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The Decay of Style [Image Heavy]


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This picture started out as a photograph. I took around five or six shots of a Washington Post article in the style section from Tuesday, May 27, 2003. It's strange that it's been around here this long, huh? Anyway, the paper had that old-but-in-good-condition look, so I used it. I uploaded the pictures, and threw out a few, and ended up with three left. I decided to manipulate the image. I have ... three other image files with slight variations I'll post later if anyone wants to see them. Personally, I like this one the best.

Tell me what you think ^_^

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[color=darkslategray]Awesome, that would make a wonderful desktop background. I see the word "style"..but for some reason, I aslo see "sex" XD But that could be my perverted mind.

Sorry! But the picture is just so sexy, it's only natural!

Very nice work, Altron ^_^ [/color]
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[FONT=Trebuchet MS][size=2][color=indigo] Very nice. It reminds me of something postmodern.

Probably because I'm working on a project themed around Postmodernism, but nonetheless.

Oh, this also makes me feel the need to say that the reason we see the words "style" and "sex" is because our mind recognizes the shapes, not the letters. You distorted the word "style," right? We probably see sex because being humans, when one sees the "s" shape and the "e" shape togeather that's the first thing that comes to mind.

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