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BoF : Calling all Dragons [ m -LV ]

Sephy 07

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In a time long ago, perhaps in a dream. There was a world, very similar to ours. This was a world of unequivicall grace and beauty. In this world, a world with no name. Dragons reside. They look over all life, they govern all law. They are our gods.

However, In a time of great strife, turmoil, hatred and envy. The humans, bieng the ever-evolving vines of greed and destruction they are, turned upon the dragons. Claming thier own destiny. Erecting a new god. St.EVA. Thus, the dragons disapated. Returned to nature. In esence were gone form all fascets of life.

It has been a long time since the dragons were here, and most have forgotten the awe insipring power that flows through thier veins. The dragons however have been waiting, brooding, plotting and watching the pitious humans. They wait now for the "chosen few" dragons. For as it is written, these dragons will save the world from the corruption of St.EVA...


Welcome to Breath of Fire: CaD

The dragons shall not be in dragon form at all times. Its more of a transformation. You will need a human form, and a Dragon form.

BoF:CaD is set in midevil style world. No guns please.

Dragon Name: ( guardian or Trans )
Weapon : ( think era esk )
Apperance ( picture or discription 2 para plz )
Clan: ( optional )
Style: ( dragons breath atk... Ala : fire, ice etc..)
Bio: ( 3 paragraphs minimum )

Note* not all sign ups shall be accepted. Its over all theme and quality. GL HF
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