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Unchangable Destany


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In a town called Darkville strange things happen. It is unknown to the common public, but the victims will always remember. One girl named Venus has lived there her whole life and never seen a super natural event, well at least one she was certain about. In this town, ware wolves or other ware creatures, Vampires, and other more vicious demons roam the night. In this town you should never be alone. In this town hell lives, sleeps, and feeds.
?Get to school, slacker.? A stocky big busted woman joked as Venus passed her on the street.
?Nikita!? Venus squealed and lept onto the young woman wrapping her arms around her.
?Hey Kid.? Nikita said as Venus rested her feet back on the ground and took a step back.
?I can?t believe it!? Venus smiled brightly. ?You?re really back! Back to Darkville.?
?I ain?t back forever, Don?t get your hopes up.? Nikki had such a tough chesty voice. ?I am not wasting the rest of my life in this town.? She spoke bitterly.
?I know you?re leaving forever like everyone else, while I?m stuck here were I belong.? Venus held back her regret.
?Don?t you have somewhere to be?? Nikki asked.
?I do not believe so?? Venus squinted.
?Somewhere like High School?? Nikki hinted.
?Oh my gosh!? Venus screamed.
Venus darted down the road clumsily.
?And off she goes.? Nikki chuckled.
?I am so late!? Venus stressed as she approached the door of the school.
Alexa was lying on the floor waiting for Venus. She looked up.
?You?re late.? She said as she closed her eyes once more.
?And I suppose you?re just really early for tomorrow?s school day?? Venus questioned sarcastically.
?Precisely Venni.? Alexa acted serious.
?Let?s get to class.? Venus laughed. And helped the girl from the floor.
The loud speaker came on.
?Will the following students please report to the main office?? They named off about a dozen students until the came to the last three. ?Nicolette Sherman, Alexa Dean, And Venus Earth Plumley.?
?What did we do this time?? Venus groaned.
The girls met up with Nicolette and 10 others in the office.
?Do you know why we?re here?? Venus whispered to her friend.
?This is probably about that boy they caught me with yesterday. Dean Mitchelles, Hottie 19 year old junior. Band room second period.? Nicolette bragged.
?Don?t you have math second period?? Venus asked.
?So?? She replied carelessly.
?For one you?re only fifteen, and for two you?re failing Math.? Venus started to wig.
?God, don?t be such an adult. It?s no big deal. I know 6th graders that are worse than me. And besides that I?ll be sixteen in four months and your almost only 15 your self.? Nicolette shot back.
?Students.? A medium sized middle-aged blonde called. ?You?re needed in her.?
The thirteen students all entered the room.

The thirteen students will probably be the main characters.

Any one can join. It's not about little young high Schoolers. It's actually about super natural things and not everything goes on in the school. But try to keep them in there mid twenties at the most, and in 12 at the least. It's about normal every day life mixed with the supernatural, and trying to deal with hiding a secret. Nicolette is up for grabs. She is almost 16, she will be in august, and has been venus's and lexa's best friend sence elementary school. She is extremely boy crazy and obsessed with the material things. She could be the next Paris Hilton, but remember she still has a heart. She is not to be mistaken with a prep.

Here's my character list

Name: Venus Plumley

Age: 15

Birth date: 4/20/90

Gender: Female

Hight: 5'8"

Weight: 130 lbs.

General appearence: Tall and slender. She has long silky hair. It streches past her hips but not quite to her knees. It is golden with a mix of Black, chocolate and sand. Her skin is a bronze color. She is very curvy with a flat trim waste and measures out to be about 37", 25", 37". Her lips are full and pouty, her teeth are snow colored, and her eyes are wide and curious. She has long dirty blonde hair whose silky waves stretch to her knees. On some days her fiery eyes could burn a hole through you and make even the fiercest of lions cower in the corner like a hungry mouse. On others they can reach right to your heart and make the cruelest man as kind and gentle as a new born lamb. Her eyes change colors with her many, quickly changing, moods. They can range from shades of yellow, orange, brown, green, blue, gray, and purple. She has a dragon shaped burn on the back of her neck and part of her shoulder on the right side, and a mole on her back.

Species: human\vampire

Bio: Venus was born to an ex-vampire and a vampire hunter. She has four older brothers. She is a high schooler freshman, and gets recruted by a secret organization along with 12 others.

Try to meet all of these requirements. You can be pretty much any super natural thing you want just try to be able to pose as a human or hide from them. You can also be human.
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Name: Geneive Lee

Age: 14

Birth date: 11/13/90

Gender: Female

Hight: 5'4"

Weight: (not mention)

General appearence: She has black hair ahd golden, amber eyes. She tends to tie her hair but in vampire form her hair is loose. During her human form she likes to wear jeans (mostly) and cargo (mostly). She is real friendly when you get to know her and she a great friend.

