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Taboo [PG-LSV]


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[COLOR=Navy][B]Taboo[/B][/COLOR] (also tabu) >noun (pl. taboos or tabus) a social or religious custom placing prohibition or restriction on a particular thing or person. >adjective 1 prohibited or restricted by social custom. 2 designated as sacred and prohibited. >verb (taboos, tabooed or tabus, tabued) place under such prohibition. -ORIGIN from Tongan, 'set apart, forbidden'.

In every place something is forbidden; these forbidden things are taboo. It can be hard to understand why five simple letters can cause so much hate and sorrow. Everyday somebody is cast out because of something they did, the way they look, their religion.

Far away though, in a village they took taboo to the extreme. For there in that very village a group of heros were accused of a crime they did not comment. These heros were the saviors of the village yet, one of these heros was not so hero-like. She began to stray from the set for her and decided to stray from that chosen path. She created a beast that attached and destroyed most of the village. When the rest of the group arrived they were startled to find that one of their own had turned against them. As they watched the beast create chaos they had no idea that they could create such a beast.

Once the creator of the beast realized what she had done, she quickly lost control of the beast. The beast went on a rampage and destroyed building by building in mere-seconds. In a fiery blaze the beast killed five of the heros leaving the Hero of Life and Death. The Hero of Death, who had created the beast , stepped forward knowing the only way she could destroy the beast was by scarifying her own life. The Hero of Life watched with sad eyes as his beloved scarified herself to cleanse her soul and for the sake of the innocent lives of the village. In a flash that quickly changed the night to day for an instant; the Hero of Death disappeared with the beast leaving a demolished village with many questions.

Like most confused people who are to confused to sit down and listen to reason instead of stating the first thing that came to their minds, The citizens cast an accusing finger at the Hero of Life. He was placed under trail and found guilty of creating the beast and killing the other six heros. The judge sentenced him to be hung of the tallest tree by the shortest rope and to be left there forever as a warning to future generations. Also the mayor made a law that stated, Anyone that with the abilities of any of the seven heros would be banished and/or killed. Thus this law was approved causing many young children to lose their lives by the gallows or by their lack of survival skills. [/COLOR]
[COLOR=Navy]~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~[/COLOR]
Ten years later, the descent of the Hero of Life had formed a santray under the village even though he did not posses the abilities that his ancestor had. He found an abandoned warehouse with an elevator that lend to the sewers of the village and built a hidden village for people that were taboo. He thought himself lucky when he found a child with the skills of one of the heros. He then decided to find the other six and train them to use their powers and give them a almost normal life. His name was Hiroshi. Hiroshi had found a few other children that had the skills of the taboo heros but not all of them. He sent spies to the upper village to find children that didn?t fit in or who were on trail. When he got a lead Hiroshi went to the upper village and at night and toke the children away with him.

But, at the base of the tree were the Hero of Life was hanged stood a person with the skills of the Hero of Death and Life. That person was the forgotten child of the Hero of Life and Death. That child grew up alone in a separate village and was visited by its parents intill the tragedy that happened ten years ago. The child had witnessed the death of its father and at that moment a deadly flame burned the heart of the child. The child swore revenge on the village and trained for ten years, gathering supporters and creating evil monsters that could kill in seconds. Hiroshi had a feeling that this would happen one day but he never knew when and he didn?t linger on those thoughts.

[COLOR=Indigo]A small child with deep red hair with still wet tears racing down the soft mournful face as she ran away from sticks of fire that were grasped in the hands of citizens of her village. Shouts filled with lust and hatred followed her fading footsteps.
"Cursed One!"
"Spawn of the Devil!"
The crowd shouted as they threw sticks and stones at the child. Such a way to treat a child of only three years of age. THe dhild stumbled out of the city gates and the noices stopped. Not a sound could be heard, not even the child's sobs of sorrow. In fact as the child went to touch her face she felt dired tears and warm liquid replacing the tears. As she moved her hand away to examine the warm wet matter that was flowing down her face she saw that it was a deep red color.
"Blood." Spoke a hollowed voice in the distance.
As the child strained to see who had spoken she wished she hadn't. A body hung from a rope. THis was no normal body though. It was gresume, groteste and rotting. As it blew in the wind bits of stinking flesh fell from the decaying body infromt of the child. The wind kept blowing untill it knocked the skeltons eye out of its socket. The eye rolled and stopped turning till it faced the girl. HEr own eyes widened as she opened her mouth. . .
Mizu awoke in a sweat. Jolting up Mizu looked around and wipped her face. Cold to the touch she knocked off a few ice crystals that were oringally sweat, but they became frozen as soon as they left her body. Beginging to feel the warmth return to her body Mizu watched the ice melt and turn into water once again. Leaning down she put a hand on her forehead and sighed.
"Again with this dream. Why do I keep having it. I can't bother Hiroshi with MY problems he has inof on his hands with trying to find all the gifted children. We only need to find Earth."
Mizu stood and made her bed. Glancing at her flacing clock she took note of the time, five am, and turned of the alram sheulded for six. Opening her door she smiled to see that it was completly silent. Shuting her door Mizu wandered over to her dresser and moved a few shirts out of the way to revile her journel. OPening it to the currnet date she wrote down the time she woke and her dream, or as much as she could remember of it in vivid detal. An hour later, she finshed her writing and returned the book to its hiding place and retreaved her comb. Hearing the awakings of the other residents she began to comb her deep redish brown hair. Once she finshed getting her hair just right Mizu pulled out her jeans and shirt. Stripping off her bed shirt and putting on her bra and shirt Mizu reached for her dark grey sweatshirt and pulled it over her burgendy shirt. After pulling on her worn black jeans she smiled at her dark appearence and worked on putting on her sneakers. [/COLOR]

