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Rebirth: The Age of Dragons(PG-13, V,L,S)


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[I][B]Back Story[/B][/I]

Long ago, the lands of Earth were technologically fit. They had all they wanted, all they would need. They thought they would have every piece of land then saw to themselves. They thought they would be alone. The One Being, the god of their world, wasn?t finished creating beings o live on the world he spent so long on. He made the humans first, thinking them the pinnacle of his creative power. He then made his weapons, the ones he thought would protect the humans. Dragons. He was wrong.

The One Being told the humans of the Dragons coming. He informed them of their cause. That was one of his gravest mistakes. The humans become full of fear. They began to construct weapons, to show the One Being they needed no help. But, the One Being was too occupied to notice the works of the Humans. He finished the Dragons, and set them onto his Earth.

The humans began the war with the colossal beasts, in what could be looked at as an accident. Out of terror, the first city to view the Dragons in all of their splendor attacked them. They had made weapons, something the One Being had tried to make unnecessary. He wanted his humans to be peaceful. The humans made them for one reason. They made them to make themselves invincible. They did nothing to the Dragons?

Angered by the attack, the dragons fought back. They swept and destroyed the entire city that was foolish enough to strike at them. The rained down fire and ice. Poison gases seeped from the jaws of others. The humans had no way to fight back, so they did all they could. They fled, into the deep caverns of the Earth.

The humans prayed to the One Being, asking for help. There was no answer, for the One Being was disgusted with both of his creations. So the humans looked elsewhere for help. Worried about being out done, the One Being gave the humans a gift to match the power of the Dragons. He created a new race, and placed them under the direct service of the humans. The third race was named the Elements.

Using the power of the elemental beings given to them, the humans forged weapons of great power to match the dragons. Instead of the projectile firing weapons they made before, they forged more ?primitive? weapons. Made with the power of the elements, the weapons were a milestone in the power of humans. Blades with runes of fire, spears with tips of lightening, and other magical weapons were some of the most fearsome sights ever known. They would fight back?and would win.

Not much is known of the war between the humans and dragons, except for the fact that humans still exist, while dragons are no longer seen. The world never quite evolved back to the way it was. Humans began to lose the ability to control the elements, and some devoted their lives to controlling and maintaining their elemental bonds. The weapons of today are the same as those that killed the dragons, without the elemental fortifications. The humans live in cities of stone. And evil runs rampant throughout the human souls.

After the war, the One Being turned his back on the humans, who he now considered vile. Hatred grew on him, and he cast it out. The hatred formed and changed in the darkness, it grew, and became the True Darkness, an evil so strong it rivaled the One Being. Soon, the humans lost their purity, Greed hate, and other evils soon took over the humans, And with ever fall of light, a great evil rises.
[B][I]The Legend of the Fallen World[/I][/B]

A storm will rise, and the darkness will make its move. The great defenders will fulfill their purpose, the world?s splendor will return. Or the end will come?
[B][I]The Prophecy Of the Return[/I][/B]

There is a legend. The One Being didn?t want to lose all of the work he put into the dragons, and despised the humans for destroying them, even if he was the one who gave them the power to. It states that he took the souls of the lost dragons, and fused it with a human soul. As generations passed, the dragon soul passed with it. It flowed through birth to a new host. Until the time of the return, it would lay dormant.
[B][I]Legend of the Rebirth[/I][/B]

A storm is growing in the far west, beyond the eyes of men. A great demon, an abomination made in the dark, made in the form of a man. He is massing an army of fallen beings, and is comprising an assault. His has flying ships, great hellspawn, and other unspeakable horrors. The time of the rebirth may be coming?.

[I][B]The Dragonborn:[/B][/I]
Those who are born with the soul of a dragon are aware of another presence inside of them. Just recently, the dragons have began to awaken. Slowly the dragon will completely fuse with the human, bestowing it's old physical form for use of the human. Only then, can they stand against the darkness...

[I][B]Major Towns[/B][/I]

Allinuder- A large port city on the Crytinith Ocean. Very prosperous.

Maunder- A mining community. Large source of metal. Main provider of gold.

Kyripto- A resort town. A main source of entertainment.

Moridinth- A dead town killed by the darkness. Evil spirits roam the city. Was once a beautiful place. Close to the Lands Edge.

