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Resident Evil: Acid Rayne [M-VL]


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This adventure may have violence, language, possible drug use, and gore

James' heart raced as he slammed the door behind him. His eyes darted around the room, looking for a barricade he could use, or at least some kind of weapon. He turned around, revealing a small dresser. James scrambled towards the dresser and threw all of his weight into it, pushing it in front of the small door. Just as the furniture slid into place, something slammed into the door on the other side, causing all of the contents (which was mainly plates and silverware) onto the floor. Then the pounding stopped. James sighed in relief and could feel his heart pounding in his chest. Suddenly, another pound occurred, knocking the entire dresser over. James stared in horror as the door slowly opened, revealing an abomination. This creature, standing around eight to ten feet tall, looked almost human...if it wasn?t for the mutilated face, exposed veins, and giant scythe. James didn't even have time left to scream.

It has been three years since the destruction of the Umbrella Corporation. The pharmacist company had disappeared about a year ago. Even though the company had faded, Umbrella was still hard at work selling biochemical weapons on the black market. Little is known who they are selling weapons to, but there has been several incidents where, as the newspapers called it, [U]"the dead have walked" [/U] Whether or not this is from the Umbrella Corporation or not, these black market weapons have to be stopped.

Now, once again, the infamous Raccoon City was rebuilt, and...(surprisingly) has a zombie infestation. You would think that the citizens of Raccoon City would learn from their mistakes, but they are still unprepared. This time, umbrella has a few tricks up their sleeve...


Name (try not to be too original. I don't think anyone wants to hang out with someone named Kwaznikan)

Gender (if you are confused on this, just log off now)

Age (try to keep it reasonable)

Appearance (dont be too masculine or heroic, try to keep your character as grounded to reality as you can. Try to make them seem like real people)

Skills (not everyone should pick a weapon major, all skills should probably be needed)

Personality (once again, try to make it seem like a real person with faults and weaknesses, as well as strengths)

History (what is the background of your character? Why is this person in Raccoon City? etc.)

I know this is a little long, but keep it up. I will post my character after the first person posts!

Have fun!

Note: These are the traditional zombies, not the villagers from Resident Evil 4
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[FONT=Trebuchet MS][COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]Nice to see ya back ~_^

Name: Kevin Leisun

Gender: male

Age: 23

Appearance: Kevin stands at 5'11'' and weighs approx. 157lbs. He has dark blue eyes and jet black hair that barely touches his ears. His skin tone is slightly pale, but his build is healthy if nothing else. He bears bruises on his feet from falling over (he's a little clumsy) but at least has moderate physical strength. Kevin is currently wearing: Dark red T-shirt under a gray jacket and black blue jeans.

Skills: Good with a baseball bat (practices with pitching machine) and quick reflexes.

Personality: Not a very social person, and has trouble carrying a day-to-day conversation. However, he does come off as rather friendly. Kevin has his own opinions and tends to keep them to himself. His weakness would be anything 'out of the ordinary', for example, evil zombies running rampant through the town. But his strong point is the ability to accept his cercumstances once he knows them.

History: Kevin Leisun was born under normal conditions, without mishap. His early years are relatively uneventfull and unimportant. He moved to Raccoon City two years ago to "have some time to himself", feeling that to live life to it's fullest, he shouldn't be crowded by persistant relatives and 'friends' half of his waking hours. It will prove to be the worst dicision of his life. He now lives in a small apartment near the center of the city, and was planning on moving into a bigger one as soon as he could afford it.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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Name: Lidy Exington

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Appearence: Lidy's not very tall and not very muscular at all. She stands 5'1 and only weighs 110 lbs. She has short violently curly black hair, with pink streaks (she like to die her hair.) She likes to wearbright orange cargo pants, with a black babydoll t-shirt that his the image of anime lookin kungfu girl on the back and some chinese writing on the front across the chest. She has many ear peircings and an eyebrow peircing. Oh yeah and she wears bright pink and black skate shoes.

Skills: She has a ton of maedical knowlege and shes really fast on foot, on a skate board or in a car. She has had a year or two of martial arts training but nothing extragegant. And shes full of useless information, at least most people say its useless. Her greatest skill is the fact that she can accept anyone no matter who they are.

Personality: Shes a college student studying medicine, and when shes not learning about the human body shes training on her board or in the dojo. She loves music, mostly J-Rock and J-pop, but the point is that she takes her mp3 player everywhere, along with her skate board. She loves to meet new people and is pretty fun loving, she loves living life on the edge and by the moment. She really likes quiet guys, but prefers to talk to people who are going to talk back. Her weakness is 'being alone' she is absolutely afraid of lonliness, which is why she lives with a cat.