OOC: I have finally started it. In your first post have your characters normal morning retuin and the wake up call is at six am if your intrested. HAve fun and I really hope this stays alive.
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[FONT=Trebuchet MS][COLOR=Black][CENTER]Screams.....

A sudden burst of black energy....



A monster.....

The village....



[COLOR=DarkGreen]Ziarre awoke, her bright green eyes opening. She sat up slowly, putting her hand to her forehead.

[I]That dream again...why does it haunt me so? What sin have I commited in my past lives?[/I]

Ziarre slid out of bed. She could hear Mizu next door getting dressed. Another who was awake at an untimely hour.

She dressed herself in a black tank top and long black leather pants - her signature colour. Shutting her door behind her, Ziarre walked along the corridor, unknowingly following Mizu to the dining hall.

As Ziarre entered the hall, she saw Mizu sitting in one of the seats at the table, staring at her breakfast. Ziarre could tell she had been dreaming also, but it was a dream, it was a nightmare.

Ziarre grabbed her breakfast and sat down next to Mizu and nudged her in the ribs.
" Are you ok Mizu?"[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=GREEN]Azuru rolled onto her stomach under her bed covers. "Ug... can't sleep anymore," she mumbled, still feeling half-asleep. She tried to push her body up but after a second or two she gave up and let her face fall back into the pillow. "My mind may be awake but my body isn't," she grumbled.

Closing her eyes, Azuru tried to remember the dream she was having, but it had already faded from her memory. She gazed up at her wall clock. [I]5:30, might as well get dressed[/I] Azuru finally pried herself from her bed and stumbled through an assortment of books, stuffed animals and other random objects scatered across her floor to get to her dresser. She pulled on her worn-out blue Chinese jacket over her black tank-top but left it unfastined. "I guess this is fine," she said looking at herself in the mirror.

She then continued on to make up her bed and pile the stuffed animals from the floor on it. She hummed a cheary tune as she did this, in a feable attempt to make herself loose the forboding feeling she was getting from her forgotten dream. Azuru then left her room and strode down to the dining hall. She wasn't really expecting anyone to be there since it was still about quarter til six, but when she walked in, to her surprise, she saw Mizu and Ziarre were already there. [I]I wonder if they also had strange dreams,[/I] she thought. She quickly shrugged it off and went to join them at the table.[/COLOR]
OCC~ Whoh! I was kind of surprised that this got started. But I'm glad it did. I hope it doesn't die.
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[COLOR=Indigo]Shocked by the jab from Ziarre Mizu quickly regained her composer and moved a little farter away. She didn't even notice that someone else had entered the room because of her deep train of thought, she had even forgotten were she was. Looking around she saw Azuru walking over to the food line.
"You okay? You look a little pale." Ziarre's voice broke Mizu out of her trance.
"I'm fine."Mizu said with her cold demeaner lingering on her words.
"Why aren't you eating then?"
"I'm not hungry and I think I lost my appitite when I saw you." Mizu smirked when she added the last part. Standing up she grabbed a piece of toast and placed the tray in the washing section. As she passed by the table again she saw Azuru filling the spot she just left. Ziarre shot a look of hatred towards Mizu, but she didn't care. Heading towards the training room Mizu ate the toast even though it was hard to swallow.[/COLOR]
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[CENTER][B][I]"You must go...

you don't belong here anymore, child...

you have no home to go to...

this is all because of you...

that we've lost our town...

and that you lost your family...

It's all...



The same thing repeated over and over again in his head. Kayin tossed and turned in his sleep. "Why...do I keep having this nightmare?" He said as he finally woke up, shaking his head. He sat up and yawned. He directed his attention to the clock and saw that it was too late to go back to sleep so he got out of bed. He quickly threw on a pair of black jeans, socks, and a white undershirt.

He walked down the stairs and turned toward the kitchen and bumped into Mizu. "Oh...my apologies, Mizu...You going to train?" Kayin asked.

She simply nodded and kept walking.

"Hm...she and Ziarre must've been at it again..." Kayin said as he walked into the kitchen. He fixed himself a plate, leaving enough for the others who didn't wake up yet. He turned around to see Ziarre and Azuru still eating. "Morning...." he said in a yawn and started on his plate.
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[FONT=Trebuchet MS][COLOR=DarkGreen]When Kayin entered the room, Ziarre's day brightened immediately.
" Kayin!" She stood, ran and tackled hugged him. This caught him by surprise.
" Whoa! Well good morning to you too Ziarre!"
She smiled as she stood up, bringing him up with him. Kayin grabbed some breakfast and sat at the table next to Ziarre, who just finished her toast.

