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[COLOR=DarkRed]Recently, the form of music has greatly moved to a digital era, with CD's, MP3's, and downloads, and all. But sometimes id like to go back to the good old days, when if you wanted any music you HAD to buy it (or steal it if your that kind of person *shun*). When it was pertty much pointless to have a bootleg of anything because it sounded awful anyway. I'm talking about vinyl.

I have a decent collection of records, and an ok turntable. I will probably buy a new set soon though. Something with two turntables and a mixer, just to have fun. But sometimes a band will only release something on vinyl (a single maybe), it's always good to have options open for a collector...

Not to mention, if you keep them in good enough condition for a long time, they can really be worth something. I've seen a vinyl collection on ebay for over $600! Now i wouldn't put down that much money for a few records, but to be the one selling it... wow!

Anyways, it's fun just to scratch records too. That's why i have such high respect for DJ's, or electronic bands like Jurrasic 5, Executioners, Chemical Brothers, Sid Wilson (Slipknot), and Joe Hahn (Linkin Park), just to name a few.

Anyways, i would just like to see if anyone else likes collecting or has a collection on vinyl, and what you might have, if you scratch and play around a lot, or just stick to the digital age of things.[/COLOR]
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Collection worth really depends on how much stuff is in there and what exactly it is. A majority of records are worth close to nothing, but added up I could probably even get a few hundred dollars for what I have... I don't keep up on what is worth what, but you can generally assume you'll at least get a few bucks if you sold it.

I used to collect picture discs. For those that don't know, they're vinyl records with images printed directly on them. They aren't made all that often, but they're not completely uncommon either. Most of these just sit around until I find a way to frame them.

I have well over 100 records I would guess, but I have no clue how many. Many of these belonged to my father, so I have a lot of Jethro Tull, Judas Priest and other 70s/80s focused rock band records. My mom also recently gave me her collection from when she was a kid, which is mostly a lot of really random cartoon and child themed recordings like stuff from Ernie and Bert or Disney soundtracks.

As for stuff I've bought myself, I don't have tons. I have a variety of singles, mainly. Some harder to get indie type releases and other spur of the moment purchases like Hope of the States and Moving Units.

I am very happy with my turntable. It's one of those standalone units. At some point I'd like to get one of those that can switch between five discs and flip sides automatically, but for now I just have a normal single.

I think the sound I get out of it is a bit more warm than I'm used to with my standard stereo. Whether or not there really is any difference, who knows, it might just be all in my head. My main interest in records, personally, is stuff that for whatever reason doesn't make it to CDs (sometimes vinyl versions have extra tracks for some reason ... Like NIN's The Fragile) and the massive artwork. A lot of them are very nice for framing.
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[COLOR=DarkOrange]I love vinyl. Sadly, I don't have a record player /turntable/whatever you want to call it. I wish I did...there's a flea market near where I live that sells old Beatles and Led Zepplin records.

You can do some fun things with records, too...play 45s at 33 1/3, try and see if you can find the "hidden messages"...and I wonder why our old turntable broke... :rolleyes:

Personally, I even like the static noises you get from records. Unless you push the needle down too hard...anyway. I think there's more character in old vinyl records then there is in boring cds.
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[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=1]I absolutley love vinyl. I own quite a few records, spanning from Judas Priest (just to make my collection bigger) to the Beatles (where most of my vinly useage is from). I have some old singles, Beatles singles mainly, that my dad and uncle gave me too. I think some of the sleeves are worth about 50 bucks a piece.

[B]Generic NPC #3[/B], John Lennon had a portable record player that played records at a 90 degree angle. It held about 40 singles and could switch on command, flip sides; stuff you think a normal record player couldn't do, let alone a portable. My cousin had a multi-changing record player, but he dropped coffee on it one day :animeangr .

I love listening to vinyl. It just feels genuine.

My record player isn't in great quality, but it works. I had to reposition the needle alot while playing (it would wiggle), but Best Buy managed to fix it.

I have a few picture discs, too. Those I refuse to listen to, because I don't want to mess up the picture at all. I have one of the Who's "Who Are You" and just to make Ozy jealous, the Beatles "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band".

Vinyl Fact: George Harrison releasd a record called "33 & 1/3", because thats how old he was, and it is the speed of a record player.

-the one and only[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Cool beans! I have a little Beatles, though the majority of my collection lies with Led Zepplin. I have all but two LP's of theirs, plus a couple bootlegs. I also have tons of Jimmy Page records. Soon i'll be collecting a ton of Pink Floyd. There are some good picture discs to be had there, their covers alone were good!

I got most of my vinyls from my dad, so their all really old, but there are some rare ones that i take great pride in (even though they were my dad's), like my Led Zepplin II is an original press! You can tell because it has the gold record sticker on it, which was only there for the first year it was realeased because it quickly became a platinum seller.

I've got over 60 records, but my dad says that there used to be easily four times as much, but from lending them to friends, wel... :animesigh For that reason, i have a policy, where they don't leave the house!

I also have "Who Are You", but it isn't a pic disc. The only Beatles i have is a couple greatest hits (red and blue, i hear they are kind of rare), and "Abbey Road." :D [/COLOR]
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[quote name='Billy Shears][B]Generic NPC #3[/B], John Lennon had a portable record player that played records at a 90 degree angle. It held about 40 singles and could switch on command, flip sides; stuff you think a normal record player couldn't do, let alone a portable. My cousin had a multi-changing record player, but he dropped coffee on it one day :animeangr .[/SIZE'][/COLOR][/quote]

Well, for singles, I might as well just get a jukebox in that case lol. I'm thinking more in line with what my grandpa has, which can hold five of any size record and move them around all by itself. I never thought it would be that annoying, but flipping over and changing a 2+ disc album is obnoxious.
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[color=indigo]Once upon a time I had a desire to collect vinyl, but it kind of just faded away. I have a ton of records, although, like the vast majority of you stated, many of them were my parents (or aunts and uncles, shoot I have some great jazz albums from my grandparents).

For awhile I bought records quite frequently, rarely sticking to any one genre. However, I realized that I didn?t really listen to my record player enough to justify all of these purchases so I decided to halt my habit. Every now and then (especially when I go through phases of listening to Rap and Hip Hop) the urge to buy vinyl creeps up on me, but I just can justify the cost?unless I see them for really cheap t a yard sale or something. Then it is kind of justifiable.[/color]
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