Niviniy- A town in the far North. Temperatures deep into the negatives often.

Venna- A large town on the Lands Edge(the last shore before entering the territory of the Darkness). Well known for it?s great warriors. First Line of Defense against the True Darkness.

Benithor- A large fortress town. A place were contact with the elements is the strongest.

Agrini- A forest community. Well known for vegetation and archers.

Cammodor- The center of the Earth(as it is called). The richest city in the world. Best trade. Worst living conditions for the poor,

There arew many smaller communities as well. Feel free to make one up if wanted.

A long read, I know.

Before I begin, a few base line rules.
1. No Goddmodding
2. No putting other people down
3. No killing other P.C(unless specified)

As you can guess, this is pretty involved. I spent alot of time on this. So please, let's try and make it good.

Sign Ups:
[B][I][SIZE=2]Human (All)[/SIZE][/I][/B]
Name: (Anything is good)

Race: ( Human or Dragonborn, and only a few Dragonborn please):

Class: (Just so I have a base idea of your fighting style. Only mages can call for he elemants, but are very feeble.)

Age: (Don't go crazy)

Description: (Pic would be nice, but if not be precise)

Element(Mage Only): (Main elemental focus)

Weapon of Choice: (Remember nothing modern,)

Magical Speciality(Mage only): (What your best at doing.)


Bio: ( At least a good paragraph.)

[SIZE=2][I][B]Dragon[/B][/I][/SIZE](Dragon Born Only)

Dragons Name:

Description of Dragon: (Pic if possible)

Dragon Type: ( The color, and therefor element, of your dragon)

Dragons Emergence(Dragonborn only) : (The first thing that changes when the dragons give their power to the humans. Only changes when host calls for the dragons power. Diffrent then full transformation. Only the thing listed changes)

Personality of Dragon: (What the dragon is now like.)

And now for my sign-up(and an example of how they should look)
Name: Hyuga Mortison

Race: Dragonborn

Class: Swordsman(is profficent with only swords)

Age: 22

Descrpition: [url]http://www.animelab.com/anime.manga/fanart/Get Backers/0/20/344/[/url]

Weapon of Choice: Twin Scimitars(I think I spelled that right). Engraved on both are:
[I]Those who chose to fight, will fill the sting of my bite. May the Dragons ride again.[/I]

Personality: Hyuga is person who tries to do what he can. He is quick to anger, and can be hateful. He is a good friend, but trusts few people.

Bio: Alone in the world, Hyuga has come to cope with being rejected. He's always know he was diffrent. He could feel the presence of the dragon since his birth. His father told him about the dragon soul, and he came to cherish it. He believed the old legends and was proud of the fact that he would be a savior. Until that very soul destroyed his life.

When his dragon awoke, Hyuga experieced esctasy. He had never been so happy. He could feel the power of the beast, and could hear it's voice. But was also greatly saddend. The Darkness was coming. The people of his village began blaming Hyuga for anything that went wrong. Soon, they grew to hate him. Then, in pure hatred, they killed his mother and father, calling them demons for bringing the "Hellborn Dragon" into life. Hyuga lost control of himself, and Hellion made his move. The entire village was ripped to pieces.

Hyuga now roams from place to place, looking for a point. He fears for himself everyday. He hears rumors about others like himself. He has set out to find them. He blocks out the thoughts of power, because he has seen how pain that power could bring.

[SIZE=2][I][B]Dragon[/B] [/I] [/SIZE]

Dragons Name: Hellion

Description of Dragon: [url]http://www.backblast.com/dsl/slayers/Draconis.jpg[/url]

Element/Dragon Type: Red Dragon(Fire Element)

Dragon Emergence: The wings of Hellion pierce Hyuga's back when he calls to him.

Personality of Dragon: A creature full of Malice, Hellion is a vengful being who will kill anything that tries to oppose him. He cares for only Hyuga, because he needs him to survive.

Okay, so please sign up and we can have some fun. Also, if anyone wants to be the "Villian" PM me. I want to keep him a secret so it's a surprise.