" So, did you and Mizu have another fight?" Kayin asked.
" No....I just asked her if she was okay and she just glared at me," Ziarre replied, crossing her arms in front of her. Kayin sniggered.
" How rude..." Ziarre said aloud.
Azuru giggled to herself.

" Well, what are we going to do? Where's Hiroshi? Doesn't he normally have breakfast with us?" Ziarre stated after a few minutes silence.
" I dunno. I haven't seen him this morning," Kayin said.
" Me neither. Wonder what's happening?" Azuru added.
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[size=2]OOC: Hi people. I oked it that I could join this with Bloody_Moon. I hope this goes well. [/size]
[font=Verdana][size=2]IC: Phayt walked around the forest alone. He didnt mind it, in fact he prefered it. He hated all those bastards who killed his parents. He just wanted to live, and eventualy kill all of them. Though something inside of him kept him from actualy wanting to follow threw with that thought. He continued to walk around for a bit longer.[/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2]Snap! Phayt turned his head to where the sound came from. "... Must have been an animal." Phayt said to calm himself down. He was however getting hungry. "Humm. Maybe I should go find something to eat." He said rubbing his stomach. He then walked around for a bit picking up some sticks here and there. He then threw them down in a pile and continued to walk around. [/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2]"Now... wheres some good vines." he said to himself. He walked around for a few more minutes, he did pick up some mushrooms however. He didnt eat them, they were bait for a bigger dinner. He eventualy came across some 'good' vines, and took them down. "Well here we go." he again said to himself. He then began to walk back to where he had thrown down the sticks. [/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2]"... Man I wish I didnt have to live like this." Phayt said to himself.[/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2]"We can help you with that." Someone said from behind him.[/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2]"Hey! Who are you. What do want with me." Phayt replied to the person while looking around noticing that he was surrounded. [/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2]"Oh... that wont matter, but what will is wether or not you survive." Another person from his left stated.[/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2]"Crap! Why do you want to kill me?" Phayt said while reading himself for anything. [/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2]"That is none of your buisiness. Now... prepare to die!" The first person stated while lunging toward Phayt. Then everyone lunged toward Phayt. [/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2]"Oh yeah! Well I am not gonna die today!" Phayt yelled out. He then ran to his left and then punched at the guy who was there. The guy doged Phayts attack, which was exacttly what Phayt wanted him to do. Phayt then rolled threw the small opening and continued to run. "Hahaha! You stupid idoit!" Phayt called out.[/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2]"You fool! You let him escape! Arrgh! Go after him and dont hesitate for anything!" The leader yelled at his group. [/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2]"What are planning on doing!?" someone asked while starting to run after Phayt.[/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2]"Oh! You'll see." the leader replied.[/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2]"Well they arent as dumb as they look. Dosent matter, I know these woods well. I'll lose them eventualy." Phayt said to himself while running and jumping threw the forest. Then his stomach groaned. "Darn! I still haven't eaten anything, and all this would surely scare off any food."[/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2]Meanwhile the goup of people were still chasing him. [/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2]"Dont let him out of your sites!" one of the people yelled to the others. He was apparently the second leader or something like that. "Ahh! God! This kid is good." the person yelled as he almost fell into a pit of alligators. "I wonder how he got around that. Why do we have to kill him! He would be a great addition to the group." the person continued.[/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2]Back with Phayt. "No. Not there. Almost. THERE!" he said as he was looking for something. Then Phayt grabed a vine and swung around a big tree. After it started to slow down he grabed hold of a ledge, and then climbed up and jumped down into a pit. After that he closed the hatch he had desined,and set up the support. "They will never find me here... I hope." Phayt said under his breath.[/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2]OOC: Sorry for making it soooo long but I wanted to get that out of the way. And thanks again for letting me join Bloody_Moon.[/size][/font]
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[COLOR=GREEN]Azuru quietly ate her breakfast as she listened to Ziarre and Kayin talk. "Hey Azuru, are you ok?" asked Kayin.

"Yeah," added Ziarre, "you're usually more talkative than this." She looked up from her cereal.

"Oh, sorry," she said smiling, "I'm fine, I was just thinking about something." She took a sip of her juice.

"Were you thinking about where Hiroshi is?" asked Ziarre.

"Um..." Azuru took another bite of her cereal, "Yeah, but that's not really what's bothering me." The three of them were silent for a moment as Azuru finished her breakfast and stood up from the table. "Well, I guess I'll see you guys later," she said with a light smile. Picking up her tray, she put it away and picked up an apple from a fruit basket in the food line.

She walked out of the dining hall and down the hall towards the training room. As she took a bite of her apple, she couldn't help but feel like something was going to happen. [I]I know it's stupid for me to think like this[/I], she thought to herself, [I]but I can't help it[/I]. She threw the apple core away and paused outside the training room door. [I]Ok snap out of it[/I], shaking her head, [I]I'm just getting worried about nothing[/I]. She took a hair tie out of her pocket and pulled her long, raven hair back into a pony tail and pushed the door open.

