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The Matrix: Creation Of Destruction [M-VLS]

Guest Sean

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[SIZE=1]A story I was working on for James' Reanimatrix, but I thought quite good for a new RP. It is no-where near finished, but I guess I'll post it to you to see your reviews.

[b][u]The Matrix: Creation Of Destruction[/u][/b]

[I]Journal Entry: [22-08-2102]
The world is joining in an ever-growing circle of its own magnificence. They spawned what we would call A.I. yes, it?s a magnificent achievement. But there are still so many bugs in it; we don?t even know what it thinks for it to be thinking. Call me crazy, but I?m just worried this thing will go rogue. The power gone, the research broken, the lives lost. It would signal so much, but if they want to celebrate their downfall then so be it.

They can do it without my co-operation thank you very much. It is a spectacular thing, one single being in a mechanical body, one conciseness in a cell. So many risks, so much profit. Well it?s inevitable, with every reaction, there?s an opposite and anti-reaction. I guess I?m that opposite. But I?ll have to live with it.

M. Miller[/I]

Matthew Miller sat up from his computer, sipping his mug of coffee slowly. He encrypted the file and saved it to a 17 Digit Password Protected file. And walked away, shutting down Windows BR 2.0. Black Rose edition of Windows was much better to work with than the normal Windows WR. He sipped his coffee again and turned on his television.

[b][I][[Alert?Alert. Through the process of mass production. The A.I. powered machine ?Architect? has made mass copies of himself. They are now killing all who get in there way. If you see one of these Sentinels then stay as far away as you can. It is too late to evacuate]][/i][/b]

?Christ sake. How did I know ??

One of the copies rushed past his window. He was on the near top floor of a giant story building. His own company, but he stayed in it. He got his Electrical Shotgun out, and shut off all the lights. Waiting?.

Whilst, down below pure chaos broke out as people walking on the streets found out by the giant televisions placed around the buildings.The buildings playing the exact same recording over and over. And still the people run around helplessly, they?ve finally created Destruction.

Many million miles away, the sentinels were spreading out, taking the whole world. Spreading there darkness throughout the land. All the humans had now were Nuclear Bomb shelters. Underground, away from the destroyers.

The councils of the World came together in an emergency bunker. Representatives from every town in the World were found there. Not necessarily MP?s, President?s or Prime Minister?s, but they were there aswell. All waiting to do what they could, which was virtually nothing. They were doomed to eternal damnation because of there quick thinking. And their stupid thoughts, that?s what got them there. And they knew it. Matthew had been one of the select few that got chosen to go to this meeting.

?Solar Power? Matthew spoke over the crowd of people trying to get their opinion in. A few turned round. ?They work on solar power? he shouted. More turned around, even the Prime Minister of Britain. ?They charge up during the day, and use the power at night aswell, they use the Sun?

The whole room went quiet now. And the president looked up from his papers. ?What?s that son??

?We take out the Sun, we take them out? he said briskly. Realising he was talking to the President of his country. More murmurs, then the room went quiet, and the President spoke again ?How do you suggest we do this??

Yes it isn't finished. But I thought I would post the small section I have written. Here's the low-down. In the first Matrix film, Morpheus says they don't know who attacked first, I made ti the machines. The plotline to this RP will show you the happenings all the way until Matrix 4.0 is booted up. Remember that The Matrix in the films are in 6.0 So be ready for bugs and stuff like that. [/SIZE]
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[color=#811C3A]This confuses me. Are you saying that this takes place pre-Matrix? As in, you're showing Sentinels "in the world" (in reality I assume) attacking people? If that's the case, why would this guy see the Architect? And...I guess the bigger question is, what reason could the Architect have for copying himself?

Smith copied himself because he was a systematic response to Neo. It's like how your body creates antibodies to fight viruses (except in this case I suppose we're talking about the reverse). Smith required the ability to copy so that he could multiply and consume both the Matrix and the Source. He also presumably required this ability to fight Neo, even though he ended up only using one iteration for that fight (which was a result of the Oracle's trick).

So yeah. I guess some clarification is needed, to ensure that this story gels with the movies (that is, if you're ignoring Second Renaissance).[/color]
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[SIZE=1]Exactly what I'm doing James. I re-watched thewhole of the Animatrix again, and I decided by ignoring the Second Renaissance then I can have a totally new story. And yes, as you put it, re-write Matrix history.

And to clarify things up for more people around the board. People know the 'Architect' as a program. He was, as you could say, the 'ruler' of the Matrix. But I'm making it slightly different. Architect was a program yes. But this program was put into one of the sentinels.

The sentinel rejected the program, and went rogue. Foriming the basis of my story. The rogue sentinel, which was the first built, killed every man, woman and child. But the Architect program still had control over the sentinel at points. This is where the mass-production came in.

The Architect put the same programming as his, just slightly altered so the sentinels would go rogue, but not as powerful. And through this, the wars started.

<--Spoiler to the RP ahead-->

[spoiler]But the Architect was sick of being stuck in such a body as the sentinel. And he found a way to transmit the coding from him, into a computer host. And thus The creation of the Matrix Supercomputer was done.

Note: The Matrix Supercomputer, is NOT the Matrix as we know it. It is just a computer for the Architect to be hosted into until the time being.[/spoiler]

<--Back to no Spoiler Zone-->

I would love for your Contrcutive Critiscm, help, advice, and suggestions, and I'm greatly thakful to you James, for lettingme know it was confusing.[/SIZE]
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