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Addiction M(LVS)

Akieen Cloud

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The drug was said to be wiped out nearly a year ago. It was so powerful that only one injection, or snort and you would wouldn't even be able to find your way out of your own room.so addictive, one dose and you were hooked for life. It killed many who were clasterphobic, making them think that they were in an enclosed space, they were normally in a living room, or even outside. The drug was found so lethal that if there were any rumor of the drug in your posesion, or ever going to be, you were sent to jail. The effects were so strong. People forgot who they were, some went clinicly insane, just wanting the drug again. Others became violent and went on rampages, killing others in their paths. But with difficulty, most of the major manufactering areas have been put to rest, one being the Kelage Mansion, and the drugs useage forgotten, it's file put away, hopefully never to be resurfaced again.

But teens always seem to find trouble where they never expect it to be found. Friends always lure friends into traps of groundation, or restriction from parents. But never have a group of friends lured one another into a trap of death. till now.

The masion in the far back of the town of Kelage has stood there since the creation of the town. It was built by a women and her husband but they died and noone ever moved in. It was built strongly so it would not fall within a short period of time, on the lake, in the woods. Sucluded and private. Many of the elders believe that the ghost of the women and her husband stay there, for they have heard strange noises in the past there. One case the police even showed, but it was a couple of kids doing drugs. For another group this house plays a role for them, it is a life or death pawn in their lives.
An innocent game of truth or dare gets ugly ever now and then, friends will do almost anything for a good laugh. even go into a spooky mansion.

Okay as you can gather the drug is a manufactured thing, very very addictive. One dose and your addicted and can't seem to get enough. The drug makes you halucinate and seems to make pain of anything go away, the world no longer exsists.
The story starts at a party, you can be there with a girlfriend/boyfriend or by yourself but to start you have to be there. The party gets intense for a minute and calms for a game of truth or dare and the whole group of closets friends is dared to go to the Kelage Mansion. The mansion was a sight for a major prodution of the new drug, (I haven't thought of a name yet, any ideas PM me please...) The police didn't wipe the place entriely clean. Now some can get addicted others can't(your choice) but lets see where this goes K?

Name~ Lya Lien
Age~ 19
Personality~ Up beat and moderate, she is lively and very friendly, she loves to have a good time but takes nothing form no one.
Gender~ Female
Bio~ She is smoewhat a nerd, she loves band and chorus but she is not a prep either. she hates the color pink and she loves pumk rock. She is a transfer student from England and lives with her big brother in the Us. Her mother and father told her that she was to much trouble for them, she was a problem case. She cut and did drugs. She was out til midnight and never did her school work. She was just misunderstood. But now having friends that understand her she seems to fit in alittle more.
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Name: Enji Hideki
Age: 19
Personality: Enji is always cool and calm. He is very curteous, kind-hearted, and generous and he is near impossible to make mad. He is very protective of his friends.
Gender: Male
Appearance: [url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v365/Kayin_Cloud/artworks/EnjiMaskless.jpg]Enji[/url] (ignore the armor and sword)
Bio: (will finish later)
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