"Mornin' Mizu," she said with a cheary smile as she entered the room.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Indigo]Mizu looked towards the voice and saw Azuru. A small smile quickly vanished as she repiled," Hey, Azuru."
"Azuru's here now?" Said a male voice in the ajoining room. Mizu glanced towards Azuru and saw her looking around. A tall man with dark brown hair and gentle eyes walked out looking from Mizu to Azuru. He was dressed in a pair of worn blue jeans with a clean blue shirt that matched his eyes perfectly. In his hands he held a tattered white shirt. A wide smile came across his face.
"I'm glad you guys actually listen to me. Training after breakfest."
"Hiroshi, what are you doing here?" Azuru asked a little angry.
"I'm helping Mizu with something. I want you to go back to the kitchen with Mizu. I have an assignment for you guys tonight and I need to pick the team."
Mizu and Azuru walked out of the room and headed for the kitchen with confusing thought racing through there minds.
Back in the training room Hiroshi sat down on a metal folding chair.
"Another false led. I hope this one is right. I don't know what well happen if I leave the Hero of Earth alone for to long. Its time we went after him. I hope the others are up to this."
Standing Hiroshi walked out of the room and slowly headed for the kitchens.
As Mizu and Azuru entered Kayin stood up.
"Did you find Hiroshi, Azuru?" Kayin asked.
"Ya he was with Mizu."
"Hiroshi was hellping me with something and I was helping him also. We'll be looking for the Hero of Earth tonight. In the woods." Mizu said softly as she sat down at the table.[/COLOR]
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[FONT=Trebuchet MS][COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]Ziarre stayed quiet. As much as Mizu pissed her off, it wasn?t her fault. She had been treated just as badly, more possibly worse, than all of them. She had taken this to heart, but Ziarre tried to push it away. They were very different people indeed.

? So what are we going to do now?? asked Kayin, sitting back down.

? It?s night above us, so we are going out, looking for the Hero of Earth, if we can find him,? Mizu replied.

? Do you think it?s wise to go up there? With all those people?? Azuru asked.

? It doesn?t matter. What matters is that we get this person here so they are safe,? Mizu replied.

? Quite right Mizu.? Hiroshi walked into the room. He looked at Ziarre and Kayin crossly.
? You two are supposed to train after breakfast.?

? I was just finishing breakfast,? Kayin defended himself.

Hiroshi turned to Ziarre, who stared at him coldly. ? And you Ziarre??

She stayed deathly silent. Her eyes narrowed to slits. Ziarre was getting really pissed off at how people were treating her. Standing up, she brushed past Mizu, knocking her in the shoulder, hard, almost knocking her to the ground. Ziarre had a height advantage over Mizu.

Mizu turned to Ziarre to glare at her, but Ziarre had melted into the shadows like the Hero of Death would.
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Kayin watched as Ziarre left and knew where she was headed. "If you'll excuse me..." Kayin said standing after taking care of his dish. Kayin started out of the room.

"Kayin, you have training to do..." Hiroshi said crossing his arms. "...make it quick what ever it is."

"I will try to move as fast as possible," Kayin said vanishing. He reappeared near Ziarre's room and knocked lightly on the door. "Ziarre?" Kayin called through the door.

"Who is it?" Ziarre said from her room, still annoyed.

"It's me....Kayin...can I come in?" He said quietly.

"....." Ziarre didn't reply and Kayin stood waiting at the door until she would. After a while Ziarre opened the door. "What is it?" She said with a less irritated tone in her voice.

"Are you...okay, Ziarre? You seem upset about something..." he cut himself off and started to back up, "...Nevermind...you don't have to tell me...I didn't mean to intrude." Kayin started to turn around.

"I'm just really sick of how everyone is treating me..." Ziarre said before Kayin could turn. He turned back around. "Can I talk to you?" Kayin nodded. Ziarre walked into her room and sat on her bed. Kayin followed her in and sat on a chair beside the bed.

"What do you mean? I mean...Am I mistreating you at all? If so I'm very sorry, Ziarre..." Kayin said.
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[FONT=Trebuchet MS][COLOR=DarkSlateBlue] ? No, it?s not you Kayin. You?ve always been nice to me. It?s Mizu.?

Dark, shadowy, faceless figures started forming in the room. Kayin looked at these figures with concern on his face.

? They won?t do anything unless I command it. They have been my only friends for a long, long time,? Ziarre said softly. Kayin looked at her. Her voice changed and her eyes became black. Kayin now saw the descendent of the Hero of Death.

? Mizu and Hiroshi are treating me like a kid. I can?t stand that,? Ziarre whispered.

Kayin looked at Ziarre strangely.

? It?s okay if you want to leave. I?m used to being alone,? Ziarre said.
? ??
? I?m going training?as Hiroshi would want me too?? she growled. Standing up, the figures followed Ziarre out and melted into the shadows. Kayin walked to the training room to see Ziarre training with her death-ornate dagger.

It was the most fearful thing he?d ever seen. Souls ? souls of death ? whirled around Ziarre, howling their death cries. He looked at Ziarre, shocked. She was one of them ? a soul of death. It scared him a lot.

