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Thief of destiny


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A cloaked figure strode slowly down the street. He turned and looked at a sign hanging over the entrance to a tavern. The greying old man in the cloak smiled. He then proceeded walking into the rowdy atmosphere of the little tavern in the heart of the city and stopped at the table of an old man.
?What is your business here stranger?? the old patron questioned calmly.
?I am looking for someone called Harlem. Perhaps you can help me find him neighbour?, the cloaked man replied while taking a seat next to the old man.
?Harlem eh, I don?t believe I know any Harlem?s around here,? he said rather smugly. ?Ah, but a drink might renew a face to my memory.?
?Barkeeper?? the man smiled. ?Give me two tankards of ale!?
After quickly drowning himself in alcohol, the unsteady old man led his impatient charge into a back room, where a skinny weasel faced man was waiting.
?Welcome stranger,? he said. ?How may I help you??
?I am looking for a man known as Harlem, the leader of this thief guild and the founder of this marvellous establishment.?
?How did you know that this was a guild house??
?What? Doesn?t the sign outside say ?The Guilded Dagger?? Terrible pun, but whatever tickles your fancy.?
?What do you want with Harlem?? the man said uneasily.
?I have some business I wish to discuss with him,? the hooded man stated clearly.
?Well you have found him. I am Harlem. What is this business of yours??
?We will discuss the business alone, Harlem,? the cloaked man cut in, eyeing the other man precariously.
?You did not give a name stranger,? Harlem recalled.
?I am known as Sef, that is all you need to know.?
?Garret leave now.? Harlem ordered.
?As you wish? the old man replied.
?Well Sef, this business of yours better be worth my time or you will regret wasting it.?
?The business is dragon oil, Harlem.? Sef pulled a glass vial from his cloak and put it on the table. After briskly wiping his hands on his pants, he dipped his finger into the dark liquid in the bottle and scratched a thin line on the tabletop with his fingernail. ?Dragon oil is very rare,? Sef explained. ?It is also one of the hottest and quickest burning substances known. But it is very unstable. Take water for example.?
Sef licked his thumb and quickly touched the edge of the line; the trail of oil flared and in a heartbeat stopped burning. When Harlem?s eyes refocused, all he could see of the line of oil was a thin gap where the oil had burned through the thick oak table.
?Even the tiniest drop of water will ignite it.? Sef grinned and looked at the bewildered guild master. ?It burns quick, burns hot, is odourless and doesn?t smoke. Its perfect for your line of business.?
Harlem regained his composure and was quick to make an offer for the priceless liquid.
?Forty gold crowns??
?Harlem, you know they?re worth far more than even eighty.?
?Sef, you must realise that business has not been the best. The streets are crawling with patrolling soldiers after dark.?
?Nonetheless, we both know that this oil could double, maybe even triple, your profits,? Sef argued. ?Just think of it. You could break into ?secure? rooms in seconds, not backbreaking hours! Destroy any evidence quickly and without anything to trace back to you?? Sef paused. ?But, I am not without a heart, so I?ll tell you what. I will settle for say, fifty gold crowns if you will do me a personal favour,? he said smiling. ?You must gather these items for me.? Sef handed him a piece of parchment, which listed about a dozen ordinary items, and corresponding addresses written in a neat lettering next to them.
?What is this?? Harlem questioned. ?A black leather bound book with a metal talisman of a coiled snake on the cover.? He read on. ?A metal rod as long as your forearm, intricately engraved with the pattern of swirling leaves.?
?Just trifling things really,? Sef said innocently. ?I know the owners of these items wouldn?t mind if I borrowed them.?
?Sure, whatever you say. However, these items must have some value to you if you would give up nearly forty crowns for them,? Harlem said slyly.
?Think what ever you want, but I need those items by dawn tomorrow.?
?How do I know you?ll come back for these things??
?You don?t. But you want this,? he said holding up the vial. ?So be a good boy and gather the items for me.? Sef pocketed the vial and began to walk away.
?You won?t need the items if you are dead, old man,? Harlem said threateningly. He wore a grim smile.
?I don?t plan on dying anytime soon,? Sef replied without even a halt in his stride. Harlem waited until Sef reached the doorway then pulled a dagger from under his tunic and launched it at the unsuspecting old man. Sef spun around and defensively raised his hand. The dagger whirled and stoped inches from Sef?s hand and stayed in mid air as if held there by an invisible hand. Sef dropped his arm and fell back against the wall and let out a long and exhausted breath. The dagger fell to the floor. Sef quickly regained his composure and turned and faced Harlem, whose face was now the complexion of blanched straw.
?Would you like to try that again?? Sef asked, kicking the dagger across the floor where it lay at Harlem?s feet. ?Some how I don?t think so.?
?H?how did you???
Sef smiled grimly. ?I would recommend that you get the items on the list if you want the vial, and if I don?t have those items by tomorrow morning that pretty dagger of yours is going to find a new sheath. Good Evening.?
Sef strode out of the building and onto the dark street he walked with weary strides into the darkness making quite sure that no one was following him. Suddenly, with agility far beyond his years, he sprinted down an alley, catapulted himself onto a roof and ran towards the western end of the city.


