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Gaming Soul Calibur 2 to GAMECUBE


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[color=blue][b]IGNcube has finally officially revealed that Soul Calibur 2 is in development for arcade and GameCube by Namco.

Namco is expected to make an announcment at Space World next week, and I for one hope that they show us some footage of the new game. ;)

Lack of fighting games was one of the N64's weak points. But due to Namco's dissatisfaction with PlayStation 2, the company will be bringing the hit franchise to GameCube (as well as a new Ridge Racer possibly).

What do you guys think about this news?[/color][/b]
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Sweet I loved Soul Calibur for the Sega Dreamcast its one of my favorite fighting game with beatiful graphics and fighting effects.
Yeah Soul Calibur 2 would be great for the Nintendo Gamecube.
And this will be a great fighting game for the GCN.
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