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Sweet Surrender [M-LSV]


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[size=1][color=#696969]It started out as a story, but as I progressed though it, I started to think that it should become an RPS (Role-Playing Story). Before I decide to put it in the Inn or not, I'd like some feedback from the OB society. If there is anything confusing about this then please feel free to post. Well then, here goes nothing for everything.

Music sounded as I walked through the tall oak doors. They all turned to gaze at who had entered and found that it was I who had arrived. As I neared the ball room, those on the floor created a pathway for me. The women gossiped with envy and jealousy hanging on their tongues, the men whispered with favor and lust dripping from their lips, and those who had seen me either murmured in awe or watched me walk in admiration.

As I walked across the marble floor, the orchestra performed a magical piece that echoed throughout the quarters. I looked about the room, watching the familiar and unfamiliar faces of those who participated in this event, and suddenly found myself facing a man.

A young girl, the age of 25, sat on a hill that overlooked the white sand beaches, watching the waves crash against the shore. She looked out past the horizon and shades of blue caught her eye, glinting past the rock formations that stood in front. She closed her eyes and remembered what she had dreamt of the night before. It had been ages since she had a dream splendid as the one she had. It caught her by surprise, yet something about it made her seem to wonder, could it have been a sign? Smiling, she just let it go... for the moment. She just thought it was a dream, nothing more, just a harmless dream, something to wish upon, and something to lie back and think wondrous things about. The music, the costumes, the people, it was all too vivid to forget, yet her presence and his was the strongest. Their meeting was exasperating and fresh, soothing and wild, just absolutely amazing.

In appearance, she stood at five feet and four inches with a curvaceous body, slender legs, and a beautifully structured face. Her vibrant red hair floated behind her as the wind rushed past and made her emerald green eyes close. She felt the cool wind against her clear, glowing face, an image of mystery, emotions, and everything she was. This girl sat with her legs against her chest, her sun dress flowing as she placed her hands around her legs and laid her chin upon the crevice between her locked knees.

Her name was Vivian Brookes and her heart was broken. Vivian was not the kind of girl who sat and cried about the days that the couple spent together, nor is she the type of girl who seeks revenge. Vivian is a girl who has a warm heart and moves on, never thinking of the past. She rarely judges people and can read them quite well, as if they were a book. She is a girl who stands for her beliefs and morals, a girl who knows who she is, a girl who just knows. But for some odd reason, at this moment, Vivian didn't know. She just didn't know what to do, what to say, where to go. She simply didn't know.

And sweet
sweet surrender
is all that I have to give.

It's about a girl who had her heart broken once and thought she would never love again, yet she knew it wasn't meant to be, but it still hurt to know that she was left behind. She isn't one to whine or boast, but she is one to stand tall and walk on. Something about this dream makes her realize that there's something more for her out there. She truly believes in the Cinderella story, yet she is nothing near a Cinderella, or so she thinks.
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