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Pistolero [M for V,L]


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[CENTER][B]June 2, 1878[/B] [/CENTER]

[I]The so-called Lincoln County War began in 1878 and dragged on until 1881. At that time Lincoln County covered nearly one-fifth of the entire territory. It was the largest county in the United States. The Lincoln County War was no less bloody than other wars which have struck the area. This particular war arose from conflicts between rival New Mexico cattle barons.

During the 1870s a group of merchants had gained control over the economy of Lincoln County, including a monopoly on filling lucrative contracts from the military at Fort Stanton. L.G. Murphy and J.J. Dolan, who owned huge cattle ranches in Lincoln County, had a monopoly on the cattle and merchant trade. This group and their allies was called The House. The infamous Seven-Rivers gang, of which Jesse Evans, a boyhood friend of Billy the Kid, was a member, fought for the cattle barons.

In 1877, their control was challenged by Alexander McSween, a Lincoln attorney, and John Tunstall, an English entrepreneur -- who were backed by the day's biggest cattle baron, John Chisum. Chisum's employees and supporters were known as The Regulators, and followers of The House violently resisted them. The battle was fought not only in courtrooms but also through gunfights, murders, and cattle rustlings. The war attracted desperados from all parts of New Mexico, Texas, Colorado and south of the Rio Grande.

On February 18, 1878 Tunstall was murdered by members of a sheriff's posse after he had surrendered his gun. According to the "code of the West," an unarmed man was not to be shot. The Regulators vowed to take vengeance upon House followers resonsible for killing Tunstall. Among the group of Regulators was a young man known as Billy the Kid, who had befriended Tunstall. o, Billy the Kid rode in and out of the war with the purpose of avenging Tunstall's murder.

In September 1878 President Rutherford B. Hayes removed Governor Axtell from office and appointed Lew Wallace as New Mexico's new governor.[/I] (source cited- GlobalSecurity.org)

[COLOR=Red]Alright, this is gonna be my first historical RPG, so let's all learn together. I actually have done a good bit of research on the old west for this RPG, but i really dont expect you to do the same. Feel free to signup without even a basic knowledge of American history, the chapter system will probably help you there. I will provide you with a few links that may make your character signup a little easier. Thing to remember: we're pretty much acting out the lincoln county war as we see fit, so either choose to be for the house, the regulators, or other. You can Even sign up as Billy The Kid if you would so like.[/COLOR]


[COLOR=SandyBrown]FOR A NEW MEXICAN TIMELINE-[/COLOR] [url]http://encarta.msn.com/media_461529142/New_Mexico_Historical_Events.html[/url]

[COLOR=SandyBrown]FOR PICS OF WEAPONS USED IN THE 19TH CENTURY-[/COLOR] [url]http://www.ushist.com/weapons/wea.htm#item2[/url]

[B]Signup as follows[/B]

[B]Name:[/B] Something American unless you want to be a foreigner.

[B]Alias:[/B] Example: Billy The Kid was a pretty famous alias. Think up something good if you choose to have one.

[B]Age:[/B] Not too young please.

[B]Appearance:[/B] Paragraph or Pic.

[B]Alliance:[/B] The House, The Regulators, or other?

[B]Weapon(s) of choice:[/B] Again, make it something from Western culture unless you plan to play a foreigner.

[B]Bio:[/B] Inculde why you picked the side you did, but dont feel obligated to make it too long.

I'll post mine if we get enough signups. Have fun and thanks for reading.
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[size=2][color=darkred][b][color=black]Name[/color]:[/b] Jacob Spearson

[b][color=black]Alias[/color]:[/b] Jacob the Outlaw

[b][color=black]Age[/color]:[/b] 24[/color][/size]

[size=2][color=darkred][b][color=black]Appearance[/color]:[/b] Jacob is a slender man of around 130 lbs and stands at 6' 2". He has dark brown hair that looks black from a short distance away. His eyes are also a deep brown that can be mistaken for black if only glanced at. He can usually be found wearing a simple pair of blue jeans, a white t-shirt, and his trusty boots.

