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Halo: Spartan III Project [M-VL]


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[FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=2]Okay my first shot at this. PS. I thought this up long before the other Halo RPG that's here. So in short I hope this will kick off nicely. PSS. This RPG is based off of the books and the game (Duh) so it is only to be viewed as a fan Fic and only for fun. Plus Eric Nylund has complete copyright of the names I will be using as Military Personal.

[B][U]Halo: Spartan III Project[/U][/B]

[B]0900 Hours, September 6, 2552 ( Military Calendar) \
UNSC High Command (HighCOM) Facility Bravo-6,
Sydney, Australia, Earth.[/B]

The men around the table began to grow restless. The all knew why they were called once again to the table. Each of them laid eyes onto the man in the far end of the table. He sat there silent as if he was in deep thought but in reality he was more anxious.

[B]"Gentlemen. I can gather to know why you are thinking why I called you here?" [/B] The man said silently.

[B]"Cut the crap Ackerson. I know why you want us here. You want our approval of the S-III Program. Just to let you know son that particular program is the LAST type of decision to act upon. The Spartan's out there right now are handling the threats that the Covenant are dishing out to our troops."[/B]

[B]" Admiral Hood please consider it. If you allow my team and I to go through with this we could raise the playing field." [/B] Akerson said trying to sound more reasonable.

[B]"But what if it fails worse than the last project? Do you have the estimated count of failures towards the specimens used with the formula?" [/B] Another man spoke questioning this thought of creating more of them.

[B]" Major Nicolas with just cause my team found a way to find the 'correct' specimens than the one's D. Halsey used. Since she is no where to be found I have been growing restless as to her whereabouts. I only wish to know she is safe so that is why I have decided to start the project and send out these men to retrieve her."[/B]

[B]" You did what Akerson?"[/B] Spoke Hood getting very impatient. But he decided to stoke speaking there when he knew they needed the Doctor more than ever. Plus having more of those great soldiers could prove as a counter- balance against these new creatures they recently discovered called, Brutes.
"Very well Akerson. What phase are these specimens in?"

"They are near the graduation stage. Soon we will introduce the formula and suits then send them out for the recovery."

"You better pray that neither one ends up dead from the introduction of that formula Akerson or their blood will end up on only your hands." [/B] Threatened Hood. He was a man of his words and he knew he would be respected for it.

[B]"You have my promise that they won't."[/B] Akerson then bowed with courtesy then left. He got what he wanted so now he will prove that even he can create a better army than what the good Doctor did.
"You do know his is only doing this to get back at Hasley right Sir?"

"unfortunately Major we need all the help we can get." [/B] The Admiral responded worried as to what will become of this.

So in short that is what the beginning will be. Afterwards starts the RPG. What I'd like to do is only ask for Spartan III Sign-ups but I know better that some of you want to be Elites, Hunters, Brutes, Grunts, Humans,...etc. etc.
So all I ask is if you are interested try to give me at least 5 or a little more Spartans and if you want to be anything else you are more than welcome to create another character. However know that the Spartan's, Elites, and Brutes are more than likely be the only ones to survive the most. So here is the sign-up sheet:

Spartan Class: What class you want to be in. No one can be Master Chief unless it is myself but you can be second command. Don't worry though Master Chief isn't the best position. He is only the Boss but he can die just like any other Spartan.



Code number: (Try and fit in the 200's please for example: Spartan-201)

Skill: You have to have only one curtain skill. For example you can be stronger than the rest of the Spartans or faster, etc. etc.

Main choice of weapon: It is similar to what your skill is: For example Sill: Good sight= weapon Sniper Rifle

Appearance: We all know what the MJOLNIR Armor looks like so either describe the person within the armor or have a picture.

History: Give a little background to whom your Spartan was before the changing into a Spartan member.
As for the Elites they get the normal sign up sheet:

Name: (Kinda hard to figure a name out so....good luck heh)

Rank: Leader = White Armor, High commander = Red, Soldier leader = Blue

Weapons: Up to you but they have to be Covenant Weapons

Appearance: Goes with it's rank.

If you have any questions feel free to PM me with them.
Also I will be posting my Character later on
History: [/SIZE][/FONT]
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YAYNESS!!! A cool Halo rpg!

Spartan Class: Lieutenant Colonel
Name: Ryan Abitt
Sex: Male
Code#: Spartan-213
Skill: Ambidextrius (Both right and left handed, if Im wrong Im close.)
Main choice of weapon: M7/Caseless Sub Machine Gun (SMG) (Duel weilding)
Appearance: Ryan is about 6'11". He has Brown eyes and dark brown hair. He is averagely fit for an army personale.
History:Ryan was one of the quite people. Never talked unless he needed to. Never showed any emotions. He turned out to be pretty good at using two weapons in combat. He would use one until it had to reload then use the other until it had to reload and so on. He started with pistols and then went to SMGs. For some reason he always did things right when he was told to, unless they needed to be done at a certain time. He likes to listen to music when hes in combat alot. Most of it is rock, and other simmilar music.

My other dude.

Race: Elite
Name: Fate (The Covenant have names like that. The prophets from Halo2 are named the Prophet of Regret, Truth, and Mercy.)
Rank:Stealth (If I cant have that, Spec Ops)
Weapons: Plasma Rifle-Needler duel weilding
Appearance: Gray armor when visible. (Black armor for Spec Ops)

I hope this is ok
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OMG WOOT! I love Halo with a passion!!!!

Species : Grunt

Name: Tahyag

Rank: Red - Squad Commander

Weapons: Dual Needlers

Appearance: Standard size for a grunt. Red equipment and stylized Grunt symbol on chest is replaced with a black 4.

Tahyag is your avarage cowardly Grunt. He is obsessed with Pizza, from the foodstuffs spoils his unit found in an infidel base. Rarely sleeps like the other Grunts do, though, being an insomniac.

Thankyou SO MUCH person for starting this awesome RP! I bet you can't tell by name and sig how much I like Halo!
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please excuse phayte's yayness he is a little loopy when it comes to halo nice idea though

spartan III

name: james retxam
sex: male
code: spartan III # 277
skill: agile ((flips and things like that are easy for him you might call him nimble))
weapon: plasma sword ((if i can)) and 2 magnums
Hair: black
eyes: green
a scar on his left temple in the shape of an x
before in his armor he wears the standard earth forces uniform
((if you need more tell me))

my elite
name: purity
rank: stealth or spec ops
weapons: plasma sword and a plasma rifle
appearance: when not invisible he is grey black for spec ops
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[SIZE=1]Darkside 1, this thread is from 2005. If a thread has been dead for a long time we ask that you do not bring it back. I'd like for you to read the [URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=44318][COLOR=Red]Sticky[/COLOR][/URL] so you can see how we work here in the Arena.

Also, if you could use punctuation and capital letters that would be helpful.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to PM myself or one of the other Arena moderators. We're very nice.

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