He knew of the history of the Heroes. The Hero of Death was the one who caused the other Heroes to die and her love to die. Ziarre thought she was destined to be alone because of her heritage. She was haunted by the monsters of her ancestor constantly?and it was making her like her element ? death.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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[COLOR=Indigo]Hiroshi walked to the training room and stood beside Kayin staring at Ziarre. The pantoms of her past swirled around her. The truth was he felt sorry for Ziarre having to carry the burden of her ancestor. One shadiow of death floated above Ziarre. Hiroshi closed his eyes and saw the true image of the soul. A beautiful women with long raven hair looked down on Ziarre with a slight smile. That smile quickly vanished as the soul dissappeared. Hiroshi opened his eyes slowly and saw that the phantom had vanished.
"Ziarre." Hiroshi spoke in a calm voice. She turned and stared at him hard.
"What?" Ziarre spoke in an angered voice.
"The Hero of Earth is somewhere in the forest."
"So, what about it."
"If I remeber I found you in the forest. I believe you know your way around the forest pretty well."
"Ya, why?"
"I want you lead the team through the forest and find the Hero of Earth. I have a feeling that you like to work alone but, I want you to pick two people to go with you. Pick people you get along with and be carful," Hiroshi added as he turned to leave,"Your ancestor wouldn't want you to get hurt because of her mistakes."
Hiroshi left the room and walked down towards Mizu's room. He walked towards her dresser and removed her notebook opening her read what she had wrote this morning. Five minutes later he replaced the book, [I]They are getting worse[/I]. Hiroshi exited the room and walked towards his own room.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][FONT=Trebuchet MS]Ziarre glared at Hiroshi as he left. Kayin walked up to Ziarre cautiously, not knowing if she was going to lash out at him or not.

" Its ok Kayin. I'm fine now," Ziarre said calmly. Kayin sighed with relief. He opened his mouth to ask Ziarre about the mission when she cut him off.

" I'm going to go alone. I don't like how Hiroshi was looking at me when he told me about the Hero of Earth, especially when he said something about my ancestor."

Kayin could feel how angry she was. The air seemed full of intensity and electricity.

" You can't go alone Ziarre. Hiroshi said..." Kayin started.

" I KNOW WHAT HIROSHI SAID!" Ziarre snapped. She was clutching her daggers so hard that her knuckles were turning white. " Don't follow me Kayin. I'm going to do this myself."

With that, Ziarre melted into the shadows, becoming nothing more than a ghost of death.


Wind hit Ziarre's face with cool licks. She had not been up in the forest for so long. It welcomed her with its green arms and allowed her to use the full extent of its darkness to aid her.

Passing through the shadows, Ziarre looked for the Hero of Earth, trying to find him before Hiroshi heard she had gone out alone. All hell would break loose but in the mood she was in, it would be better if she was outside then down there.

A sudden snap of a twig alerted Ziarre of someone's presence. She looked around, notching an arrow to the bowstring of Hades. It was dark and she couldn't see much more than two feet in front of her. What she lacked in sight, her other senses made up for. Her hearing and touch had intensified so much that she could hear a wolf running a long way away.

Soon, she saw a vague figure in the darkness. It was a boy of about her age. Ziarre could feel a powerful aura around him.
" This is him..."[/FONT] [/COLOR]
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Phayt coantinued to walk forward for a bit.

"At least I lost those idoits. Darn... I still havent eaten anything." Phayt said to himself. The forest was quite from what he could here. He liked the silence, it was so much better than in the morning with all the birds chirping. He hated the fact that nature could be so happy at any moment. He hated the fact that people couldnt accept him for who he was.

He stoped walking after a bit. He thought he saw someone in the shadows, but when he focused in the spot he only saw shadows.

"I realy need to eat something. I will find something eventualy." Phayt said to himself again. He started walking forward again. He didnt think about looking around. he would be able to hear his breakfast... but not anyhting else. What happened next was fast. He felt someone grab hold of him, and then he heard a voice...

"I dont mean you any harm." the voice said to him, "I only wish you to come with me."

"Why should I? Besides... I would only get in the way of whatever you want me to do if anything." Phayt replied. "Just let me go. I wont fight. I just want something to eat."

"I can give you a chance to not have to find your food. I will let you go only if you come with me." the voice stated. This time he noticed that it was a girl speaking.

"Thanks for the offer, but I dont like humanity. They only wish for my death. If I went with you they would try to kill me." Phayt replied. He tried to break free slowly but only failed.

"I wont bring you to humanity. People also want to kill me as well. There are others just like you and me. They also want you to be with us. We can help you develop your powers." the girl stated.

"How do you know about my powers!? What do you mean others!? Just let me go!" Phayt asked while tring to break free. He tried all he could to break free but he still failed. He gave up after a while, realizing that he couldnt escape. "I... I... I guess I will came with you."

"Alright... but you wont pull anything on me, right?" the girl asked.

"No. I wont." Phayt said. At this she let him go. "Im Phayt. I thought you might want to know my name." He continued after she let him go.

"Im Ziarre. Nice to meet you Phayt." Ziarre replied.
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The ground cracked around his hand. The cave was dark, cold, with water dripping from the roof. Lazarus was used to it, though. He had lived his whole life in darkness, after his father had been killed. Darkness poured out of the cracked earth around his hand like molten rock. He lifted it with his hand and began to mould the darkness. He had been doing this for years, and had become increasingly proficient at it.

