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Gundam SEED [M-VL]


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[COLOR=Navy][SIZE=1]It is Cosmic Era 81 and the Earth Alliance and ZAFT had signed an armistice, a fragile one but it produced a shaky feeling of peace, but that armistice has been broken due to several events following up to this time. In CE 80 the Earth Alliance gave the extremist anti-coordinator group Blue Cosmos a grant to become a branch of its military division. More like they gave Blue Cosmos free reign to do whatever they want such as cause mayhem for the coordinators. One such feat was on December 25, CE 80 when the Blue Cosmos arrived at a colony where a mass protest was taking place in response to the Earth Alliance?s allowing of the Blue Cosmos to become a military branch. The response to this was cruel and up there with the holocaust committed back in 1945 by Adolph Hitler. Blue Cosmos drained the colony of all breathable air and pumped poisonous gas into the colony and killed every single thing. ZAFT quickly responded by sending a fleet of ships to the colony, they then destroyed the Blue Cosmos task force but not before questioning the commander of his motives and it was revealed that the commander did it for sheer pleasure, at that instant the ZAFT ships opened fire and destroyed the Blue Cosmos ship. After the battle was over the ZAFT fleet hacked into the colony?s navigation computer and sent it in for a crash course to earth.

The Earth Alliance tried to stop this catastrophe but they soon realized it was futile, their space forces were too little and too thin. All that was accomplished was that the colony was blown in half and one half exploded over North America releasing a plant killing virus created by ZAFT, it was later discovered that the colony had in fact been a massive lab for designing biological weapons and that the virus only killed plants of certain types, mainly wheat and corn plants. The other half of the colony harmlessly landed in the Mediterranean Ocean and has remained submerged. This entire incident was named Christmas Day Massacre. In the past five days though, both sides have begun readying for a massive war that threatens to engulf everything in destruction. However, not every single earthling is ready for war, the pacifist nation Orb has tried to negotiating with both ZAFT and the Earth Alliance but both refuse to listen to Orb?s pleas for civil behavior and for both of the angered sides to go into a full investigation. One conference held in Paris resulted in the Earth Alliance delegate walking out of the conference all together. The true intentions of the Earth Alliance have been shrouded and kept secret by the Blue Cosmos since they have gained enough power to control all of the Earth Alliance. ZAFT on the other hand has made it clear that they are going to conquer the Earth Alliance and they?ll do it by any means possible. While remaining pacifistic the Orb faction has been secretly hording its resources and has built and rebuilt five gundams they are: Strike Gundam, Red Astray Gundam Frame, Blue Astray Frame Gundam, Freedom Gundam, and Sword Calamity Gundam over the past three months. Along with these gundams being rebuilt they have given them the Neutron Jammer Canceller device, Orb got its hands on the original device and blue prints when they salvaged what was left of Freedom. Also, the Archangel has been re-commissioned for active duty to carry these five mobile suits around. Along with these five mobile suits being built, Orb constructed thousands of Astrays and made them strong enough to wipe out any EA suits. Finally, when all of this was completed the Orb government decided it needed five pilots for the Gundams.

Okay I would like the following.

Coordinator or Natural
Mobile Suit

The Gundams are as follow: Strike Gundam, Red and Blue Frame Astrays, Freedom Gundam, and Sword Calamity Gundam.

I have Strike Gundam for myself, Freedom for Strike Gundam, and Sword Calamity for Hittokiri Zero. Anywho I really look foward to those of you who join.


I'll also take people who want to sign up for some bad guys that are like ace pilots too. But I still want decent sign ups.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[SIZE=1]I know this ignores SEED Destiny, but the series isn't finished so meh.[/SIZE]

[B]Also, I'd like to say that I will allow more than one signup for a mobile suit. Please, do not use characters pre-exisiting.[/B]
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Ooooooooooooooooo! Joining.

Name: Phayt

Gender: Male

Age: 14


Personality: Phayt is one of the people who when is fighting or is doing anything that has to do with luck says "Im a lucky bastard". He never thinks things through and improvises alot. He likes to show off as well.

Description: Bout 6' and has black hair. Wears a head band and a black shirt with black pants, and a white over shirt. Average build and slightly messy medium long black hair.

Bio: Phayt always wanted to be a piolt for a gundam since a kid. He did realize however that there were few gundams that naturals could piolt. This basically crushed his dream at becoming a gundam piolt. He then found Red Frame while on one of the junk guilds assignments for him. He decided that since he found it he would take it. Since then he as been piolting Red Frame everywhere.