Dmitri_Dragoon, Lexy,Retro,Takuya , good job. Your in. I will start this Sunday or Monday(or at the most Tuesday) and will leave the sign-p's open. Very good quality so far people.
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[SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Jasper Cargorn

[B]Race: [/B] Human

[B]Class:[/B] Warrior

[B]Age:[/B] 39

[B]Description:[/B] [URL=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v55/Rayman_879/bwarrior.jpg]click here[/URL]

[B]Element(Mage Only): [/B] N/A

[B]Weapon of Choice:[/B] Bastard Sword

[B]Magical Speciality(Mage only):[/B] N/A

[B]Personality:[/B] Jasper has seen quite a bit in his life. But that does not stop him from being kind to others. He is often seen as a light of hope in Venna because of his optimism. However, he can be quick to anger and is rather vicious in battle. So his natural good-hearted tendencies have a dark shadow that can suface easily.

[B]Bio:[/B] Born in Benithor he was expected to become a mage. He spent 2 weeks as an apprentice to a mage before he was sent back home to his parents. Jasper just did not have the spirit of a mage in him.

One day a group of warriors was passing through Benithor. Instantly Jasper knew what it was he was going to do. At the age of 8 he told the warriors that they were going to take him with them and teach him how to use a sword, or he was going to hurt them. The soldiers laughed but liked his spirit. Without telling his parents, Jasper found himself on the road to Venna to join the ranks of the best fighters in the world.

Jasper was able to catch on to everything he was taught very quickly and became a distinguished fighter with any type of weapon and with his bare hands. He still received many disciplinary beatings for insubordination. Eventually his instructors figured that no amount of beating would make him stop causing mischief.

Now he continues to show a light-hearted take on life and helps out those in need in Venna, even if it is helping a feeble old man carry his goods from the market. But he is beginning to feel that he intended for a bigger role in the greater scheme of things.[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=Red][U]Name:[/U] Shiori Levitson

[U]Race:[/U] Dragonbornd

[U]Age:[/U] 21

[U]Class:[/U] swordsman(or woman)

[U]Description:[/U] [url]http://fanart.theotaku.com/view.php?action=retrieve&id=6830[/url]

[U]Weapon of Choice:[/U] Two small hand blade boomerang swords (she can fight like regular swords with them but they are curved so that when she throws them they're like a boomerang)

[U]Personality:[/U] Shiori is a very friendly person once you get to know her but her fear of hurting people sometimes gets in the way of her really getting close to you or of her wanting you around. She is brave at times and likes to have fun.

[U]Bio: [/U] Shiori grew up hearing stories of dragons and of the past days that seemed to be passed down from generation to generation but not even in her wildest dreams did she think that a dragon laid slumber in her body. Since she was little she knew she was different somehow but never paid much attention. As she grew older she could sense something deep inside her and wondered more than ever if the stories her grandparents told her could be true.

The day the dragon emerged she could feel only anger and hatred...it was as if all the times she had ever been mad or angry in her life had finally been released and she could hardly control it. At the time two of her best friends were in the wrong place at the wrong time and she hurt them badly..since then Shiori has been roaming from city to city making sure not to stay long or get too close to them for fear of them getting hurt....[/COLOR]


[U]Dragon's Name:[/U] Laconia

[U]Dragon's Emergence:[/U] When the dragon emerges Shiori's eyes turn from red to a dark black.

[U]Description:[/U] [url]http://www.backblast.com/dsl/slayers/bluedragon.html[/url]

[U]Element/Dragon type:[/U] Blue Dragon (water element)

[U]Personality:[/U] Laconia is not all bad..only when Shiori builds up anger for a long period of time does the dragon become angered and out to kill. So to keep the dragon under control Shiori tries to keep her emotions under control...though she can't always..[/COLOR]

Hope tha's okay..if not tell me and I'll fix it! :D
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Name: Ishtarel Mynok (known as Wolf)

Race: human

Class: melee fighter(proficient in some forms of melee combat, no forms of ranged combat, and moderate experience in hand-to-hand combat)

Age: 26

Description: Wolf is easily recognised, as he was born with stone gray skin. Most people agree that it was caused by his mother, who developed the same trait by constant exposure to sut and ash. His hair is brown, and is always tied back in a pony-tail, and his eyes are a rich emrald green. He's usually dressed in light, dark brown leather armor, with a black helmet that covers the top half of his face. His curved sword, grim, hangs sheathlessly on his belt.

