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Sign Up Elemental Guardians [M - LV]


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[size=1][font=veranda][color=indigo][I]In the 3002, the planet is dark and dreary, with permanently over-cast skies, and dark mists around every corner. Earth is crowded with people, and thus, people have sent families to other planets. Some are Juperior (name after Jupiter, which was destroyed around 2968), Terra (also the called Earth Child), Tsunami, and Liaison. Recently, Juperior declared itself superior to the other planets, and a war was begun.

The armies of Earth, Terra, Tsunami, Liaison, Kishandra, Lunar, and Shadowrealm have never been so desperate for help. Little do they know that among them are seven people with the power to control elements. There is a reason the mage?s haven?t showed themselves yet; they are only teenagers, and would never use their powers for anything but what they choose too.

On Juperior, there is a woman named Aqua. A cast out from normal society, Aqua has the power to control each element she can think of. She is a master, but has a deep hatred for others like her. She was cast out from the society of Kishandra, and she moved to Juperior to control the Juunchio. The Juunchio are a band of warriors who each hold the knowledge of the Talisman. Aqua took over the government of Juperior, and is the cause of the war between planets. She was cast aside for her strong ability to control the elements. Her hatred is spurned from the fact that none of her brethren have been cast out, and the discrimination against her is too strong.

Aqua will stop at nothing to destroy those with powers like hers, and is in league with a shadow demon, a dream demon, and a demon from the pits of Hell itself. She controls them, but they are happy to torment to ones who control the elements. Six of the element controllers are teenagers. The other is a shadow lord, and he is one of the few left of his kind who does not meddle in human affairs. Aqua is attempting to either destroy the elemental controllers, or to sway them to her side. Whatever happens is up to them.

The Talisman that the demons hold contain great power. The controllers will be tested, and they will conquer the challenges, or they will die. Each Talisman has a connection to the lives of each elemental, and once they control their Talisman, they will become the unstoppable and legendary ?Elemental Guardians?. Can they become the hero?s and stop Aqua from destroying the planets?[/I]


Okay, I?ve done this RPG before, but I wrote a better plot line, and I am a better Rper all around now. So hopefully this one will be better. I am waiting for replies from these people, who were in the original RP. Anyone can sign up, but if these people show up, be prepaired to let them take your place. I apologize for that, but that?s how I?m going to do it.

Chichiri?s Girl
T man
Drix D?Zanth

I will also be using the chapter system, with each chapter having a main objective. How this main objective is achieved is up to the players, but before the chapter is over I would like to reach the goal. So, first, let us get through the fun part ? sign ups!

[b]Name[/b]: (Anything)
[b]Appearance[/b]: (Either picture or a good written description.)
[b]Element(s)[/b]: (You may have a max of three.)
[b]Personality[/b]: (Good description; at least one good paragraph.)
[b]Short Biography[/b]: (Tell us about yourself.; any relatives still alive? Intrests? Friends?)

[u]Example (Mine)-[/u]

[b]Name[/b]: Trilby Gerard

[b]Age[/b]: 16

[b]Gender[/b]: Female

[b]Appearance[/b]: [url=http://img194.exs.cx/img194/4143/trilby16rx.jpg]Trilby[/url]

[b]Element(s)[/b]: Water, Ice, Fog

[b]Personality[/b]: Trilby is a friendly soul, but deep inside she is calm, collected, and very shrewd. The girl can make friends faster than lightening, and her gentle nature attracts people. She has a few close friends, but many whom she hangs with. No one but two know what she can do with water, ice, and fog, and she doesn?t use her powers often. At first they scared her, and she is always hopeful to find others like her. She can be talkative, but only around her closest friends.

[b]Short Biography[/b]: Trilby lives alone, in a small house. She has no pets(save some fish), and her home shows her inside nature. Candles and incense are almost always burning, and rugs, low sofas, bean bags, and a futon or two can be found for comfortable seats, with cushions strewn across the deep, soft carpet. The lights are often turned down low, and vases of soft-colored flowers dot the house. On one wall of the living room, there is a large, softly lit tank of colorful fish, and the colors of the room are blues and grays. Trilby tunes up the lights when company arrives, but that isn?t often. She loves books, but there aren?t many good ones you can find in this age.

Unless those mentioned in the list above respond, I need five other teens(I will be playing one), and the shadow lord. Note: if someone has already picked an element, you may still sign up with it; I will pick the best sign ups(unless those in the list above show up.). Have fun![/size][/font][/color]
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Name: Nexon Talinhar

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Appearance: Look at attachment(Panther is his pet)

Element(s): fire, wind, earth

Personality: Nexon is quiet but when he wants to be and when he has to be he can be loud. He is very active, he loves to play sports but they are hard to find at this point. He likes girls alot and is attracted to them alot. He also has a secret crush on Trilby Gerard.