Mobile Suit: Astray Gundam Red Frame

Mobile Suit description: Phayt found Red Frame with the Gerbera Straight. He also found a Scale System with it which alows Vehicles to move freely through water, sand, and loose soil. He made great use out of that system by modifieing it to were it was compatible with Red Frame.
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[b]Name:[/b] Seta Kuroda
[b]Gender:[/b] Male
[b]Age:[/b] 17
[b]Race:[/b] Son of a coordinator (father) and natural (mother) couple.
[b]Personality:[/b] Brash and quick to pass judgement on others. Often adheres to his own set of ideals and beliefs on what is right and what is wrong, which can cause him to become blinded to what the truth really is.
[b]Description:[/b] 6'0'' tall, moderate build, slightly messy black hair. Normal attire = Plain black shirt with white cargo pants.
[b]Biography:[/b] With tensions between Coordinators and Naturals mounting since birth Seta never could fit in with anyone. He was neither coordinator nor natural and was always the subject of cruel names and jokes by his peers. After several failed assasination attempts of both is father and mother who worked as the heads of one of PLANT's sciene laboratories, Seta's parents opted to send Seta down to Earth under the guise of being a Natural so that he may live in peace and continue his studies under the guidance of his uncles. Only five years old at the time, Seta's initial reaction to his parents sending him to Earth was one of sudden sorrow, which quickly turned to intense hatred for his parents, and everyone around him. But it was under the guidance of his two uncles that Seta was able to channel and eventually rid himself of his anger by participating in many small-scale desert-based "Mobile Suit Fights" in which participants were able to compete with one another in a one on one Mobile Suit duel in which the winner was crowned by knocking the opponent's mobile suit off its feet. Just as soon as Seta began to find solace in his life his short-lived happiness was taken away from him as group of mobile suit bandits calling themselves the Desert Phantoms launched an assault on the mobile suit production facility where Seta and his uncles were working. With the facility's mobile suit unit easily disposed of Seta was rushed to a secluded portion of the factory where his uncles gave him the task of safe guarding their newest creation, the GAT-X133 Sword Calamity. Since the death of his uncles and destruction of his second homeland little has been known about Seta's whereabouts, but rumors say that he can currently be seen wandering from desert village to desert village in the Sword Calmity defending villages from the Desert Phantoms, biding his time until the day he is strong enough to defeat the Desert Phantoms once and for all.
[b]Mobile Suit:[/b] GAT-X133 Sword Calamity ([i]Unit 1 colors[/i])
([i]Picture taken from MAHQ.net[/i])
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Name: Takato Hanasai
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Personality: Takato is a calm guy outside of his gundam but when he is in his gundam it's a whole different world to him. He is ruthless and gives no mercy, he sometimes can rush into things and risk the safety of himself and sometimes his comrades, but he seems to be able to make up for it and come of with something big.
Description: (will finish appearence latta)
Biography: While Takato was growing his father flew and repaired gundams. He always loved helping his father repair and go for test rides at the base, but when he found out that his father died in a inter-galactic war he swore to follow his fathers footsteps and be a gundam pilot.
Mobile Suit: GX-9900-DV Gundam X Divider (will getpicture in a little bit)
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[QUOTE=Spydaweb782005]Name: Takato Hanasai
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Personality: Takato is a calm guy outside of his gundam but when he is in his gundam it's a whole different world to him. He is ruthless and gives no mercy, he sometimes can rush into things and risk the safety of himself and sometimes his comrades, but he seems to be able to make up for it and come of with something big.
Description: (will finish appearence latta)
Biography: While Takato was growing his father flew and repaired gundams. He always loved helping his father repair and go for test rides at the base, but when he found out that his father died in a inter-galactic war he swore to follow his fathers footsteps and be a gundam pilot.
Mobile Suit: GX-9900-DV Gundam X Divider (will getpicture in a little bit)[/QUOTE]

[SIZE=1]What the heck?! This rpg is Gundam SEED, not Gundam X.. Anyways, I'll get my sign up posted now since I'm here.

[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][B]Name:[/B] Ismet
[B]Age:[/B] 18
[B]Gender:[/B] Male
[B]Height:[/B] 6 feet 2 inches
[B]Description:[/B] Ismet has sandy brown hair, dark emerald green eyes, and his skin tone is a light tan color. He is usually seen wearing a blue t-shirt along with jeans. He also wears a thin chain necklace that his grandparents gave him for his sixteenth birthday.
[B]Mobile Suit:[/B] Strike Gundam
[B]Personality:[/B] Ismet is normal to most people but can become very detached and completely ignore someone when he?s angry or in a fight.
[B]Coordinator or Natural:[/B] Ismet is a Coordinator but hasn?t realized his full potential.
[B]Background:[/B] Everyone remembers the Bloody Valentine incident in Comsic Era 69, no one will ever forget it. One major person who would never forget it is Ismet, he was six at the time of this horrible incident and staying on earth with his grandparents while his parents were finishing the sale of their home on Junis Seven. Ismet found out when he was sitting in his grandparents living room watching television and a news bulletin came over and stated that the Earth Alliance had launched a large amount of nuclear warheads at Junis seven and decimated it to rubble. What had worried his grandparents about him was that Ismet just seemed to stare off into space and then he broke down into tears. After that. Ismet became a different person, his coordinator powers appeared on the surface more often and then one day while he was seventeen at a fencing class his coordinator prowess emerged and he was able to respond with lightning quick reflexes but he was then shunned and he eventually left his grandparents home and went to the Orb country. For the past year he?s been living in peace working at the Orb military base and has been around the gundams since construction and is rather familiar with the cockpit and controls (seeing as how he helped design the OS.)