The darkness began to take shape. It looked like a human figure, but warped, twisted out of all recognition. He stepped back to admire his handiwork, and, wiping his hands on his trousers, said a few words.

"Awake, my creature. Seek out the ones who ruined my life, and obliterate them."

The figure began to move, and shook off the darkness like water droplets. They fell to the ground and sank in, returning underground where they came from. The creature now had colours. Its flesh was red, as was one of its eyes, and it had black claws sprouting from each hand. It moved around slightly, to get to know how it moved, and snarled a little, before taking off at a fast gallop.

"Now we get to see how those heroes fare against a real monster," said Lazarus, laughing.


The heroes had just found Phayt in the forest, and were talking to him. Lazarus watched through the monster's blurred vision. Rage welled up inside him. These were the ones who caused his pain. Finally he would have his revenge.

He heard a soft snarling in his ears, confirmation from the creature that these were the targets, and then the vision was jumbled around as the creature leapt at them...

(OOC: I am the Child Of Light and Darkness, by the way, just check the sign-up thread for my profile)
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[FONT=Trebuchet MS][COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]A small smile came to Ziarre?s lips as Phayt introduced himself.
? Now, you won?t pull anything on me will you? Because, just so you know, I am the descendant of the Hero of Death??
Phayt looked at her with a flicker of fear in his eyes. But soon, it passed.

A rustle in the bushes caught both Ziarre and Phayt?s attention. A huge red-skinned monster lunged at Phayt. In one swift movement, Ziarre notched an arrow and sailed it into the beast?s outstretched arm.
? PHAYT! RUN! RUN TO THE BIG OAK TREE AND STAY BY THAT!! DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, MOVE!? Ziarre yelled at him. Phayt did as he was instructed and ran for his life for the big oak tree.

The monster, seeing Phayt run, immediately went after him. Ziarre leapt into the trees and followed the monster in his pursuit of Phayt. As soon as she was level with the monster, Ziarre leapt from the trees and collided with the red-skinned monster, focusing its attention now on Ziarre.

Ziarre tucked and rolled, springing up into another tree as she finished the roll. The monster leapt at her, but she was one step ahead of it. Ziarre jumped down from the branch, grabbing the monster mid-air and slamming it onto the hard jagged rock beneath them. However, this didn?t seem to faze it on bit. The monster just threw her off and stood up again, seething.

Her eyes narrowed sharply.
? Stupid thing!?
The monster charged at her. Ziarre flipped over it and it barrelled into a tree, dazing itself.
? Perfect timing stupid!?

Ziarre notched an arrow on Hades and drew it to its full length. Muttering a curse, Ziarre levitated a few feet in the air as red symbols of death swirled around the tip of the arrow. Closing her eyes, Ziarre concentrated and a gust of wind swirled around her. Small plants below her feet started to shrivel up and decay. The monster, still dazed, stumbled around a bit.


The arrow, now glowing a ghostly grey, swirled towards the monster and hit him right between the eyes. A sudden explosion happened. Everything around the monster in a radius of about five feet was blown away. Ziarre hit the earth again and crouched, panting. Her vision became blurry as her head hit the ground. Darkness came over her.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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Kayin halted in his training completely. Something didn't feel right to him and it had to do with Ziarre. He noticed Hiroshi had seenhim stop. He shot a look to him and Hiroshi nodded. Kayin ran out of the training room and then left to find Ziarre and the Hero of Earth. He ran into the forest trying to find his way around. "I wish she would have simply let me accompany her..." He said, losing track of Ziarre's energy. "Where is she...?" Kayin asked himself, trying to find Ziarre's energy trace. Suddenly he felt her energy out of nowhere, as well as another's. "She must have found the Hero of Earth..." Kayin sped up in the direction he sensed the two from.

He slowed down as he noticed a small crater. He looked to his right to see a boy and to his left saw Ziarre. "You..." Kayin said at the boy. "...What happened here?"

"I was being pursued by a very strong monster...and she took it down...but used a lot of energy." He replied.

"I see....that must mean you're the Hero of Earth....I am Kayin, The Hero of Light..." He said walking toward him.

"I'm Phayt...and yes I'm the Hero of Earth..." Phayt replied.

"Will you accompany me to come to the Sanctuary? It is the one place that us outcasts are not pursued..." Kayin said walking toward Ziarre.

"Yes...I already told her that I would." He said referring to Ziarre.

Kayin had picked up Ziarre. "That's good...follow me Phayt..." Kayin said as he started back for Sanctuary. Phayt followed him, keeping up fairly well. They had reached the Sanctuary after getting lost a few times, thanks to Kayin's ignorance of the forest set up. Phayt was introduced to everyone and Hiroshi talked to him. Meanwhile, Kayin took Ziarre to her room to rest and sat at her bed side. "Damn arrogant girl...you shouldn't be too proud to accept help..."
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Lazarus dropped to his knees in fury as his monster was killed. The Hero of Death. In essence, his half-sister, or some relation to him.

The oily black darkness which he had created the beast from swirled back to the cave in a stream of energy. It swooped into the ground, back to where it had come from. The ground closed itself up after it. Lazarus felt some of the energy drain from him. He needed to rest before he could create another creature. He lay down on his makeshift bed, placed his swords under his pillow and closed his eyes.