A dark form landed noiselessly behind an inn and hobbled through the back entrance.
?Master Sef!? a voice said. ?Did you have a good look around the city?? A bright-eyed young serving girl was walking over to him.
?Yes I did child, but I am a little weary, I would like to go to my room and rest. Could you help me up the stairs, Alana??
?Of course? The young woman escorted the old man up to his room.
When the door was closed Sef walked to the bed and removed an oilskin bag from under it. The bag contained a dozen or so small items, including a black leather bound book with a metal talisman of a coiled snake on the cover and a foot long metal rod intricately engraved with the pattern of swirling leaves. Sef chuckled slowly as he viewed the contents of the bag; they had been hard work to obtain last night.
Sef pulled out a shaving mirror and glanced at the greyish-white stubble on his weather beaten face and his sparse grey locks. Sef was not easily moved, but he had to admit that this disguise was superb. Sef removed the grey balding wig and shaved away his greyed beard. Soon, with little further preening, Sef stared at a grinning black haired youth in his shaving mirror. He looked at his hands, which now showed healthy looking skin except for a scar on the back of his left hand. His hands looked delicate, but were marred with years of physical strain and exertion.
Sef packed up the bag and his personal effects and waited until the taproom had quietened. He then crept out leaving behind only a small purse of money under the covers as payment for his lodging.
He moved through the taproom confidently as if he had a perfect right to be there. At this time of the early morning, most of the regulars were snoring or too drunk to notice anything aside from their hangovers. Still, Sef never took chances. So, disguised as a young nobleman, he strode out of the inn and headed towards the docks. He payed his passage downstream to a port city called Boktor. As Sef stared at the slow running water, he chuckled at the havoc that he had raised for Harlem. He didn?t care. He reminded himself that all that mattered was that he had acquired what was asked of him.

ok this rpg is going to centre around that small bit of magic that sef pulled in the tavern.

the plot is about someone helping him recognise and develop his powers, but who wants to use him to steal back a valuable scroll etc off an ex pupil who has turned to the dark arts.

ok im going to need

a mentor in the magical arts

the ex student

several bounty hunters to go after me

and a few other budding young mages to acompany me in the develpoment of my magical potential and eventual theft of said scroll etc.

Name:Seffarion Sundakhan or Sef

Age: 24

Biography: the son of a prostitute was not the most auspisious begining for a child but sef was intelegent and nimble from a young age and was taken under the wing of a guild master of some repute...unfortunately for the general public he was the master of a thieves guild. and thuss began his schooling in the skills of the "dodgy path" everything from picking pockets to assasinations were in sefs repetoir.
slick and manipulative sef is a dangerous individual, but one who has suffered from the loss of inocence at a young age.

Description: medium build, shortish brown hair,green eyes, wirey in build, quick and agile.

Gender: Male

ok your sign up should include these. pm me if u have any questions or for aditional info
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Name: Baird Fiacra Cardew

Age: 18

Biography: Daughter in a line of celtic bounty hunters (you know how it goes) she was taught the basics when she was really young and could ride a horse with assissstance before she could walk. Though she was under tight regimen she found ways to get out of her father's estate under the watchful eye of her father's advisor who followed her until she was twelve. At twelve she learned the art of finding and catching people, starting as a noviance she worked her way up to egual payon her fether's advisor and her old tutor.

Living in a rich family her father sent her to a finishing school to teach her some of he finer points of being a lady. She finished the school and went back home after two and a half years. She now pretends to be a Acloyt, Bard, or a rich aristocrat to pass through cities and town quickly and without notice. She is kinda a optemistic and acts nieve but know more then she lets on.

Description: tall, long black hair ususally in a braid to her waist, slender. She wears loose black pants and a theif of sorts she is quick and agile enough to do her job with out making much noise. [url]http://neondragonart.com/Art/2003/veil.jpg[/url]

Gender: Female
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[size=1][color="#FF9900"]Sorry, but because the title lacks a proper rating, I've got to close this thread. Please check out the Square's sticky for more information about that, as well as the Square's rules in general. If, after you've read through the rules, you'd like to give this RPG idea another shot, you may post it again as long as it includes a rating.

If you've got any questions at all, don't hesitate to PM me. ^_^

- Arcadia[/color][/size]
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