Short Biography: Nexon is fast so he spends alot of time runnning at inter-galactic track. He has no more family left but his Kain his panther, who his father got when he was just a baby for him. He grew up with Kain and he follows Nexon everywhere unless Nexon tells him not to. He likes hanging out with his friends and listening to music. He also likes to work on motors. He likes to hang out with Trilby alot esspecially cause they are alike with thier powers.
Nexon lives in a little house near the slums. He cannot afford alot but he has been saving and is trying to move out of the slums. He works at a garage in the slums and only makes a little money but it supports him and Kain.
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[FONT=Trebuchet MS][COLOR=Navy][B]Name[/B]: Navid 'Nav' Edrica
[B]Age[/B]: 17
[B]Gender[/B]: male
[B]Appearance[/B]: [url=http://www.teamartail.com/anime/images/evangelion/images/kaworu004.jpg]Navid in a nice mood.[/url] (He has blue eyes and usually wears a long-sleeved shirt.)
[B]Element(s)[/B]: Static, Dark (in a way, controlling Light to make Dark)
[B]Personality[/B]: Navid isn't describable as particularly fun or exciting, and sometimes borders on dull. However, his true personality is a bit more lively. Around others he simply prefers not to be the center of attention. When alone with one otherperson though, his more interesting side shows through. In truth, Navid is a very deep thinker and creates his own philosophy and morals day by day. It's difficult to describe him in one word or sentence. He comes off as anti-social or distant on occasions, but it's never his intent. Concerning the opposite sex, he is somewhat undecided. Being awkward with ones own sexuality doesn't exactly lead to confidence with others. The source of the 'awkwardness' would be the fact that he can't quite decide [i]what[/i] his sexuality is. He's had moments of being attracted to either gender, and it seems to confuse him. He takes pleasure in finding life's ironies.
[B]Short Biography[/B]: Like many of the age's youth, Nivad lives with no one but himself. His younger years are unimportant to him. If he has any living relatives, he doesn't keep in contact. He does, however, have a few good friends. At times it seems they are the only way he [i]ever[/i] meets anyone else. As for his interests, they mostly consist of trying to live his life the way he thinks it should be lived.
His 'house' was once a shop on the edge of the suburbs. He's fixed it up enough to wear it's a nice place to live in, but nothing beyond that. The two lower rooms and three upper rooms are mostly undecorated and dull, but he calls it home. Assorted belongings (clothes, books, pens, etc.) are scattered about the floor, yet he knows where everything is. In short, it's an organized mess. Sometimes he wishes he had a pet. Like a cat.
As for a job, Navid seems to drift from one to another. Yet somehow he makes enough to live off of. Currently, he works at a bookstore, organizing shelves and helping customers.
Navid was never really surprised by his 'powers', assuming they were there because they were there. He never had an interesting in mastering them either, but through experimentation he nearly has. He hardly ever uses them, but they come in handy.

Ok, so maybe the bio wasn't 'short'.... bah.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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[B]Name:[/B] Gene Kasaru
[B]Age:[/B] 16
[B]Gender:[/B] Male
[B]Element:[/B] Lightning, fire
[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://www.rpgfan.com/pics/fire-emblem-rnk/art-011.jpg]Gene[/URL] (Just decided to put in a pic I like.)
[B]Personality:[/B] Gene normally likes to be by him self. He's grown distant from others and wishes for nothing more than to be alone. He has a since of pride in him self so he sees that if he ever falls to things like temptations he's weak. He can stand to be around others but he can only do it for so long before he gets angry with him self.
[B]Short Biography:[/B] When Gene was a child his powers started to awaken. Things around his home would catch on fire or short out. When his parents found out it was him he was sent off to live by him self in a forest. While living in the forest he's grown accustomed to livening around plants and animals so he feels uncomfortable in cities. He has many scars on his body from fighting off people who wanted to cut down the forest he lives in and is normally aware of any one who enters it. Because of this fact some people say he's some sort of spirit and that he's the guardian of the forest. He's grown a habit of scaring people out of the forest when ever they enter and destroying any thing they bring with them. Since he's grown distant from other people and hates to be around them.
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[size=1][b]Yaysies! So, Arika, Dea, and T man are here. So lighting, fire, ice, and Moon and Sun are out of the question(unless you all want different elements. I have no objections.) I know Drix has looked at the new thread, and I assume he would have posted had he wanted to. But just in case, I?m leaving this up until Friday(tomorrow), and then I?m closing sign ups. Meaning: anyone who wants to sign up, hurry up and do it, or you lose your chance.