"So, they have found the Hero of Earth?" he though to himself, "That's almost all of them. Soon I will have my revenge on them. I will make them all suffer as I have suffered."

He gradually drifted off to sleep, and in the blackness of his subconscious, bright images began to poke through. He saw a great beast running riot through the town, killing all it came across. He saw the original Hero of Death, and the other heroes. The beast rampaged, completely out of control, and then he saw six heroes fall. The hero of Earth, then the Hero of Light, the Hero of Fire, the Hero of Wind, the Hero of Water, and the Hero of Sound. Then only the Heroes of Life and Death were left. The Hero of Death mumbled something, then turned and destroyed the beast, choosing to sacrifice her life to save the lives of others, the true meaning of a hero. Then he saw the townspeople blaming the Hero of Life, and then, finally, he saw the Hero of Life hanging from the tree, dead.

He woke up suddenly, dripping with cold sweat. His eyes burned with fury, fear and hatred. He jumped out of bed, grabbed his swords and began to train furiously, slicing trees to shreds with his swords. Finally, he stopped, panting, and looked back. He had just destroyed an area of woodland of a mile in length. He had gone with his rage and not cared about the consequences, like the fact that it was now extremely obvious where he was hidden, and he wished to stay hidden until the optimum moment. He would have to move, and quickly, before the Heroes found him. He ran the mile back to the cave, grabbed all his belongings, packed them all up in a small pack, and ran away from the cave.
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There Phayt was. Among others just like him. He felt a little bit uncomfortable being around people, but he knew that they wouldnt hurt him.

"Hi. Im Phayt." Phayt introduced himself to the others. "I am glad to meet all of you."

"Hi. I am Mizu. The hero of Water." Mizu replied to Phayt.

"And Im Azuru. The hero of Sound." Azuru replied.

"Hi. Im Hiroshi. The decendent of the hero of life." Hiroshi replied as well. "Follow me to your room. You may want to rest." Hiroshi said as he started to walk off.

"Wait!" Phayt yelled. "I want to know if Ziarre is ok."

"She will be fine. Please, follow me." Hiroshi stated as he started to walk off again. Phayt followed him to his room. When he got there he sat down at his bed. "You may want to redecorate the room if you want." Hirosi stated as he left the room.

[i]Yeah it seems empty of emotion. I like it this way though. Dont have worry about much. I will keep it like this. [/i]Phayt thought to himself. He then remembered that he was hungry. "Still havent had any food." Phayt said to himself. He then wlaked out and walked around the place trying to find the kitchen or whatever it was. He found his way around after a while.

"I guess this is place." He said to himself.

"Hey. Hungry?" Someone said form behind him.

"GOD! Dont do that! Oh... yeah. What all is there?" Phayt asked.

OOC: It can be anyone who scared Phayt. Just talk to him and stuff.
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[COLOR=GREEN]Phayt whorled around to see Azuru standing there with a grin on her face. "Well, let's see," she said glancing at the clock, "They should be serving lunch right about now." Azuru walked over to the serving line and motioned for Phayt to follow.

"So how did you know I was hungry?" he asked as they got up to the counter.

"Well," she started as she scooped some maccaroni onto her plate, "For one thing you found this place on your own. Also, I could hear your stomach growl from the other room." Phayt's face turned a shade redder at this. "And that mountain of food on your plate is also a dead give away," she added.

They sat down and started eating. "Are you really going to eat all of that?" she asked after a few moments.

"Yeah," he managed to say between bites, "Like you said, I'm pretty hungrey." He said this with a bit of sarcasm and annoyance on his tone.

"Well, by the way you're inhaling your food, it almost seems like you haven't eaten in days," she said jokingly.

Phayt put his fork down and was quiet for a moment. "Well, actually... I haven't." His face turned slightly red at saying this.

Azuru's hand slapped her hand over her mouth. "Oh man, I always seem to stick my foot in my mouth," Avoiding eye contact, she picked up her tray. "I guess I'll let you finish."

"Wait," Phayt grabbed her jacket sleave, "It's okay, and thanks"

"For what?" Azuru asked with a puzzled look on her face.

"For showing me around the dining hall and talking and stuff," he said with a sort of blank expession and tone.

"Okay, no prob," she replied kind of puzzled. Regaining her cheery composure, she smiled adding, "If you need any thing else I'll either be in the training room or in my room, it's the third door on the right. See you later." And with that she walked out the room.[/COLOR]
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Phayt walked back to his room after he was done eating the mountain of food. When he got back to his room he noticed that it didnt have enough emotion any more. He wanted it to be more welcoming. Yet he didnt feel like messing with right now. He sat down for a bit thinking to himself.

[i]"Well, at least I'm not out in the forest anymore. No more hunting my own food, no more people trying to kill me, and most of all, no more being alone." [/i]Phayt thought to himslef. After a while he fell asleep.

A monster deystroying a village. He was there trying to stop it, but he failed. He died.

"NO! ... ... Oh. Just a dream. Why would I have that dream though? Maybe... the first hero of earth was there." Phayt said to himself. "Oh well, I just ate to much probaly. Anyways, I guess I should go do something. What was there to do? ... Oh! I guess I could go train." He contnued. He then went to go find his way around. He eventualy found way to the training hall.