Background: Lidy is pretty knew to Racoon City, se had just moved her sor school becasue they have a really excellent medical program. She goes to school for 7 hours a day and then she goes to work at a telemarketing company taking in-bound calls. Lidy has heard rumors of the past "incedints" that have happened in Racoon City, but she figures they're just rumors and even if their true that was in the past. She lives by herself with a single cat, his name is Adrenaline. Her small apartment is located near the college near the canter of the city.
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name: rassvius lruaine (pronounced: rasius ruane)

gender: male

age: 28

appearance: standing six feet tall, 175 lbs. and long black hair, fair complexion. wearing sand-blasted vintage jeans a blue shirt with a blue hoodie, sporting his black and white vintage "chucks" (converse all-star "chuck taylor"). mucle-toned body type, not buff.

skills: exceptionally well marksmanship, but has fears of ever firing a gun or even touching one again. S.W.A.T team member skills. but has horrors and nightmares abou it. he is also ambidextrous (a lefty and at the same time a righty).

personality: stoic when it comes to feelings or emotions. often keeps his thoughts well hidden inside of him. will often say sarcastic or insensitive things at the wrong moment. he rather backs down from a confrontation because of his fears of miscalculation, with himself or the other person. morbidly dislikes blood and often gets wacky and out of it when he sees blood lurks. his personality flips when blood is present. this schitzophrenia is his greatest weakness.

history: rass is a former member of a S.W.A.T. team. he has won international recognition for his exceptional marksmanship. but diring a mission, where terrorists were holding hostages in a federal bank. his team was dispatched to access the situation. he was sent to sniping duty. and two of his comrades were sneaking into the bank when they were caught and seized by the terrorists, looking through his scope he saw both of them being slit in the throat and blood gushing out of thier necks. rass panicked and accidentally shot the terrorist in the head. the other terrorists responded by suicide bombing the whole building. killing more than a hundred people. although he was not blamed for this incident, he took into account all the thing he has witnessed and quit the force. he decided to move to raccoon city where he vowed not to use or even touch a gun again. but he will have to break this promise...to stay alive. he currently works for public utilities, construction, etc. in raccoon city. so even though this is a new place for him, he is very familiar with it.
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Name: Daniel Skender (or just Dan)

Gender: Male

Age: 37

Appearance: Dan is about 6'2" tall and weighs about 162 pounds. Although he is not fat, he is not muscular either. He has shaggy blonde hair that just reaches his eyes, which causes him to brush it behind his ears periodically. Dan always seems to have on a light brown jacket, even when it is hot outside. He also wears faded blue jeans frequently. Dan bears a gold cross around his neck, even though he is not religous. He claims it "gives me good luck". Dan also has round glasses, which obviously dont fit due to the fact that he always has to push them up.

Skills: Daniel is a "creative thinker". He could probably find a way out of any situation. The one problem is that he is afraid of guns. He has only fired one off at a self-defense class, but it did more damage than it helped. He does however, like paintball for some reason.

Personality: Daniel seems to be the kind of guy who you would push around at the playground in school. He is, as he put it, a geek. He was never good at sports or anything, which probably adds to his anti-social behavior. Dan is a talkative person who gets "shut down" easily. If he is depressed or scared, he will definately show it. Dan is also very clever and witty, which suprises some for he has a simple job: a bartender. He is more or less ashamed of his job, and doesn't like to bring it up. He will, however, try not to intimidate people and treat them more as an equal, no matter who they are. Daniel is deeply afraid of Spiders and other arachnids. There is no reason, it is just a phobia of his.

History: Daniel was born and raised in a small city outside of Raccoon City, although he doesn't exactly say where. He had a quiet, boring childhood with nothing very significant. He graduated from high school at the top of his class, but for some reason, stayed away from college. He applied for many jobs, but he always quit, saying it "was not for him". Now, Dan works as a bartender at Ding's Bar in the middle of the Commercial District of Raccoon City.
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Excellent - a zombie story!

Name : Gary Armstrong

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Appearance: Gary's a tall, thin guy, towering at 6'5, and weighing about 10 stone. His long brown hair and unshaven face have earned him the nickname "Jesus" from his close friends. He's usually seen wearing his navy and black uniform for "Joe's Garage", where he works.

Skills: Gar is an apprentice mechanic, trying to make a name for himself. One day, he dreams of owning his own garage. Needless to say - he's good with a wrench!

Personality: Gar's a dreamer whose completly content with his life, and always seems to roll with the punches. His lax attitude towards life has presented a lot of problems - he dropped out of school at 17, and recently his girlfriend lest him for somebody with "a future"! Gary's not booksmart, but that's not to say he's not intelligent in his own way. In his spare time, when not out with his friends, he writes short stories and listens to the radio.

History: Not much to tell really, Gary lived all his life in Racoon City. HIs father owns a convienience store, and Gary, who helped out there during summers, is well known by a lot of the community.He left school at 17 and got a job at McDonalds. A year later, he left and began working at "Joe's Garage". Up until recently he lived in a small appartment with his (ex) girlfriend of three years, Amy. He's currently sleeping on his good friend, Rex's, couch.[/RIGHT][/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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