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Naruto Graphics

Yami Marik

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Here are some of my Naruto graphics, what do you guys think?

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Hm... I'll go one by one.

[B]First picture.[/B] Really, to be blunt, it's not really good at all. Here you have two unblended pictures, in stark contrast with your background, standing out. The typography is rudely overlapping Kakashi's face, which text that doesn't match any sort of color-scheme going for your banner. The only good thing about this one is the abstract background. It would be better if you had faded the two images into the background, and selected another text, maybe something black or white. I give it a [B]4/10[/B].

[B]Second Picture.[/B] We're getting better, as we move away from rude, clashing typo, and move to something that stands out a little less. The text's only real problem is that it's in a rather un-interesting/uninvolving spot, and it has some sort of purple outline. Get rid of that... replace it with something like black. The background underneath of it all looks like you colorized a render... not as good as the background of the first one. Then the person you used wasn't the greatest, but you had the right idea, giving a closer shot of the head, fading it into the background. My recommendation for this one is changing the picture you used. I give it a [B]6/10[/B].

[B]Third Picture.[/B] This one, in my opinion, is the best. You have a border, which is a plus, and you worked with the typo really well here. The font type is awesome for this picture, and it's also fading, allowing you to see the person. The contrasting colors are what worked well here too. The person you used was good, and the effect you employed is rather creative. But it would've looked better if you had a running shot, with the after-image effect to give it the impression of speed. This gives me the same feel, but she's squatting, with a kunai in her mouth, in a rather undynamic pose. Overall, the quality of this one is grainy, which is a real minus. Maybe making the image sharper would help rid yourself of those specks. I give it an [B]8/10[/B].

Overall, you show great promise as a graphics designer. Keep at your work, and learn new techniques for blending, text, filter combination and brushing. By the way, how long have you been doing this... that would help me determine how advanced you are.
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I agree with Altron about the Kakashi image. The pictures stand out way too much with that type of background. Also, I think it would be better if you only chose one of the two. Though they're both good pictures, they don't really work all that well together.

As for your font, it does look like a Naruto font (and probably it), and though orange normally compliments blue quite well, it's use here just makes it look very odd. You may want to try fading it or using a darker color.


The Neji image has a very nice background with the image faded into it. That was a really nice touch. However, the foreground picture is very bright and doesn't seem to mesh well with the background in my opinion. I think a different picture with the same type of pose would work better.

With the font, you've used naturally complimentary colors again, but it just looks out of place and somewhat...icky, for lack of better term. A black or gray drop shadow may work better.


The Itachi image is the best out of the lot. You got a nice image of him. ^^ I also like the slight after image you gave it, but I agree with Altron in that you should add a few more to give it the impression of speed.

The font choice and colors are very nice, but I think they might look better if you placed them vertically instead of horizontally, especially since it's a bit hard to see the "Uchiha" when it's over Itachi's hand and the black is bleeding through because of the fade.

They're still all very nice, though. Nice job and keep it up. ^^[/color]
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