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Argh, why can't you die?


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[size=1]Yeah, leave it to me to start this oddball. _._;

Really, what will you be missed a bit too much for?
What's so special about you that you just. can't. diiiie?

[b]As for me:[/b]

- My astounding ability to fill an awkward silence with something more awkward.
- Dead Juu = -1 person to promote nekkid sleeping.
- nAw7 eHnUpH h0Mi3z sPk gH337ol337 [besides the ones who are serious.]
- It would always be to burn or not to burn for kitchens. Not ALMOST burn like Juu does.
- Emo needs to be bashed a bit more.
- I'm the only person who can find anything in my room. Everything would be lost forever if I disappeared from this planet. As for any will in the future, I'm just dividng up my room into tenths and people get to bring their own shovels.
- The world still needs more bad singers/guitarists to pretend their band rocks. [Yis.]
- Matthew Bellamy needs more groupies.

:toothy: ;[/size]
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[color=darkviolet]Oddly enough, I was thinking about starting a thread about what would people say about you at your eulogy (Question from 12th grade english) when I came on here.

Keh...This is why I can't die:

1.) There would be nobody around to annoy the crap out of Morpheus :animesmil

2.) Who would start threads about off the wall things like roadkill if I died? [i]NOBODY[/i] that's who!

3.) I'm the only parent Abby knows very well. You just can't do that to a small child, especially a baby.

4.) Like Morpheus I am the only one who knows where everything is in my room.

5.) Who would be nice enough to bring my mother-in-law shampoo, soap, toothpaste and a toothbrush that she'll never use?

6.) There have been too many people who died close to Lincoln this decade, you can't do that to someone.

7.) I still have to finish atleast one debate with Drix

8.) I haven't even started my RPG yet!

9.) There won't be anyone in Lost Prophets fan club

10.) There are still people in the world I haven't annoyed yet!

11.) I haven't gotten to annoy and or emberass my daughter yet!

12.) I haven't jumped anything on the cross country course in almost 3 years! :animecry:

and finally #13) I don't wanna![/color]
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[size=1]Yume, edit next time. XD Now let me see...

1) I am the only person in my group of friends who can settle an argument peacefully.
2) I am the stability factor in my household.
3) Kyuai would kill himself if I died.
4) I haven't recorded my hit single yet!
5) I haven't met my idols yet.
6) I haven't met half you pipples yets!
7) I wanna go to the Ren Fest again!

AHEM... erm... >.>[/size]
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hoho. don't know if i can post much here, but i'll try.

1) no-one has joined my rp yet. i hope to at least get this started before i die.
2) if i die, then i'll never be able to gig at the download festival.
3) i want to see neon genesis evangelikon before i die. i haven't seen it yet.
4) if i die, who will everyone make fun of??

and lastly...

5) i don't want to die before i reach one thousand or more posts on here.
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Why I can't die...

1) Too damn Sexy to die.
2) I still havn't tasted Honeydew Melon.
3) Yet to see the upcoming HDM Movie
4) Becuase I'm Xanadu
5) I havn't met a relative of Ganghis Khan (Will settle for Kublliah Khan)
6) Becuase I've drank the Milk of Paradise, and, consecuently, have become Imortal. Fancy thing, that.
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=1][COLOR=Navy]Wow, it is actually taking me quite a while to think of any reasons, how depressing. :animedepr

1) To date I have lost a grand total of 0 [ZERO!] arguements. Oh yeah.
2)Nobody would take care of the plush monkey that sits on my computer desk in front of my monitors.
2) I haven't learned to count passed 2 yet !
8) Havvint lernd tu spel eether !
12) I haven't been to Japan.
5) I wouldn't want to make my friends sad.
10) Also, I have played EQ for 6 years now and still have not attained the maximum level. ( some peeps have like 3 or 4 chars that are max lvl) x_x
3) I haven't made enough spam yet! :animesmil[/COLOR] [/SIZE] [/FONT]
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1.) I am the Mathribus. What would those poor little Plutonians do without their Mathribus?!
2.) My friends would no longer have a doormat.
3.) I haven't got to marry and have kids with my Masterrrrrr!
4.)Where would the peoples in my head go? They'd be homeless!
5.) :beer: I haven't gotten to drink legally yet!
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