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My First Ever Banner and Avatar! What do you think?


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[FONT=Trebuchet MS][COLOR=DarkRed]Hello!

I've done my first ever banner and avatar, with the help of Photoshop Elements. I like the comic, Mutts, and I like Earl the best. It started out becoming an avatar (I know how to make those) but this is my first banner ever. I would really like some imput and feedback on how I can improve!

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[FONT=Trebuchet MS][COLOR=DarkRed]Thanks for the input! I appreciate it!

Now here's one of Mooch, yet again, from Mutts. I like Mutts because it's black and white and I don't have to mess around with backgrounds...

Input appreciated!

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[FONT=Trebuchet MS][SIZE=2][COLOR=Indigo]
(This is Carrie ^_^)

Anyway, about the banners (the avatars are great!).

Your white space is awesome! I love that you don't feel the need to fill it all. It gives an awesome effect.

I think that the banners are a bit too centered though. The concept, type, and image are great, but the symetry throws it off a bit.

On the Earl one, move him to the left, I think.
As for the Pink Sock, maybe put the image far to the right and have all the text in a

Just play a bit with them, not focusing so much on symetry.

Cheers! Carrie[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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