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My Manga Class Work


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[SIZE=1]Well, back in January, I had taken part in an anime/manga class. We created our own characters and drew them. My character is Amaya Kenshin. HEre are two of the three pictures I have scanned.

This one is the first one I did with Amaya holding a lightsabre. I used pencil and LePlume markers to color it.

This is Amaya with her extended lightsabre, but unfortunatly, I didn't color it yet. I might color it since I bought the markers I used on the first pic.

I have another picture of her that I drew about a week or so ago, but I haven't scanned it yet, and I deleted MS Paint, so I'll post that when I get more replies, or when I find out how to reinstall Paint; whichever comes first. I hope you enjoy my art! ^_^[/SIZE]
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[color=#9933ff]Your name caught my eye. ^_~ (Though I'm sure that's your actual name. lol.)

I think you got the two mixed up or something, because she's not holding a lightsaber in the first one. Unless I'm an idiot and can't see it. *_*; I really like that one a lot. She has real character and attitude and I love the shading on the first one, especially on her hair (I can't shade for my life. Seriously. >___>).

There's something funky with her right (my left) leg. Is it supposed to be leaning against a wall (in which case it should be more bent and her body should be straighter), or is it supposed to cross over her other leg (in which case it shoudl be less bent)? Mergh. I can still see some pencil sketch lines, too, so you might want to erase those.

Since you bring a lot of life to your pictures when you shade, it's a shame the second one isn't in color. But it's still good. Again, I like the facial expressions and the way she holds the lightsaber. I get the feeling she's in the desert for some reason. O_o;

However, her body is way too thin for her shoulders (disproportionate) and her front foot is quite strange.

But all in all, both your pictures are great. I think they're really great. I might have to find you and steal your shading abilites, they're just that good. ¬_¬

P.S.: How did you delete MS Paint? O_o;[/color]
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[SIZE=1]Lol, my real name is Justine.

The first one, she is holding a lightsabre, but it's not extended. I usually shade every picture I draw, but I have to remember that with using light colors over dark colors or else the light color will get all messed up. >_<

Her right leg is suppossed to be up against a wall, but I was too lazy to draw it. :P And I can't really help the sketch lines. I kinda like the way it looks. xD

The second one I [i]may[/i] color, but I have to find it first. xD I seriously have no idea where she's supposed to be. xD And yeah, now that I look at it a second time, she does seem a little thin.

Aww, my shading talents aren't really [i]that[/i] good. ^_~ One of my friends' work is AMAZING if you think my art is good. I should get her to scan something or at least join here.

And I deleted MS Paint accidently when I was deleting AIM (looooong story). xD

Anyways, thank you for your comments! I will try and post the other picture soon and color the second one! ^_^[/SIZE]
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Meh, you asked me...

The first picture is the better of the two. But it still has its points. Like the left leg (from our view), which is kind of unusually short. The The leg below the knee is too short, not to mention it's an odd bend. Her face is pretty well done, but I fear that the nose is a little too far out there that it makes her look like a Who (could be the way the hair is over the eye that throws one off). The light effects are done well, though, as is the rest of the body. A good start.

I didn't like this second one as much or a few reasons. The first would be that the head is way too large for the body. I seem to have trouble with proportion as well. The thing is, you got too into the hair that you might have lost track of the boundaries of the head. Then there's the face, which appears to have lost its anime-effect and looks slightly cartoony. It could be that her eyes are too small for the head. But you did do very well with the hair, which flows amazingly perfect. Not to mention that the body is pretty well done too. Just another tidbit... from our view, the left arm is way too long. Here's an art tip that any artist should know, but I'm not sure if you were taught...

As you can see from my crappily-drawn example, the tricep extends all the way down to the end of the torso to your waist. The bicep will then carry on a little further past the butt and the hand ends before the knee. If you don't believe me, stand up and try it, because that's really how we're made. Also, I dunno if they taught you the gesture drawing technique (which is drawing your characters as lightly-doodled circle people), but it's very handy when you want to get proportions out of the way first thing.

Simple draw your characters like I did (with the head, torso, hands, arms, legs, and butt circles), but in the position you want to make the character. Do it lightly so you can erase the lines when you've drawn the actual character over the circles. It also helps build your artistic abilities by just practicing drawing gesture people in different positions. Not to mention it helps your proportions. It helps me a load.

And so...

[b]My Rating (Pic #1):[/b] 7/10 Gettin' there...

[b]My Rating (Pic #2):[/b] 6/10 Watch the head ;^D
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