Keitha's Theme
[*]The Days of Pheonix by AFI - Kare's Theme
[*]Not Falling by Mudvayne - Abaddon's Theme
[*]Dragon Lady by Blue Oyster Cult - Elizabeth Archer's Theme
[*]The Nightriders by Eloy - Night Rider's Theme
[*]Dracula by Iced Earth - Kyu's Theme
[*]Crawling by Linkin Park - Zoku's Theme
[*]Risen by KMFDM - Kuroichi vs. Il Signore
[*]Smack My ***** Up by Prodigy - Kuroichi vs. Zoku
[*]86 by Green Day - Abaddon's Departure
[*]Ghost Rider by Rush - Night Rider Takes the Fang
[*]My Evil Plan to Save the World by Five Iron Frenzy - The Gwyar Plot
[*]Bloody Valentine by Good Charleotte - Elizabeth and Kuroichi
[*]Iron Man by Black Sabbath - Zoku's Fall
[*]Sympathy for the Devil - Kuroichi's Theme 2

[SIZE=1]Comments? Complaints?

Remember, if you need a question answered or have a plot point to discuss, or want to plan some part of the story, just post here or PM me. I'm always here. Except when I'm at school. Or asleep.

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awesome...that was great...the songs. definitly went well with all the characters. Especially the song for Kuroichi and Zoku's battle.

We should definitly do something like that with this second chapter of HTDD.
take care...later

Kairi- The crazed Jackle God.
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[COLOR=Purple][SIZE=1]Bloody Valentine, eh? I like the sound of that, heh heh.

I should have visited this thread before, I know you've started the RP but maybe it would be a good idea to try out the chapter system if people start to post less or it gets out of control.

I've never heard of the song you listed for Beth before, therefore I shall download it and hope that it's good ^_~

You need to update Azure Prince...or I may be forced to do something to your pants ¬_¬[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[size=1]Dedication, huh? Seems I've been lacking in that area lately...^ ^;
Actually, I've been up to my neck in stuff. For one, being the lead in a play and performing six days in a row (along with previous rehearsals) was one. Another was the comp breaking, and another was me losing the status of bachelor. So, there's that...haha. Anyway, since the plays done and the comp is working again (somewhat), I'll hopefully get my [b]OB Chat[/b] revived shortly, along with [b]Faerie Tale[/b]. I'd also love to restart [b]HTDD[/b]. I never really explained the reason for Abaddon's departure, but I'm ready to flesh that out. Count me in, ULX.[/size]
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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]For future reference, I will begin posting felshed-out information about the clans. I'll start with the Krilat Zmaj, since theirs is the shortest histroy, but features the most interesting people (moi, of course).


Clan Name: Krilat Zmaj
Base of Opperations: Japan and China predominantly, with rule in multiple other Asian countries. The main headquarters is located somewhere in southern Hokkaido, but the specifics are unknown. The Chinese base of operations is located out in the Xinjiang mountain range, east of Kashi.
Leader: Takeda Kana, alias Kuroichi, alias the Silver Haired Demon, alias Kurogata Ichiro.
Known Members: Amaterasu, Amatsu Mikaboshi, Ao-Chin, Ao-Jun, Ao-Kuang, Ao-Ping, Ao-Shun, Dokeshi, Doppo, Kuroichi, Susanoo, Tsukiyomi, Yaiba, Yamata-no-Orochi, Yurei
Characteristics of Members: The Krilat Zmaj are many and varied, having the qualities of Myrkur Aniol, Gyshram, and Zugai, in addition to the other clans. One noted quality of several members, however, is their odd silver hair. Beyond that, the Krilat Zmaj lack any distinctive characteristics.
History: The Krilat Zmaj is the first Vampire Clan to be founded in roughly 1000 years. It was founded in 1979 by the Silver Haired Demon, Kuroichi. After seeing countless human atrocities being committed across the globe (from Japan's Sengoku era to the slaughters of Vietnam), he decided to end the Clan system and bring about one united Vampire front. His strong bond with Croatia was the cause of the unique name, meaning "Dragon" in Croatian.

One of Kuroichi's first acts as Clan leader was to take over Japan's Vampire population. Given that a majority of the strong Vampires in Japan were from a similar era as Kuroichi, they flocked to the new-age Daimyo, becoming the first of the great Krilat Zmaj. The more modern era Japanese also flocked, seeking protection from the anarchy that inhabited Japan's demonic subculture. As no Clan had "dominion" in any part of Asia (the exception being the Gyshram's holding in some of the more barren areas of the continent), Kuroichi became a powerful leader.

Soon after amassing power with the Japanese Vampires, he learned of a government program, known only as the Project. His former Gyshram spies proved exceptionally useful in the obtaining of knowledge. The Project was revealed to be a group of humans born with The Power, a telekinetic force that manifested in the form of golden eyes. The Japanese government was taking in these gifted humans and training them, first to be supersoldiers - then to be Vampire hunters.

Obviously, Kuroichi was not pleased with this developement. He layed waste to the Project's base in the early 90s, bringing a majority of the Project into his thrall. This was his second step towards Vampiric superiority - first dominion of a continent, then an army of trained Vampire killers. He slowly tracked down all but five of the remaining Project members. While they are no longer high on his priorities, Kuroichi is still watching the Hunters carefully.

Shortly after his assault on the Project, he led an army against any Vampires who refused his leadership. The other clans were obviously not pleased, and lashed out against Kuroichi, pushing him into the remote areas of Japan and China to recouperate. And so he did. He quickly grew in strength, gaining the respect of his Gyshram brothers (the Gyshram were a predominant Vampire Clan in the founding of the Krilat Zmaj, with nearly half of the Krilat Zmaj members being Gyshram) along the way.

And now, in the 2010s, he is making his second attack against the Clan system. The Krilat Zmaj is growing in power in Asia, while Kuroichi takes things into his own hands around the globe. He has taken three of the legendary Gems of the Ijuuj, making him a deadly force. Now, he moves to Austrlia in hopes of gaining an alliance with the brutal Zugai, fierce enemies of the Ijuuj.

And while he does this, there are dark, frightening rumors of another power that Kuroichi is brewing deep inside the confines of his twin strongholds. No one is sure what this new power is, or if it is even [I]real[/I], but one thing is sure; if it [I]is[/I] real, the war is moving on to a new, more dangerous level.[/SIZE][/COLOR]


[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]And that, ladies and gentleman, is all the knowledge I currently posses on the subject of the Krilat Zmaj (that won's spoil future events, any way). And since I'm such a nice guy, I'll let you decide which clan I post about first. I think I'll do it in, say, a week? That sounds good.

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