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the gems of power: shattered genesis


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im not sure how to rate this so i will say PG for language some violence and occasional sexual situations maybe i dont know

the black plague was actually caused by and evil so terrible its name is not meant for mortal ears so they just call it IT. when this happened a small band of 12 powerful warriors rose up to defeat IT, but all they could do was drive it back to another world. when IT was defeated it muttered a curse and turned the warriors into 2 gems the genesis and the apocali. the genesis contained their elemental powers and the apocali contained their souls and combat abilities. the apocali by its own power was split into 2 peices which formed into a boy and a girl who one day about 14 years from then saved the world of ungdren. they took back the genesis which was being exploited for evil but when they defeated IT they were imprisoned into the apocali and the genesis shattered into 12 shards and into a different kind of gems. now the apocali has been broken up and is being used by IT's army of evil. now 12 ordinary every day teenagers will find trhe gems and be transported into ungdren which is now under seige once again.

ok the basic character layout looks like this
age: 14 - 17

gem/ ability

the gems give you the ability to create certain amounts of your power and manipulate it the healer regenerates 4 times faster than a normal human and cannot get sick it may also heal its friends and enhance one of its abilities strengh, speed etc. for the duration of combat this just makes it so they can fight
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name: james
gem: jet
appearance: black hair that hangs down to eyes, green eyes, wears a black hoody, with black pant/jean things his gem is on his fore head because he fell on ithe wears a necklace the a burning skull on it. he hides his gem with his hair

your character must already have the gem and it must be somewhere on the out side of their body not on any kind of jewelry or peircings
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[size=1][color="#ff9900"]Please read through the Square's sticky, bobbybob, as well as OB's rules in general - it'll help you out immensely. This thread has been closed because it lacks a proper rating in the title. You can try it again as long as it includes a rating, but I'd also advise you to work a little on your grammar and punctuation before posting it up. Running it through a program like Word is really easy and it'll catch all those little mistakes.

Also note that there is no double posting on the boards. If you have information to add to your post, just edit it. It's easy and it keeps threads from becoming cluttered.

If you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to PM me or another moderator. ^_^

- Arcadia[/color][/size]
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