Weapon of Choice: A long curved sword with a black hilt and a cackeling skull carved near the tip. He has been seen calling it Grim.

Personality: Suprisingly good humored for his apperance, but is too quick to judge those around him. Those he travels with usually find themselves ranked, in the alpha-omega order (one of the reasons he is called "Wolf"). He is often overconfident, and will charge into battle alone, regardless of the enemy's size. He's intimidating at a glance, of course, he's been in many pointless fights over his apperance.

Bio: Wolf, born in Maunder, grew up very close to the mines. His mother and father were both miners, as was his former mentor. He himself had only been down in the mines twice, though, before he moved away with a band of nomads, who struck a deal with his father to get Wolf to Allinuder, where he was promised a job manning a large boat, the Sunder.

However, Wolf never made it to Allinuder. He was seperated from the band in a thick forest, and wound up in Kyripto in one month. He had no way of informing either his family or the tribe of his whereabouts, so he was forced to make a living for himself in Kyripto.

He was lucky, a man with a hand in entertainment knew his face from a trip through Maunder, and he was offered a job in doing acrobatics with sharp objects, hence his flashy fighting style. There he remainded until he was 20, when he left with a party of treasure seekers, for Allinuder. He didn't plan to take the job he was offered long ago, but rather set up a small weapon shop on port, where he would hopefully live out the rest of his life.

Again, his journey was interrupted. A lady in his party, Helena, whom Wolf came to care for like a sister, became violently ill. They were again in the forest when Wolf left the camp to find an herb that would allow the illness to subside. He came back to an empty, raveged camp. Who it was, or why they came, he knew not, but Helena was with them, so he followed them as far as the trail went, and has been hunting them since.
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Name: Vaxla Intunecat

Race: Dragonborn

Class: Vaxla is basically in a class of her own. Nobody else has her unique mix of talents and abilities. She is an expert at weapon combat, and her weapons of choice are two metal poles which she has dubbed the Rigas. However, Akansola (read the rest of the sign-up, and you should understand) prefers using her abilities, all of which are fire-based.

Age: 27

Description: At 6 ft. 4 in. in height, Vaxla is quite tall. She has shoulder-length black hair and brown eyes. She's in very good shape, and it shows. She also happens to be the most beutiful woman you're likely to see. She's perfectly proportioned (which does not mean the ridiculously inflated breasts and other such things that seem to be in demand), and it's all natural. She doesn't even use makeup.

Element: Vaxla has none, but Akansola's (again, keep reading) is fire.

Weapon of Choice: The Rigas, a pair of metal poles forged by a fire mage. They are capable of withstanding extreme heat.

Magical Speciality: Again, Vaxla has no magical ability, but Akansola's (keep reading) would be powers of destruction.

Personality: Smart, quick-thinking, and cunning, Vaxla is an extremly dangerous person. She's quick to come of with a plan, and her plans are normally very good ones, the only problem being that they're frequently too complex for others to follow. Which isn't that big of a deal, because Vaxla prefers to work alone. She is extremly antisocial. She does not make idle conversation, and if you make any advnces toward her (I'm talking romantic/sexual here), you'll probably end up missing your reproductive organ. She'll work with others if doing so will significantly aid her, but other than that, she's always seen by herself (or as close to that as she can get. Again, keep reading)

Bio: Vaxla doesn't really know anything for her life before the age of 21. All that she remembers is a series of attempts to kill her parents. At least, it seems like it was her parents. It might very well have been Vaxla who was the target. No matter who the attackers were after, these memories are very strong, and are the reason for Vaxla's dislike of humans in general.

It was at the age of 21 that Vaxla first became aware of the presence of another inside her. The dragon within her, while weak when it first awakened, quickly gained power. It is among the most powerful dragons there are, which would have caused problems for anyone else, because this dragon has a very real contempt for humans. Which means that it is very much in favor of Vaxla's antisocial tendencies. They have formed a partnership unlike any other (the rest fits better in the dragon part of the sign-up).

