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Eternal Snow

People... what are you afraid of?

What are you afraid of?  

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  1. 1. What are you afraid of?

    • Being late for an occasion
    • Failing your tests and exams
    • Not being able to get all your favourite anime series before the end of the year
    • None of the above questions (Others...)
    • *I* am not afraid of anything...

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[COLOR=Navy][FONT=Book Antiqua]*I am afraid of myself. I have threatened my mom with a knife. I get urges to kill everyone.

*I am afraid of cockroaches. I cant seem to be able to kill them. they freak me out.

*I am afraid of Porcelain dolls. I feel that they stare at me and are planning to kill me.

*I am afraid of the dark. I can go in the dark I can tolerate it when I want to but it freaks me out

*I am afraid of people hating me or making fun of me.

*I am afraid of getting my heartbroken...but that is not a worry anymore.

Those are my only scares.[/FONT][/COLOR]

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[color=darkviolet]I'm afraid of a few things, some rational, some not rational...

I'm afraid of the sump pump in our basement...and not the [i]actual[/i] sump pump mind you, the hole. Yeah, I'm afraid of a 2.5 feet deep hole. But it's dark and scary and dark.

I have a mild fear of heights. Ferris wheels, rollercoasters, the trestle bridge over the falls at Letchworth State Park (Jung Woo knows what I mean) controled height situations where there's little chance of injury. I'm good.

However things like, the large cement supports that are [i]right[/i] on the falls at Letchworth and about who knows how far up, the train bridge over the Erie canal that my brother and his friends jump off of...heights where there isn't anything in front of me I'm not cool with, I start to panic. It's not pretty.

Tractor Trailer trucks/18 wheelers. I do not under most circumstances like to drive or be stopped next to one of those things. Yeah, I know that those drivers had to take classes to get their liscences to drive them, but I don't really care. It's not reassuring when you're in a compact car and there's a big rig about to make a right turn right next to you. Lincoln's cousin finds that fear hilarious, and i need to get over it since I like to drive on and around the interstate.

Squirrels. I don't like squirrels. They're just rats with bushy tails.A dead squirrel is just one less squirrel that I have to share CO2 with. As far as I'm concerned those annoying little buggers can all go to the anti-summerland (private joke)...or summerland as long as there aren't squirrels in my part of it.

I'm not too comfortable around dryer lint. I can take it out of the lint trap, but beyond that I get a bit iffy.

And I do have a fear of falling. But not like you'd probably think. I'm afraid of falling from a horse, during a jump and breaking something. I try not to let it bother me though.

I'm also afraid that something bad might happen to Lincoln even though he has less than a month left in Iraq. However, I think the bad thing already happened. He had a spare tire rack fall on his head and he had to get it stapled. Not bad considering other things that have happened over there.

And I'm afraid thatsomething bad could happen to Abby or the rest of my family.

Yeah I get scared and paranoid easily.[/color]

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I'm afraid of death more than anything, and all the situations that could cause it. But I'm not overly concerned about it to the point where I won't live my life normally.

I'm afraid of being in a situation like D-Day on Omaha Beach. Which is basically because I'm extremely scared of dying and pain. With death spitting all around you, taking your best friend off to hell, I'd be really scared.

I'm also afraid of losing a loved one. But not of losing them to death. I mean if my brothers were to be kidnapped or something. I'd go nuts, and become like Batman, trying to prevent the same thing from happening to everyone else.

And yeah, I'm not exactly afraid, but wary of things that could hurt me. Guns, jellyfish, bees, all that stuff I'm careful about. Once I had an AK-47 pointed at my head. But it wasn't loaded. But I tell you, it was the scariest thing ever. I felt like death was holding my hand or something...

Anyway, I have a question. If a person with a phobia were forced to confront it, would they suffer mental damage, or overcome it? As in if a person with aracnaphobia (sp?) were to be locked in a room full of spiders for a few hours. My guess is that it would damage them further.

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[size=1]Muse not coming on tour to San Francisco is one thing. *shiver*

Otherwise, I'm terrified of one day becoming blind or deaf. Everything is beautiful, and I can't imagine living without art/music. Also losing my voice - I love singing. Having a limb amputated, like my hand would be quite terrible, too. I actually like my unreadable handwriting, and I'd be losing a way to express myself. [...and I'd be typing half as slow, leik OMG] Oh, and losing someone I love, of course.

Then there's the whole thing of having frizzy hair again. I have to go all the way to Korea to get it straightened and after bleach/colouring my hair four times this month, I'm terrified. Worst bit is, if my director finds out that my hair is blue, I may get sacked from the show. ;_;

Bugs... kinda. Only if they're sticking to me. Mosquitoes... I'd like to know the reason why they were put on earth.

Heights are a killer, too. I had to bungee jump off trees. Thought that would help because that's something along the lines of what [i]Orlando Bloom[/i] did to get over his fear of heights, but nope. Just couldn't feel my legs for a good three days. [/size]

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I'm afraid of being alone.
I'm afraid of drowning, although i LOVE water.
I'm afraid to lose someone that i love
I'm afraid of clowns
I'm afraid of the dark or things i can't see in the dark
I'm afraid of people laughing (gets me paranoid into thinking they are laughing AT me)
and a loooooooong list of things that i would like to keep to myself ^-^

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I'm afriad of ghosts. And cows - cows freak me out! I do not like bovine at all! :eek:

I know a girl whose afraid of eyeballs. Well, not really afraid per-say, they just creep her out big time, and she won't look anybody in the eye, she'll look at their nose instead!

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I have a whole set of irrational fears. Disney irrational fears.

Huffalumps and woosels. You all remember them from Winie the Pooh. They were thieves that stole Pooh's honey. And they were CREEPY! I cried everytime I watched that movie, I still can't stand it. My mom wants me to go with my niece to see that Huffalump movie, and as much as I love my niece, I am NOT gonna go see a movie with a huffalump in it.

Also, elephants on parade from Dumbo. I hated that too, I think Disney loved torturing small children. I mean, a drunk Dumbo hallucinates a bunch of creepy bright elephants? And they were mean. And CREEPY.

Those are my Disney fears.

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[COLOR=DarkGreen][FONT=Arial]The time between being awake and asleep. Sure, if I'm in a dream, its all good, but just being in a void, in a netherworld of darkness, thats pretty creepy to me. Its like I don't exist during that time, and I feel like that is something very strange and very scary. So yea, I fear the time when my existance can be questioned and is irrelevant to the world. I also fear death, in the manner that I'm not sure whats going to happen afterwards. So in reality, it's not death itself that I fear, its just the lack of existance. [/FONT] [/COLOR]

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