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Acrylics... Life and death


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[SIZE=2] Many years ago we new nothing of magic powers and mystical creatures even though they were right in front of our faces. Or at least no one new. Then one day a group of kids came forth and told everyone about the magic they used. The people of the town thought it was a threat so they set out to kill them all.

They all changed their names and identities so they wouldn't be hunted any longer but that did not work for they were still hunted down. They had to hide their powers away because they were afraid something would happen they could not control. So they froze themselves and set off to a thousand years into the future or to the year 3005.

When they awoke a thousand years later everything was the same... Or that was what they thought. The world had been overrun by demons which if they would have stayed in the past none of this would have happened. So the group thought since it was mostly their fault the demons ruled the world they were going to stop the race dead in its tracks.

1 thousand years ago, 2005
The group of magic users froze themselves off from the other world fearing death may be near.

A demon excaped from the portal keeping the from killing all using a key he found laying on the ground.

The demon let out some of his buddies or at least half trying to keep a low profile but he could not attack untilhe could get enough of his guys out.

He let out enough to where if they practiced enough they could take over the world.

The demons attacked and took over the entire world. The people of the world were helpless.

The group awakens to find the world in the hands of demons. many of them were very shocked.

The group had to somehow find people the trusted with their secret and recruit them but this time it would help the world not destroy it. The oly thing keeping the world from falling apart was the same thing keeping the group of friends together and that is trust. Now we all hope the trust can keep up long enough to get rid of the demons. The only thing left was a name.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR=RoyalBlue][SIZE=4][CENTER]They are

The Acrylics[/CENTER][/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR=RoyalBlue][SIZE=2]Here is what you will need to sign up


Age when frozen: 13-19 or you can be from the future


Description: (Picture will do fine)

Magic eliment: (Ice,fire,water,air,earth,darkness,and light)1 per person

weapon: max 2 per person

Bio: (short story of your character)

Here's mine

Name: Rene Till

Age when frozen: 17

Gender: female

Description: She has long black hair and bright green eyes. She is tall and skinny. She has a pair of faded blue jeans with 2 holes in the knees a black tank and a blue Sweater. She also has a blue diomond necklace on a gold chain.

Magic Element: Darkness

Weapon: Bow and Arrows

Bio: Rene never really had a family to call her own she lived in an orphanage for mabey half of her life. The other time she has spent in over 6 diffrent foster homes. Her favorite worker at the orphanage was carol. She was like a mother to her always helping her with chores and other things.

But one fateful day that all changed when her power went out of control and killed carol. She never told anyone they all thought she died of old age. Rene swore she would find other children like her and together they could learn to control their powers.

We will start the story off with 7. Anyone after that we can add in somewhere in the middle.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[size=1][color="#FF9900"]sky, please read through the Square's sticky before you post any more in the Arena. There must be a proper rating in the title of your thread in order for it to remain open. If you would like (and this is also in the sticky), you can repost this RPG after you've read the rules and give it another go, as long as you follow the guidelines and inlude an appropriate rating.

If you have any questions, either contact a moderator through PM or see the Suggestions and Feedback forum. ^_^

- Arcadia[/color][/size]
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