Dragon's Name: Akansola (yes, the Akansola I mentioned earlier)

Dragon's Gender: Female

Description of Dragon: Akansola is very large, even for a dragon. She is colored a brilliant red, the red of fire. When seen from the right angle and in the right light, she appears to be made of fire, an extremly convincing illusion. Thei, coupled with her size, unusualy sharp claws, and unnaturally glowing eyes, make for a more intimidating form than almost all other dragons.

Dragon Type: Akansola is a fire dragon (bet you saw that one coming)

Personality of Dragon: Akansola sees herself as a superior creature, and she has the power to back it up. But it's not just herself; she believes that dragons are the greatest of the world's creatures. This does not mean she feels animosity toward other creatures; for the most part, she pities the lesser beings. Humans are the exception. She despises humans. Well, most humans. Vaxla she's actually taken a liking to, mainly because of Vaxla's ownpreference for isolation and general dislike of other humans. This is fortunate for Vaxla, because not only is Akansola very powerful and very strong physically, but she also has a very strong mind. If she wanted to, she could easily destroy Vaxla's mind completly.

Instead of destroying Vaxla's mind, which would resualt in Vaxla ceasing to exist and Akansola gaining full control of her body, Vaxla and Akanasola have formed a partnership (that's not quite the right word, but I don't know a better one). One mine is in control, while the other is essentially an observer (note: this should be obvious, but the two minds are capable of communicating with each other, and none but the two of them can hear this mind-to-mind communication). Either mind, Vaxla's or Akansola's, can control either body, human or dragon. They have guidelines as to which mind should be in control when, but Vaxla is normaly in control when in human form, and Akansola normally gets control of the dragon form.

Dragon's Emergence: In order to use Akansola's power while in human form, Akansola must be in control. Even when in human form, she seems non-human. She is non-human in the sound of her voice, she is non-human in her thoughts and conclusions, she is non-human in her movements, and she is even non-human in the way she stands.

Hope that's okay. tell me if I need to change anything.
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Name: Naomi Griffen

Race: Dragon born

Class: pole arms

Age: 19

Description: 6'0" with white hair one bright blue eye and one bright green eye, she usually wears the green and red of the fortress guards on her journeys along with the chain mail and knee high boots. Also she has a small red ruby pendent that hangs around her neck and is usually hidden by the light, slate grey cloak she wears over everything. She is usually followed by a small white fox.

Weapon of Choice: double bladed glaive

Personality: Naomi hides her thoughts from everyone and acts happy, though she does sometime loses her cool and blows up she is a laid back person.

Bio: Naomi lived in Niviny until the villagers ran her family out during a harsh winter. Her parents led her two brothers and her through the snow until they came down with pneumonia and fell deathly ill. Her older brother took charge when they passed on and lead them to Toshino a small town near the coast. During the journey she felt something in her awaken and something drawing her west so she left her brothers under the care of Toshino's elder. She arrived at Benithor and joined the army under the guise as a boy. She learned to fight with pole arms (spears, glaives, and staffs). When she was discharged to Moridinth she faked her death and left under the cloak of night. Her knowledge of the dragon within her had grown and she now lives in the forest alone trying to control the dragon. IN the forest she found an unusually small, white baby fox kit and nursed it back to good health.

Dragon's name: Rune

Description of dragon: Rune

Dragon Type: White, Air

Dragons Emergence: Ridge of spikes on the neck, scales where skin should be, and change of hair color.

Dragon Personality: Rune is as complicated as Naomi but actually share's what?s on his mind. He hoards things with a passion (even humans) and is a bit childish. In his mind there is nothing that cannot be resolved through laughing or talking. He cares deeply for Naomi like an older brother would.
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Name: Eric Redhammer

Race: Human

Class: General At Arms (Soldier) (Uses a wide range of weaponry.)

Age: 34

Discription: Eric is a tall (7' 1") man who stands firm in the face of any darkness. He has green eyes and long brown hair. Many battle scars mark his body, his face is ruff, made to look even ruffer by his beard and mustache. He wares leather pants and a white cotton shirt under a black vest. His suit of armor is forged of steel, and his helm sports a large white plume. It has a simple guard that shuts over his face. He wairs a full suit of chain mail under his armor, and silk garmets over that. All in all when in full battle dress it is quite a splended outfit.