[b][color=black]Alliance[/color]:[/b] The House

[b][color=black]Weapon(s) of choice[/color]:[/b] 2 Remington Revolvers, one in a holster by each side.

[b][color=black]Bio[/color]:[/b] [/color][/size]
[size=2][color=darkred]Jacob was born to a farming family in the interior portion on North Carolina. At the tender age of 15, he decided to run away from home and move out west and adventure to the "wasteland" as some called it. He finally arrived in the state of New Mexico after 3 weeks of both walking and finding a friendly cart driver to take him to the next town.[/color][/size]
[size=2][color=darkred]After he arrived, he settled in a small town and lived there for a few years before he decided to become an outlaw. He had heard of a band of merchants known as the House and thought to seek them out. He finally saw a small dispute between the man he would soon find to be known as Jesse Evans and a drunk in the town saloon.[/color][/size]
[size=2][color=darkred]When the shuffle died down, he spoke to Jesse about the House. He learned of the practices of The House and knew that he had found his calling. He talked Jesse into letting him meet J.J. Dolan, the co-owner of a contract monopoly. They discussed terms and the like, and Jacob Spearson soon became known as Jacob the Outlaw.[/color][/size]
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[B]Name-[/B] Jeff Collings

[B]Alias-[/B] Vaquero

[B]Age-[/B] 23

[B]Appearance-[/B] [URL=http://www.policejournalsa.org.au/0401/42a9.jpg]Not...Depp[/URL]

[B]Alliance-[/B] The Regulators

[B]Weapon of Choice-[/B] One modified silver Colt pistol

[B]Bio-[/B] fill this in later. i do know it though.
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Name: Roger Short

Alias: The Ranger

Age: 47

Apperance: Roger is 5' 11" and abot 136 pounds. He is ruff and travel worn, from his brown leather trench coat (not the shiny black sort, brown cow hide leather.) to his dusty hat, which is black. He wears star spurs on his boots, which come up to his mid calf, and blue jeans under his chaps. He wears black gloves and a black button up shirt. Roger's hair is long, light brown, and he keeps his face ruffly shaven. He has dark green eyes, and ussually is seen smoking a cigar. He wears his two rebuilt La Mat Calvary Revolvers in hulsters, one on each hip. Often he's seen with his modified Winchester Rifle.

Alliance: The Regulators

Weapon(s) of choice: Two rebuilt La Mat Calvary Revolvers and a modified Winchester Rifle.

Bio: Roger Short is a loner, a cowboy and some time ranch hand, and a bounty hunter. He never stays in one place long. Not since he was a kid of about sixteen. Roger had hooked up with a small bandit group heading west, but when they left him for dead he took up a home in a small town and US Army fort.
Roger moved on from there when he was about 19, heading west with a good friend he had made in the town, Tom "Goods" Walks. The two head for Texas, but soon found themselfs seperated by fate. Tom desided to stop at a cattle ranch and work up some cash befor heading out, Roger continued on.
When he reached Texas Roger took up a position on a ranch. He was 21. Two years later he reunited with Tom "Goods" who was leading a herd from the ranch he had been working at, to the ranch Roger was working. Roger was ready to move, and he asked Tom to go with him, the two set off again.
This time a bandit group attacked them, and Tom was killed. Roger, who narrowly escaped, came to find out that it was the same group he had first started west with. Roger followed the group to there hide out, and then went to find a local sheirif. When he did he persuaded Mr. Duglas Robers to round up a small pose and go get the bandits.
When they attacked the bandits hid out Roger who was now sore of two hurts from them, was relentless in his persuit. He killed every member of the gang.
After that he lived his life wandering the west, collecting various bounties and working various Cattle Runs.
Untill at the age of 46 he got caught up in the Lincoln County War. He saw Tunstall murdered, and it made him remember how his friend Tom "Goody" had died. Roger sought out the Regulators.
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