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    I'm an artist. I have an additude, get over it.
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  1. Art

    thanks. his ankles (in the picture I drew off of) are under his pant legs. :D
  2. I also like The Final. All Dir en grey songs are good.
  3. Manga

    I know it goes here I just posted on the wrong thing. (I was e mailing at the same time) I try to multi task, but I'm not very good. This will become a manga, my scanner isn't working.
  4. I love Larku! Lover Boy is an awesome song. :D Merciless Cult is an awesome song too! :demon:
  5. Art

    The Majin, that guy is cool! I also wanna know if the blue guy as your avi is a smerf :D
  6. Art

    [URL=http://www.fanart-central.net/pic-208038.html]Zelos Wilder[/URL] here ya go. Hope you enjoy! :D :demon:
  7. Manga

    I am back from the dead! I'll post more or e mail it to you. I'm just under tons of stress. Fanfiction? where? I love writing fanfics! :demon: :catgirl: these smileys rule ^_^
  8. He's guilty and that's all there is to it. Why would he pay half a million dollars to the first family that charged him if he didn't have something to hide? I also agree, stop wasting time with this jack *** and catch the other ten billion child molesters and rapists in the community. The people of this country can be so stupid... :animesigh :animeangr
  9. The guy and girl who played the lead parts in Returner. I don't know their names, but that movie was the best movie I have ever seen
  10. Oh I've seen the live performance. His guitarist kissed his crotch! I had a bit of a nose bleed.
  11. Best Album? Vulgar :catgirl: I will never listen to english music. Dir en grey owns all the bands in the u.s.a
  12. Yay! I'm not alone anymore! Have you ever noticed how naughty some of Gackts songs are? I think Vanilla is his naughtiest one. :naughty: :twitch:
  13. If you don't kill me, I'll say it. Slipknot is over rated. Some people listened to their music, then, magically, their shirts appeared in Hot Topic and everyone in the world is a maggot. It drives me insane when people come up to me and say :You're weird. You aren't a maggot!" so I tell them that they are posers and my friend who is a real follower punches them in the face. :D It is very funny
  14. I knew it! I'm alone in the world! :animecry: I'm not surprised at all when people say that the only japanese song they've heard is from a anime. Once someone came up to me and sai "Dir en grey rocks! I heard one of their songs last night on the radio!" I tell them they are full of crap and to go shoot themselves in the head.
  15. Who is this person of which you speak? lol anyway, I may have heard one song, but don't remember the artist :D