[B]Mech Description:[/B] This mobile suit still retains the original Strike Gundam look except now the armor is colored and it now carries a Tactical Arms backpack which is like the Astray Blue Frame?s. It can separate and change into a large gatling gun or an oversized sword. Unfortunately, both of these units are so heavy that they can only be used in a zero gravity enviroment (e.g. space or water) to try and use these units on solid ground would mean the mobile suit?s limbs would crumble under the weight. In essence this Gundam is similar to its predecessor except with this modification and the fact that it, like the other four gundams are nuclear powered and those cores are protected by N-Jammer Cancellers.[/COLOR][/SIZE]

[SIZE=1][B]I'm also going to allow Newtypes for signups too.[/B][/SIZE]
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[font=Book Antiqua][color=Navy][u]Name[/u]: Kouki Hidetada
Gender[/u]: Male
Age[/u]: 22
Coordinator, Newtype, or Natural[/u]: Coordinator
Personality[/u]: Kouki is always very stoic and quiet. He'll sometimes crack a joke or two, even in battle, but only around people he's comfortable with.
[u] Biography[/u]: He remember it all. The shirt you wore on Monday two months ago, what he had for lunch at this time last year, he could recall it all at a moments notice. Kouki was born a second generation subject of a twisted experiment. As brilliant as Ulen Hibiki was, he wasn't very particular about cleaning up his research. Years of trial and error with assorted bionic and biomechanical means created Nozomi and Fudo, a girl and boy who were ripped from their respective parents because they showed characteristics that were even advanced for Coordinators. They found solace with each other and got married in CE 51.

Eight years later, Kouki was born. His parents wanted to try and keep him from drawing the attention that they knew their lineage would bring, so they had him engineered as a Coordinator. Despite their best efforts, their genes would not be denied. Kouki was an exceptional student, with a highly advanced prefrontal cortex, there was nothing that he couldn't remember, and therefore nothing he couldn't know. Even at the young age of nine, Kouki drew the attention of the wrong people. A renegade faction of Coordinatorspeople that knew about his parents, and people that knew what to look for. They followed him home one day and took him from his parents...or rather took his parents from him. The screams, the looks of terror on their faces, the number of bullets that ripped his family apart, he remembers everything.

For the next three years, Kouki was subjected to almost continuous combat simulations. He watched battles, training exercises, and war footage repeatedly from multiple perspectives. After Bloody Valentine, Kouki was also forced to watch brutal fights, and firearm testing on live targets in an effort to get him acclimated with taking the killing blow. In CE 72 he refused to watch a video of a mob of Naturals attack a trio of Coordinator teenagers, his captors forced him to watch the death of his parents over and over until he could no take it anymore. Kouki broke free of his bonds and used everything his captors had taught him to escape. There were no other survivors.

Kouki was disgusted with both sides of the war, so he left PLANT for Orb, the only place that he thought that the war would not touch. He worked under Erica Simmons on the first OS for the Astrays, and personally helped repair Strike Gundam when it was first destroyed. He continued to work as an engineer until CE 78, when he applied for a position in Orb's military.

[u] Mobile Suit[/u]: ZGMF-X01A Freedom
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Name: archimonde azrael

Gender: male

Age: 16

Coordinator or Natural: natural

Personality: kind when you give him a reason too but he is somewhat confused on the issue of naturals and coordinators

Description: he has white hair and violet eyes, somewhat tan skin and a faint smile on his face most of the time. he is usally in an earth forces uniform, but when he isnt he has on jeans and a baggy shirt with comedic words on it.

Biography: he is the son of the leader of blue cosmos so he has been told all of his life that coordinators are bad but he belives somewhat diffferently, because of this his father has cast him away as a traitor so he seeks a ship or place to call home th eonly thing he was given was a mobil suit

Mobile Suit: blue frame with its scale system, tactical arms backpack and a new addition small vulcan guns not only on the sides of its head but on its hands too 1 on each hand. it was captured by blue cosmos and given to him because it couldnt be piloted.

if there is any problem with this just tell me
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