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Ramen! Hi im makin a new manga and ideas are runnin low its classical about a girl in highschool born with the element of wind. She is goin to an academy to harness this power to fight cockroaches? just messin but she is assighned a team and a sensei its really cool. ideas of nemes and pictures are usefull ill add you in. :catgirl:
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[quote name='Coltonw911']Ramen![/quote] [color=DarkGreen][size=1]Uh ... you know ramen are a kind of instant noodles, and not a greeting, right?

Sorry. Right. Your manga.

[quote name='Coltonw911][/size][/color']She is goin to an academy to harness this power to fight cockroaches?[/quote] [color=DarkGreen][size=1]Why the question mark? Are you unsure of this? It helps when writing to be definite about your ideas even if you think other people might find them ridiculous. Don't let your own assumptions about how you'll get criticised dishearten you or change your idea for no reason. On the other hand, if you find your [b]own[/b] idea ridiculous, it might be worth a rethink.

[quote name='Coltonw911][/size][/color']...born with the element of wind.[/quote] [color=DarkGreen][size=1]In what way? Can she control the wind, or are her character and personality like the wind in some way, so that she [b]represents[/b] the wind? Will there be other characters with other elemental properties, in a [i]Star Cross'd Destiny[/i] stylee?

Sounds vaguely like it could be funny - kind of an insane random jobbie, like [i]Excel Saga[/i], what with fighting cockroaches and all ... but if you give us a bit more detail, we can give you far more useful feedback.
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