Arika and Chichiri?s Girl: please get your sign ups done! I want to get this started before Tuesday. Dea, I can?t get to Josh because he is not allowing PM?s through, and he apparently doesn?t know it. Could you warn him that I have this up?

Other than Arika, Dea, and T man, spots are still open, meaning you can still sign up and I will choose the best sign up on Friday or Saturday when I get the chance. C?mon, people![/size][/b]
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[size=1][color=#696969][B]Name//[/B] Hikage Tatsuyaa

[B]Shadow Name//[/B] Kurayami Onmitsu

[B]Age//[/B] 16

[B]Gender//[/B] Female


[U]Yin & Yang-[/u] There can be no light without darkness. Yin and yang is a stronger power of the light and darkness, as well as the sun and moon element. This element combines both and takes on a stronger and more powerful element and creates this.

[U]Shadows-[/U] From a single call of her name, Kurayami Onmitsu is born from the shadows and into the world. This power is driven from the Shadow Realm, which gives Kurayami the power of the Shadows. Her element of Shadows is less than that of the Shadow Lord, but it is nearly equal in power.


[B]Personality//[/B] Hikage

[B]Short Biography//[/B] Never knowing her own parents, Hikage[/size][/color]
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Name: Darkfire
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Appearance: [IMG]http://www.geocities.com/azn_discriminazn/darkfire.JPG[/IMG]
Element(s): Shadow and Psychokinesis (yes it is an element)
Personality: A kid who doesn't like to talk much. He can't show emotions for everyone's sake. He can get pissed off real easily and turn into a real threat to you and your opponents.
Short Biography: As the personality said, he isn't very talkative. His mother was raped by a demon where she subsides in a cathedral, while his father lurks to other worlds seeking universal domination, he was told he had siblings but he has never met .His interests, meditation, concentrating on his powers, trying to keep himself from showing emotion. Friends? not that he knows of.(some people might recognize this biography a bit)
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Just so you know, this isn't miserable on purpose. I tried to make it good, but I'm new, so chances are I screwed up.^^

Name: Drakhen
Age: 13
Gender: male
Appearance: dark red hair, allways hanging down in his eyes. Amnethyst eyes, and pale skin. Baggy black shirt and orange jacket, gray pants.
Element(s): earth
Personality: Timid, detatched, and always has his head in the clouds. He refueses upon all costs to use his powers, and because he hasn't developed them, they sometimes run rampant.
Short Biography: Drak(nickname) was a child of terra for most of his life, although he was first born on Juperior. When the Juperior government found that he had the power to control an element, they seeked his help immediately, as did terra. But unlike terra, Juperior was ready to resort to almost any methods to get him. He was abducted, and his family was forced to live in poverty. Nobody's seen him for a month.

Hope that works!!!
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[b]Name:[/b] Tre Armstrong
[b]Age:[/b] 16
[b]Appearance:[/b] [URL=http://tnt.dynodns.net/~trunks/guilty/Chipp/chipp5.jpg]Tre[/URL]
[b]Element:[/b] Wind, Fire, Chi (Using spiritual Energy, Tre can preform amazing physical feats.)
[b]Personality:[/b] Tre is laughing, warm and funny, or he can be cold, cruel, and malicious. It all depends on what you do to Tre, and then it'll be good look that will let you walk away laughing. This split sort of personality can conflict him at times, but he'll watch out for the ones he cares for.
[b]Short Biography:[/b] Tre grew up without parents. He was placed in an orphanage until he was 14. He was a man of music, but he was never accepted because of his powers. This has led him to become even more of a musical person, delving into the Metal and Punk genres from so long ago.

He's never met another person like himself.[/size][/color]
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I am very sorry, but I'm not going to start this. I didn't get the type of reaction I would have liked, and some who said they would sign up didn't. Arika never finished her sign up(though I don't think she was aware of it), Chichiri never put hers up. Kyuai and Spyda, I'm very sorry. Your sign ups were really good, honestly and truly. Retro, I liked the idea. I was just looking for more detail. Tash, honey, you KNOW I need more than that to work with. T man's was great, and bar's had potential. But overall, not what I was looking for. I also am not sure I have the 'go' I had when I first put this up. Very sorry, guys!

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