Weapon of Choice: A steel Double edged blade, simple and sturdy. Marked with the words: [i] Courage Honor Strength [/i]

Personality: Eric is a very honorable person. He walks the path of good and justice. He is kind spoken toward his friends, and harsh with his eniemies. He is not rash but can be vengefull.

Bio: Eric Redhammer was born in Venna, his parents were loving and did all they could for him, they wanted him to grow up and leave for Cammodor one day. Venna though, it had other plans.
The city seemed to work wonders at ruinning a good soldiers plan of ever leaving. Eric was only three days from being transfered to Cammodor, when the city was put under siege by the True Darkness. Only a small seige, perhaps to test the cities deffences. Eric performed well in the time of danger, and needless to say, was denied transfer.
Instead he was placed in charge of a small group of soldiers that would deffend the out fort of Bergon a small deffencive possition half mile outside the city. He served there for four years with out seeing battle untill the fort was attacked by a small leigion of enemy troops. Only Eric and nine others survived to return to the city, but they had held out till the last.
Eric was then honored with the rank of Sargent, and given control of the outter wall. The other nine men were made captains and put under his command. Another three years passed befor anything happened again and then a massive siege attempt that lasted nearly three months. The casualties were enormous, but finally they broke the siege. Eric was given the rank of general at arms, given the command of the entire Vennian Garrison. The previous General at Arms had been killed in the siege.
Eric has always dreamed of leaving Venna to go to a city far away from the Lands Edge, but he knows now that will never happen. Fate has him tied there untill it thinks of some worse place for him.
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[COLOR=Blue]Name: Kira Wolfwood

Race: Dragonborn

Age: 23

Class: Warrior

Descritption: [url]http://fanart.theotaku.com/view.php?action=retrieve&id=54114[/url]

Weapon of Choice: Two hand daggers

Personality: Kira is an impatient and moody girl (much like her dragon). She is a good person once you get to know her and she loves a good fight. She's up for any kind of adventure or challenges and always pushes herself to her fullest.

Bio: Kira grew up in a small village where she learned to fight at an early age. She loved fighting so much that she continued to learned all she could to master her skills. Since Kira was a little girl she could always tell something was different about her, and when she found out about Zamari she embraced what she was instead of running from it.

When Kira was old enough to leave home she went out on her own to have her own adventures and find her own destiny. She knew her skills and travels would take her far and with Zamari by her side she was ready for anything........[/COLOR]


Dragon's Name: Zamari

Dragon's Emergence: When Zamari emerges fangs grow in Kira's mouth, Kira's hair turns a pure white and her fingers nails become claw like.

Description: [url]http://dragonsdomain.50megs.com/images/dragons_-_solstice.jpg[/url]

Element/Dragon Type: White Dragon (ice element)

Personality: Zamari is very protective of Kira, impatient at times and can be moody and rutheless.[/COLOR]
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Name: Kyo Hatinko

Race: dragonborn

Class: Warrior

Age: 25

Description : (look at the attachment below) he stands at 6'7" and weighs roughly around 195lbs.

Weapon of Choice: A giant great sword about 4'5" long

Personality: He is very protective of the people he cares about just like his dragon and is short tempered when fighting but when you are friends with him he is very nice.

Bio: Kyo grew up on the countryside and learned to fight by his father training him until he was 14 when his father died of a heart attack, but he kept training and getting better and by the time he was 16 he was able to train with his fathers great sword. He always trained at the volcanoe a few miles away by instinct. He always felt something about that place that was different by everything else. But one day he heard bubbling and something arose from the volcanoe's crater. It was shaped as a ball and all of a sudden it opened and the wings spread out and it was a dragon. Amazed by the dragon he didn't run like others would. he stayed and he befriended it they grew together and every day he would go back and see it and train with it.


Dragons Name: Blaze

Description of Dragon: [url]www.gotojassminesitenow.com/dragons/dragonslair.html[/url]

Dragon Type: red Dragon, Fire Element

Dragons Emergence(Dragonborn only) : (The first thing that changes when the dragons give their power to the humans. Only changes when host calls for the dragons power. Diffrent then full transformation. Only the thing listed changes)

Personality of Dragon: Blaze is very protective of Kyo he never lets anything happen to him and only likes people that Kyo likes. He also is very short tempered and strikes at anything that threatins him and Kyo.
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