Species: human\vampire

Bio: She came from a family who her parents are mortal/mom and vampire/dad. She has two older brothers and one younger brother. She is skilled and her parents have been training her to be more light weight. She cares for her family very much.
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Eh, what the hell? I'm in every other kind of game, anyway. But, I'm not playing a high schooler, I'm done and that's it.

Name: Kalvin 'Kal' Graham

Age: 20

Birth date: 4/12/84

Gender: Male

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 197 lbs.

General appearence: Silver hair, bright aqua-marine eyes and a medium build. He'd be considered very attractive if he'd smile once in a while. Under his clothes, his body is scarred, due to many battles.

Species: Half-wingly
Winglies: a mystical race that, while it can pass as human, believes that humans aren't ready to accept the supernatural. They are naturally adept at combat and magic, being both faster and stronger than humans, but most choose to stick with one or the other.

Bio: Kal spent his life as a human, being raised by his father. His mother, a wingly, was executed for the finding of the winglies' existance by her husband, who the winglies couldn't find. When Kal was fourteen, the winglies came for his father. Being human, he didn't stand a chance against the supernatural executioners. Kal barely escaped with his life. He wandered around for four years, running from the winglies all the way. Until, when he was eighteen, he was found by a secret organization dedicated to keeping the general public from knowing about the supernatural world around them. They took him in, protected him from the winglies and taught him how to defend himself. Now, thanks to his training and unique bloodline, he's become almost as powerful any wingly and he still has a ways to go. Using his special abilities, he works for the organization, keeping the world from knowing what goes bump in the night.
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Name: Alexa Dean

Age: 15

Birth date: 10/31/89

Gender: Female

Hight: 5'5"

weight: 123 lbs.

General appearence: She has medium length curly red hair freckles and stunning green eyes. She is thin and small. Even though she is petite she can be quite intimidating. She is amazingly gorgeous. She has full pouty lips, arched eye brows, and slanted eyes.

Species: Half elf, her mom is half vampire half human so she is a quarter human and a quarter vamp. She also has been bitten by a half breed ware creature. The creature was half ware tiger, half wolf bat.

Bio: She is ashamed of what she is so she keeps it a secret. I mean let's face it she's a mutt she is a human/ elf/ vamp/ ware tiger/ wolf bat. She doesn't fit in with any race. Her dad abandoned her family after her little sister was born. Lexa is the middle child of her family she has a sister that is three years older, Adrienne, and a sister that is three years younger, Audry.Her mom works from early morning till late at nite, so the girls take care of them selves. Lex is the only one of her ssisters who know that they are not completely human. She befriended a girl named Venus in elementary they have been friend ever since.
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Name: Nikita Schad

Age: 19

Birth Date: 5/13/86

Gender: Female

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 158 lbs.

General appearance: Tall muscular strong beautiful and sultry long tan hair down to her waist. Chesty full figured young woman with strong powerful christal eyes

Species: wolf bat/dragon child
(Wolf bat is a ware wolf/ bat created by humans to hunt ware wolves but they revolted and now feed on both ware wolves and humans ware wolves are their sworn enemies. Dragon child is a humanoid dragon a dragon's soul and powers just a human body. )

Bio: A young woman who was best friends with Venus's brother but after he went to jail Venus?s mom became friends with her father and Ven's started staying there after her second husband left her. So On the weekends Ven visited her mom she spent the nights in Nikki's room. Since she was sixteen she has been like a dysfunctional big sis to Ven. When she graduated from high school she left Darkville as soon as possible but a year later she came back to take care of her dad in his last few months of life.
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Yep, exactly. I figured, since I'm currently stuck on that game, I might as well put it to use. Unfortunately, I just got to the second disc, so I'm not sure if they have any more powers, which is why I'm just going with these ones for now.

If I discover more, then... ^_^ Well, I'll probably still just use these, since he's only half...

Oh, and(shameless plug) I currently have a game going that is still looking for players. Inuyasha: Search for the Sword, feel free to take a look. All the major characters are still open, aside from Sesshomaru and Koga.
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[size=1][color="#CC0000"]This thread has been closed because it does not have a proper rating, but there are a few other things I'd like to point out as well so we don't make the same mistakes again.

Ditsy_Taurus888, please do not double post. If you have information you would like to add, simply use the edit option on your post. It much easier and keeps the thread clean and tidy. Also, be sure to copy and paste anything you don't already have saved because it will be deleted in a few days time. You can repost the idea if you want to but you [b]must[/b] follow the rules.

lil kitsune boy, if you want to plug something, please use your signature to advertise it instead of somebody else's RPG thread. That's not very cool.

Remember to [b]read OB's rules[/b] as well as the [b]Inn's sticky[/b] for more information about how the boards and the Inn work. If you have any questions feel free to contact a moderator or check out the Suggestions and Feedback forum. ^_^

- Arcadia [/color][/size]
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