When he walked in Azuru was still training. He walked around wondering what he should do. He saw a hammer and picked it up. It wasnt anything special, just an average warhammer. He swung it hard to the gorund. It came crashing down with a loud thud. At this Azuru jumped and turned around.

"Oh! Its only you." Azuru said slightly shaken.

"Sorry. I just... I didn't mean to scare you." Phayt said changing his mind half way through.

"Its ok. I guess we're even now." Azuru said.

"Uh? Oh! Yeah I guess we are." Phayt replied. He countinued his trainig a little farther away from Azuru. He was a little bit uneasy being in the same room with someone else. He just wasnt used to being near other people. After a while Azuru walked out of the training hall. Phayt became comfterble after that, he just felt more normal being alone.

After a while of training he stoped and went back to his room. He fell on his bed face first and sighed. He moved to where he could breathe and sighed again. He fell asleep not long after that.
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How could they sleep? How could they sleep so soundly, so peacefully, when he could not? He saw them sleeping, all of them, dreaming quietly, and he hated them for it. He despised them. And he would destroy them one day.

Lazarus waved his arm, washing the vision away with a sweep. It dissipated like water, and droplets fell to the ground. He hated watching them, but then he had to. He needed to know who his enemy were. He would find their weaknesses, and then exploit them to the fullest, destroying them all.

He sat down on the ground, and placed his hand on the dusty earth of his new cave, and wiped away some of the surface dust, revealing the solid earth underneath. He concentrated on this earth, and it cracked slowly. There was an almost infinite well of darkness underneath the earth, one only he and the Hero of Death would be able to see and manipulate, and only he had enough strength to manipulate it. She would eventually as well, but he planned that she wouldn't live that long.

He drew the oily darkness out of the earth with one hand, and began to shape it with the other. It spilled over his fingers, like wet clay, and he moulded it into a shape. This one was much more like a human. It had the correct proportions, and nothing was oversized or elongated like the last creature he had created. When the darkness had finally become the precise shape he wished it to become, he drew more strength from the air around him, and breathed into the figure's mouth. His breath came out in a sparkling white cloud, which drifted slowly into the figure's mouth. As it hit his lips, he jerked to life at once, and shook the darkness off his person as the other creature had done, but this time with much more elegance and grace. This creature was a human. A human with a lifespan of little more than a few days, but a human nonetheless. He had spiky brown hair, and wore black jeans and a white t-shirt. He knew his duty already, as Lazarus had transplanted a part of his consciousness into the creature, giving it intelligence, enough to fool the heroes, at least.

"Farewell, my master," he said softly, "My duty will be done." And with that, he left the cave at a run, and headed towards where the heroes were situated. Lazarus collapsed, exhausted from the amount of energy he had to transfer into the creature. He collapsed onto the floor and fell asleep straight away.
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[FONT=Trebuchet MS][COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]Ziarre awoke finally after having collapsed in the forest. But now, she was in her room. She slowly sat up, looking around. Kayin was sitting beside her bed in a chair, asleep.

? I must have used too much energy?Maybe Hiroshi?s right?.I don?t train enough?? Nothing came across her mind that she should have taken someone else.

Moving the blanket that Kayin had laid on her, Ziarre slowly crept past Kayin but then turned back and gave him a thank-you kiss on the forehead. She then headed out of her room and headed to the training room. Melting into the shadows, she observed Phayt training in the training room.

He was training his abilities, and by the look of it, he was pretty good although he was a little unfocused on the accuracy or power of his attacks. It looked like he was just randomly training just for the sake of it. If Hiroshi saw him doing this, he would get a scolding.

Ziarre walked out from the shadows, surprising Phayt when he turned around.

? SHIT! Don?t do that to me!?
? Sorry, I didn?t mean to. Just walking around. I was going to train but I see that the room is already oocupied.?[/COLOR][/FONT]
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Lazarus watched throught the eyes of his creation as it reached the heroes. He had the properties of another hero. He would fool the heroes into thinking he was one of them, and then he would strike. This creation was powerful, more powerful than any he had created before.

The human-thing moved towards one of the heroes, and tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around, and greeted the human-thing's gaze.

"Hi," said the creation, "Are you Kayin?"

"Yeah, that's me," replied the hero.

"Are you the Hero of Light?"

"Um, yeah, that's me. Who's asking?"

"I am James. I'm the Hero of Sound. I was told I was supposed to come here, but I can't find anyone else. Do you know where they might be?"

"Uh, sure. Follow me," said the Hero of Light. He began walking, and the false Hero of Sound followed. Kayin took him all the way to Hiroshi, the Hero of Life. Anger welled up inside Lazarus. The Hero of Life. How he hated him.

"Hi," said Hiroshi after Kayin said who the newcomer was, "I'm Hiroshi. And you are?"

"I'm James, the Hero of Sound. I was told this is where i was supposed to come. Are you the Hero of Life?"

"Yeah. Follow me, and I'll introduce you to the rest of the gang."

He followed Hiroshi towards the rest of his targets.

(OOC: Sorry, its a really bad post, but I needed to get him in the mix a little. If the person signed up as the Hero of Sound starts posting then I'll just edit this post)
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