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I have a question, particuarly about how to emulate brush effects in photoshop.

I've downloaded a few brush sets, and then used them to see how they work would turn out. And they looked awesome... but it took no skill. So I didn't post them on OB, lest I recieve praise for easy work.

Anyway, I wanted to know how to emulate brush effects, particularly techy and grungy effects without using the brushes themselves. Only because if you make the effect yourself (without brushes), you have skill, but with them, you're a poser (and have no real skill). Here's some techy work I did with brushes.


And here's a grungy effect with brushes. Sadly, this is in my underground thread. >_>;;


But I want to know how to make those effects without those brushes. It'll give me a sense of accomplishment. Any tips on grunge/tech FX?
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There are brushes out there that are more or less texturizers in a sense. Not all brushes are of the type that will give super specific shapes like the ones used in your example. I would think the former would be useful to you... Unfortunately, I recently reformatted and don't have any of mine to share anymore lol.
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