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Re-awaken (M, VLS)


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[size=2][i]When there is an attempt on one's life, one becomes extremly paranoid, and extremly cautios. After the second attempt, one looks for protection. The problem is that by this point, one is so paranoid that virtually everyone is seen as a potential enemy.

Selna Kastola knew what that was like. After all, it was her situation. She'd survived the first two attempts on her life by sheer luck. Not wanting to take any chances, she went to one person she knew she could trust: her sister Kana. As a professional bodyguard, she was a logical choice. Unfortnatly for Selna, Kana had just accepted an assignment, and would be unavalible for a couple weeks. But Kana wasn't willing to leave her sister unexpected.

Kana directed Selna to a mercenary named Treana Alkataloa. A very honorable merc, Treana would remain loyal to whoever bought her services, no matter what. She was, for a merc, very trustworthy. She was also very, very good. All of which made her a good choice for a bodyguard for Selna.[/i]

"You sure you have no clue why someone wants you dead so badly?" Treana asked Selna over dinner one night. It was about a month since Treana had been hired, and she'd proven herself to be worth the price of her services. Over the month she'd been Selna's bodyguard, there had been an increasing number of attempts on Selna's life, but Treana had stopped every single one of them.

"That's the fourth time someone's tried to kill you this week," Treana continued. "I've never seen anything like this before. Obviously you did something to piss someone off."

"As I've said before, I don't have any clue about why these people keep trying to kill me," Selna replied. "I'd love to know, but I can't think of anything. I mean, I know I'm pretty wealthy, but it's not like killing me will let someone get their hands on any money or anything."

"There are people who would try to kill you for it anyways," Treana told her, "but that's definatly not the case here. It all comes down to money. Hiring so many men to come after you has got to be expensive, sepecially since I've taken out everyone who's tried to kill you. When that kind of thing happens, the price goes up. If this was for money, it would have stopped after the first three or four attempts. No, there's some other reason. The only problem is that neither of us has a clue about what the reason is."

"I just wish I knew why this is happening."

"As do I. Knowing the reason is the first step in solving the problem. But for now, we have to think about hiring additional protection for you."

"Why?" Selna asked. "You've been more than a match for everyone who's tried to kill me."

"True, but my skill is not the problem. Sooner or later, whoever's behind this is going to figure out that there's only one of me. When that person does, then he or she is going to get the idea of sending two or more men at the same time. If a group splits into two and properly spaces their attacks, the second group will be able to get you while I'm busy with the first. The only way to prevent that is to hire addiional help."

"I don't think Kana's on a job right now," Selna said. "We can go over to her place tomorrow and talk to her about it."

"Yes. And there are a couple others I'd like to think about hiring, as well. We can't afford to take any chances, because there's someone out there who'll probably stop at nothing to see you dead."

Selna nodded. "I know. But let's not talk about that right now. I prefer to relax over dinner, and thinking about the people who want me dead just does not help me relax."

"I can understand that," Treana replied. "All right, let's talk about something else. I assume you heard those people earlier today. You know, the merchants who were talking about the deaths in the Kalokat mountains?"

"Do we have to talk about death?"

"What, does that hit a little too close to home?"

"An unexplained upswing in the number of dead merchants and travelers who use the Klao Pass through the Kalokat range, causing additional protection to be hired by those making the crossing? Yes, it is a little too similar to my own situation for me to be comfortable discussing it."

Treana chuckled. "All right. What do you want to talk about?"

"Well, earlier I was thinking about..."

Well, there's the basic story. Now, let's move on, shall we?

This is a fantasy-type RPG, which means that there's magic and stuff, and weapons like swords and bows and all that, but nothing modern.

Everything else is best explained in the context of signing up, so here's the sign-up form. Oh, I'll allow someone to play as Kana. I'll also allow someone to play as Selna, but you have to PM me first if you want to play as her (i'l be playing as Treana). You can also play as a bad guy if you want to. Here's the form (Note: If you want to be a race other than human, PM me):


Age: The character's age should be appropriate for whatever job the character has (see below). No matter what, try not to go below 18.



Job: What your character does. Obviously, two choices are a bodyguard for Selna and a hired protector for travelers or merchants using the Klao Pass, but your character can really have almost any job. If you're going to be a bad guy, this is where you put that. Do not confuse 'Job' with 'Class'.

Class: A character's class indicates what that character is able to do. For example, a Warrior-class character would be good at fighting with melee weapons (things like swords), as well as hand-to-hand combat. Archers are skilled with bows (obviously), while mages use magic (duh). Elementalists have the powers of one particular element, and are usually more skilled with weapons than mages, though usually not as good as warriors. Of course, a class can be pretty much anything, so don't think you're confined to that list. I'll tell you if your character's class is not okay. Oh, this is also where you list any weapons your character can use. Depending on what you choose for your class, you may need additional categories (for example, if you're an Elementalist, you need to specify the element). More than one person can have the same class, but I would like a variety.

Personallity: This doesn't have to be too detailed if you don't want it to be. It just has to be enough to give everyone a basic idea of what your character is like.

Bio: Your character's life. This is optional, because having a set bio limits character development options. You can have it if you want it, but you can leave it out if you want to.

Here's my [/size]sign-up:

Name: Treana Alkataloa

Age: 27

Gender: Female
Appearance: At 6 ft. 4 in. in height, Treana is quite tall. She has shoulder-length black hair and brown eyes. She's in very good shape, and it shows. She also happens to be the most beutiful woman you're likely to see. She's perfectly proportioned (which does not mean the ridiculously inflated breasts and other such things that seem to be in demand), and it's all-natural.

Job: Treana is a mercenary currently hired as a bodyguard for Selna Castola.

Class: Um... I don't really have a name for it. See the Bio. Oh, she uses a pair of metal poles as weapons. Forged by a magesmith, they are capable of withstanding intense heat. She keeps them strapped to her back, and she is very good with them.

Personality: Smart, quick-thinking, and cunning, Treana is an extremly dangerous person. She's quick to come of with a plan, and her plans are normally very good ones, the only problem being that they're frequently too complex for others to follow. Which isn't that big of a deal, because Treana prefers to work alone. However, she is willing to work with others, and will not hesitate to do so when necessary. She's pretty secrative. Despite this, she comes accross as a very trustworthy person, and she is.

Bio: Treana doesn't remember anything of her life before the age of 21. All that she remembers is a series of attempts to kill her parents. At least, it seems like it was her parents. It might very well have been Treana who was the target. No matter who the attackers were after, these memories are very strong, and they are the reason for Treana's dislike of humans in general.

At the age of 21, another awoke in Treana's mind. This other mind was that of a very powerful dragon, Akansola. Akansola's mind was strong enough that, had she wanted to, she could have easily destroyed Treana's mind. But she didn't. Instead, Treana and Akansola have an arrangement worked out. Either mind can be in control of the body at any time, and they swich which mind is in control depending on the situation.

Akansola's awakening came with more than just her mind. When she is in control of Treana's body, she is able to utalize her fire-based abilities. Also, the pair is able to change the body from human to dragon. EIther mind can be in control of either body. Treana normally controls the human form, while Akansola usually controls the dragon body.

The dragon form is not exactly your typical dragon. It's a lot more humanoid that most dragons. It's still easily recognised as a dragon, and it does not have the appearance of being any kind of hybrid. The basic body shape is just more human-like than the body shape of other dragons. Of course, it has everything that other dragons have (you know, things like claws, wings, tail, that kind of stuff).

I think that's everything. PM me with any questions.[/size][/font]
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