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Demons and Angels (M-VL)


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Everyone has their own demons. Themselves. Every person in this universe has two alternate selves, the two halves which make up the one person. There is a good side, or an angel, devoted to the arts, beauty, selflessness and hope. But there is a dark side as well. The demon in ourselves, devoted to hate, selfishness, and destruction. These different sides have been dormant for centuries, locked in suspended animation, away from each other.

But now, thanks to an ancient dark samurai wizard named Kelthor, both versions of six people have been released. The angels are no problem, as they will simply spread peace around the world, but the demons wish to destroy us all, and have the power to do so, same as the angels, but the demons do not have the restraint necessary to hold themselves back from using their power.

Bu Kelthor himself has an angel and a demon. The demon is a horribly malformed beast, but the angel has given the six people power over different elements to help stop the demons. These six must bring balance to the world, and lock away the two halves forever.

But if they kill either half, then they will die as well. They must imprison their other halves, but not kill them.

Ok, well there's my RPG, I will need 6 heroes, and someone can sign up as Kelthor as well if they want. Here's what you will need to sign up:

Name: 13-19



Appearance: Pic or description of whole self, angel and demon

Element: Water/Ice/Lightning/Fire/Earth/Wind (one of each only)

Weapon: Close quarters only-no guns

Bio: At least 2 decent paragraphs, but no really long ones either, and be creative.

Here's my sign-up:

Name: Zack Karter

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Appearance: Tall, good-looking, wears a black leather jacket over a white t-shirt and black combat trousers, has black hair which spikes downwards, and shocking blue eyes, black boots.

Angel: looks the same, only cleaner, has blond hair, and wears a simple white hooded robe.

Demon: Tall, red eyes with single-line tattoos down from his hairline, over his eyes and down to his cheekbones, black hair hanging down over his face, wears black leather trenchcoat with spikes on shoulders, black t-shirt, black trousers and boots, various chains hanging all over his person.

Element: Lightning

Weapon: Twin short swords

Bio: When his parents were killed, Zack was only three years old. He was sent away from his hard-drinking uncle, and was made to live on the streets. He learnt to fend for himself, and was eventually taken in by an old Japanese man, who taught him how to fight. Then, when Zack turned 18, Kelthor unleashed the two halves of Zack. His demon killed his mentor, and Zack swore revenge. Then Kelthor's angel gave him control over lightning, and Zack became instantly aware.

He was a descendant of Kelthor himself, as were the other five people who Kelthor's angel gave power to. Kelthor had disowned his entire family, every generation that exists now and is still yet to come. He had recently been reminded of this disgrace, and now swore revenge on his family. The only way he could possibly accomplish this would be to destroy the entire world, as his descendants were extremely widespread. He did this by unleashing the demons and angels.

Zack must now meet the other five descendants, and only together can they destroy Kelthor and put right the balance of the universe.

Ok, if you have any questions, just PM me and I will try to answer them. Happy creating!
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Guest trater101
[SIZE=2][COLOR=Navy]Name:Kari Grave



Appearence:She is quite tall for her ageand she is very skinny.She has long jet black hair and bright green eyes.She wears a pair of baggy blue jeans,a white tank and a blue zip-up sweater.


Weapon:a long sword with a black blade that says beware all evil.

Description:She was abandond at birth and she was thrown in an orphanage and never saw her parents again.She was picked by a loving family that loved her very much.Then one day everything changed when the deamons and angel's came.They destroyed her home and her family.She swore she would get revenge on those deamons.

Later on she found a house that was abandond so she decided she was going to live there until this whole thing passed.But one day she got a knock on the door it was a man so she invited him in and he told her what was going on and asked her to join the group.She said yes.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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Name: Jun Kazama

Age: 19

Gender: M

Appearance: Jun has very light icy blue eyes, stands at 6ft, he has a one track mind and he wont take what he doesn't deserve and he finds it hard to trust anyone. He has no self worth and he is a very serious person and alot of people he's come across see him as being heartless, emotionless and cold. Although he is very handsome and turns many girls heads but he doesn't care for love. He'll kill anything and anyone who threatens his life.
Angel: look to attachments....first attachment
Demon: Look to attachments....second attachment

Element: Fire

Weapon: Two one meter and a half long katanas which are straped to his back. One sword has a tarnished blade of blue and white and the handle is a deep blood red and the other sword has a blade tarnised with red and black with a blue handle.

Bio: Jun's parents died when he was four. He has no memory of them. He was forced to live with a family who hated him....They treated him like an animal....food was always cold, the showers was cold, even the room was cold.

His attitude became cold and unhuman like. They tortured him and abused him pyhsically and mentally until....until he turned 19 and his inner self lost control....he destroyed his family....aswell as the home burning it to the ground and killing them instantly....now he travels around never stopping in one place for more than a night...and even though that world he grew up in is gone....the memories follow him where ever he goes and the many scars from whippings he got across his back remind him of what use to be...and tells him that it will never go away

OOC: hope this is ok
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Great sign-ups so far guys, but Dragon Bait, if you look, then you'll see that my character has the Lightning element. Everything else about your post is fine, though. Also, the Wind elemental is saved for amgoddess. All we need now is an Earth and Water elemental, and possibly Kelthor, but if no-one signs up as him then I'll play him, and then I can start this.
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Name: Samantha (Sam) Ming

Age: 18

Gender: Female


Sam: Green eyes with Long, thick brown/black hair that comes down to her waist. Pale skinned, no taller than 5' 5". Wears a long jacket and jeans. Appears to be quiet, but a spit fire to those who really know her.

