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The Relic


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-------------------The Relic-----------------------

The year was 2009 and the school of Kennedy High School was going to Egypt for a school field trip. But when a couple of the kids got bored and staryed of from the group they found something, somthing very intresting. They stumpled upon some sort of portal of something. It looked like a a cirlce mirror, but when you touched it, the surface seemed to break like water and you could stick you hand threw. They didn't know what was on the other side but they wanted to find out so they all went in.

When they were all through they seemed to be in some sort of alley way and all you could here was swooping and there was cheering coming from a stadium that was to the east of them. they all looked at eachother as they looked out of where they came out and it was just a alley wall made out of medal. A couple of them walked out of the alley way and looked at a crowd coming towards the stadium. One of the kids asked one of the people from the crowed where they were. A tall man replied meanily, "We are in Sakatin city, what are you stupid little boy!" The boy mumbled to himself "Sakatin city?" What year is it? The man answered him again "It is the year 3001, you really must be stupid." The man said as he walked off and caught up with the crowd.

----------------------SIGN UPS---------------------

Age: (15-18)
Appearence: (picture if you could but still list height, weight, and the build of body)
Personality: (short but tells you how they act)
Bio: (atleast one paragraph)
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[size=1][color="#CC0000"]This thread is closed because it does not contain a thread rating in the title. Copy and paste anything you want saved because this thread will be deleted in a few days. If you'd like to try this RPG again, hopefully with a little more detail, you can, but only if you include an appropriate rating. Please read over the Inn's sticky for more information - all of this and more is explained there in detail.

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