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Masquerade Request


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[size=1][color=#8A1A28]Well, just recently I watched The Count of Monte Cristo and I had this urge to create a Role Playing Story, but as I was thinking about the plot and what would be involved in it, I thought of this soap I watched and in it, they had a masquerade party for their grand opening of a new hotel. I was just astounded by it and it dazzled me to love masquerade. I just fell in love the first time I saw it.

Anyways, what I am asking from the artists is that if you could create a banner and avatar set for me, if it is not difficult and time consuming. But for this set, I have several ideas, well three to be exact.

The first idea is that I have a masquerade girl with either a full mask or a half mask. I would like the background to be black or elegant-like with elegant writing in silver along with Neuvoxetere somewhere on the banner and a quote, "A beauty that brightens the world" and for my avatar, I'd just like the face of the girl.

The second idea I have is to have a masquerade ball picture that fills the whole banner and have "There is no party like a masquerade where even the wise become fools on this day" in gold and have my name somewhere on it. For the avatar, it would just be a section of the picture.

Now, finally, the third idea that I wish to give to you is have just a masked face in the shadow of while a mask is the main picture and have the quote "Cover your pride, hide the pain, and mask the person within" and have my name, of course. The words I wish to have in some sort of beautiful red color. Avatar would have just the mask, if you woul please.

If there are any questions, please feel free to PM me. Have at it and good luck ^_^, I shall await for the finale.[/size][/color]
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