Angel: Resembles Sam with Paler skin and rosier cheeks, a flawless beauty, clad in white garments.

Demon: Black hair with a hunger for revenge and sorrow. Darker skin with black blotches up her arms

Element: Earth

Weapon: Twin Blades

Bio: Samantha grew up in a loving family. Her family wasn't the perfect family, but they were hers. Her family loved her more than she ever even realized at times.

At the age of 16, Samantha found her parents dead on the porch outside of their home. The police were never able to find their attackers. Samantha would have gone after the case on her own, but she had to take care of her 7 year old brother and 4 year old sister.

She lived in an apartment where she took care of her brother and sister, protecting them from any sort of harm.... as best as she could, until one night, thieves broke into her house. Her younger brother Mark found them, and they shot him in sight. Samantha woke to Kayla's screams and rushed into the room only to watch them as they shot her little sister for making noise. Samatha went mad and tried to kill the bandits, but they left as quickly as they could to avoid the cops. She tried to help them, but it was too late. The police never found the ones responsible for their deaths. Because of this, samantha lost all faith in the justice of men. From then on, she took matters into her own hands.

She was always on the go.... afraid to feel attached to anything.....
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue][B]Name:[/B] Isabelle Purity

[B]Age:[/B] 19

[B]Gender:[/B] Female


[B]Normal ?[/B] see first attachment

[B]Angel ? [/B] see second attachment

[B]Demon ? [/B] see third attachment

[B]Element:[/B] Wind

[B]Weapon:[/B] Two short swords, one for each hand

[B]Bio:[/B] The first memories that Isabelle can remember are being alone in a dark, gloomy orphanage. Soft, gentle and compassionate, Isabelle was always soft-spoken and pushed around. One incident, she was bullied by three older girls. She felt something evil come from her heart and be released. The next thing she knew was that the bullies were face down on the floor, dead.

She was then kicked out and lived off the streets for years. Scourging around for food or weapons, Isabelle barely lived, becoming nothing more than bones. Once, she found two pocket-knives and they became her weapons for many years to come. A few times Isabelle found money on the ground. This she saved. Soon she had enough money to buy clothes and two short swords as weapons. Then she started doing small jobs as a thief. She felt extremely guilty about doing this but it was for her survival.[/COLOR]
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All we need now is a Water elemental and we can get started. If anyone knows of anyone who might be interested in filling in this spot then please try and convince them. Cheers everyone.

Just a quick thing, trater101. You need a physical description of your demon and angel on your sign up as well as of your character. Sorry, I missed that before.
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Name: Lyon Heart

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Appearance: Lyon stands at about 5'11''...with a lean cut body, short blue hair which is surprisingly shiny, with an attire of a basic grey Komono. His eyes are like the seas of Thailand, almost like a clear blue. He walks barefoot...and always has a smile.

Angel: Misty
Misty is actually the sensitive, compassinate side of Lyon taking the form of a female. She herself has long blue hair coming down to her ankles. She wears no clothing...having her hair cover her front side. He eyes are like Lyons...however she only has one wing on her left side. Her weapon is a pure, crystal like spear.

Demon: Poseidon
In contradiction to Greek Mythology, Poseidon was no God...but merely the Demon of the Seas. After the fall of his worshipers...he had no need to dwell among men till an opportune moment. When Lyon was born he resided in his soul sensing he had powers himself over the waters.

His body is completely blue...both eyes are entirely back with a long white beard and mustach with long white hair. He has one demonic wing on his right side...with a golden trident as his weapon. Poseidon is dressed with ancient armor back in the days of the Greeks.

Element: Water

Weapon: A simple staff seven feet long. The wood that it's made of is ancient and indestructable to blades, fire, and any other kind of element. Was created by the monk order of the region...blessed with holy water...with a barrier encanted into its very foundation.

Since he was born...Lyon has been training within the monk order of his parents. Against their believes, Lyons parents became intertwined with his mother bearing him as a son. The order didn't exile the two lovers...however they required that Lyon to stay with them. Even from his birth...they knew the ultimate future of his demon/angel sides emerging.

So his parents live outside the temple in the residing town at the mountains base...overlooking the sea...keeping in close contact with their son. As he grew up...he became a quick and effective learning in the martial arts. At the age of 18...he was presented with his staff...to guard all that was holy and good in the world. He was looked upon by the other monks as one of the greatest of their time.

However...just recently...his demon side had been unleashed...as well as with his angelic being. Lyon had passed out from the strain...and the two beings clashed together in a heated battle. Fortunately the monks fought them away from the town...scattering them to the fair reaches of the globe.

In his shame...Lyon felt himself unworthy to lead the order at this moment...and vowed to reclaim his honor....
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