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Everything's Eventual: The Fall Of Transcorp. [M-LVS]


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[CENTER][B]Based on the short story by Steven King[/B][/CENTER]


... and we may begin. My name is Mr. Carter, and I expect you want to know why you are here. Well, to be honest, only you can answer that question. Transcorp merely contacted you, you chose to join in this meeting by your own accord.

Where is here? Very good question. You are in Transcorp HQ. Transcorp itself is a front, posing as a legitimate international trade business to fund its more...inconspicuous dealings.

I dont, however, believe i need to explain to you all the reason why transcorp has contacted you. Hopefully by now you have come to the obvious conclusion that this is not some corporate job interview as it said on the e-mails or letters you recieved.

Transcorp's real purpose for functioning is to cleanse the world; rid humanity of all forms of mortal scum, from tyrants and dictators to bullies and drug dealers. We make this possible by seeking out and finding what we at Transcorp call "trannies," people with special powers that set them apart from other human beings...you. We help you hone your powers, then we expect you to carry out the assignments given to you.

I will be honest...


Just imagine how much difference you could make in the world! You could stop world wars! You could overthrow ruthless dictators! All you are asked to do is eliminate your target, no questions asked.

Upon accepting this role under Transcorp, you will each be paid 400 American dollars every thursday. Unfortunately, however, you will have to live on HQ grounds when not on missions. Coupled with this, you are expected to cut off all family and friend ties outside these walls. Once you are a registered tranny, you will cease to exist in the real world.

If what i have just told you holds your interest, stay seated. If not...


[CENTER]* * * * *[/CENTER]

[COLOR=Red]Alright in this RPG you will play the role of a tranny of your design. The trannies will go on missions, eliminating targets chosen by transcorp, and interact between each other. yes, this story does have a point. i will be bringing us along by posting RED COLORED posts as Mr. Carter, telling the group who the next target is. the conclusion will be close to what Steven King wrote, so dont give it away if you've read it! [/COLOR]

sign up like this:

[B]Name-[/B](Anything you want.)


[B]Gender-[/B](Probably don't have to 'splain that to you.)

[B]Nationality-[/B](What contry you are from. HQ is in America.)

[B]Appearance-[/B](Whatever you like.)

[B]Power-[/B](Something abstract. Nothing that is the trademark of marvel superheros like spidey powers or turning into the hulk. Give yourself one power, and dont make it the mother of all powers. Remember, you will be on a team so there's no need for you to be freakin juggernaut.)

[B]Bio-[/B](Tell about your character, and be sure to include a good past experience with your powers and/or tell how you got them.)
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Name: Jeff Shroeder

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Nationality: American

Apperance: Average height about 6'2". Short blonde hair with red tips. Wear's baggy black jeans and a black sleeveless shirt. Always has a pocket knife.

Power: Jeff has the power of a shapeshifter. Only he can pnly change into a human being. To do so he must ingest DNA( hair,saliva,blood, urine, or any type of DNA) into his system. The more he ingests the longer he can stay as that perticular person. The only catch about this is that his voice doesnt change, as his body does.

Bio: Jeff never knew how exactly how he got his powers. However, he has learned to control it as time went on and as he got older. The first time he had experienced his powers was in the 9th grade. He was with his girlfriend one night, and they started making-out. When his girlfriend opened her eyes she saw a mirror image of herself. Neither Jeff or his grilfriend had any idea wat was goin on. As Jeff got older he began to figure out what had happened that night and had learned to use his powers and to control them.
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ill go ahead and do mine too...

[B]Name-[/B]Mykael Fabinac.




[B]Appearance-[/B][URL=http://www.wajda.pl/pics/filmy/film20.jpg]Workin Man.[/URL]

[B]Power-[/B]Mykael was born with the senses of a predator. Making him an excellent tracker, his eyes, ears, and nose are all extremely keen, more so than most dogs.

[B]Bio-[/B]Born into a poverty- stricken Eastern European village, Mykael spent most of his time hunting deer and other animals to feed his mother and two little brothers. Ever since he was a small boy he has had his powers, so he has become acostomed to them. It was around his teen years, however, that he began to notice how diferrent he was from other children. One day, crouched in a tree with his friend and looking about for deer, Mykael spotted one to the North. He raised his rifle, took aim,and shot the buck right in the heart. His friend, far from being impressed, yelled at him for scaring all the deer in the forrest away. The other boy had not seen the deer, nor did he until he and Mykael had walked a half mile towards it. they had to walk another mile to retrieve the carcass.
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Name: Ty Williams

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Nationality: American

Appearance: Stands tall at 6'4 with a lean muscular appearance. Weighing around 190lbs. Short Spikey brown hair with blonde tips. Wears mostly blue jeans and sleevless shirts of varying colors.

Power: Ty is a fire starter. The only problems are he has yet to learn to control it, and he must be within 10ft. of the flameable item he wishes to ignite. His power does not allow him to cause living beings to Spontaneously Combust, he can however create small balls of fire to appear though.

Background: Born onto the streets Ty had been fighting for his life since he can remember. He learned of his power when he was 10 years old during a gang war. As the enemy opened up fire from a 50 cal. Machine gun Ty watched in horror as all his friends were cut down right in front of him. Enraged Ty ran up and touched the gun causing every bit of gunpowder in the unexploded bullets to ignite, blowing the Gun, killing the one shooting, and knocking Ty completly unconscious. Since then he's rulled the streets, using small tricks to intimidate weaker gang leaders into breaking their gangs up. Though still young, Ty has been seeking answers to his strange powers, or a way to use them to aid in the demolish gang wars. And other abomonations in the world.
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