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RPG Zone of the Enders


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Welcome to Earth where all is not as it seems... military forces control planets and we, the earth, want them back. If u know the story, u get to use one of the orbital frames in there... if u havent played the game u can make up ur own. there are two teams, the Unified Earth, and the Intergalaxy planet trade. U get to choose what team ur on... and also u have to give this info.

Orbital Frame:
--description of it.
--arms and speciall abilities
Character apperance:-optional
Bio:- we need something to base ur character on.

u also get 2,000,000 points to go thru these stats.
--the stats have to abide by ur type of OF
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Name: Kevin
Team: unified earth
Orbital Frame: Dragonfly
Description: You know Jehuty
Arms and Special Abilities: Sniper amd Comet. Burst Attack!
Character: Just look at Heero. :)
Bio: Again look at the man Heero! :)

I haven't play ZOE much so excuse me.

Defense: 400,000
Power: 400,000
Speed: 600,000
Evasiveness: 600,000
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Team:None- Is currently a mercanery who changes teams battle to battle by whoever offers him the bost money
Orbital Frame:StarLight
Description:A light weight Frame with very little armour and a little below avarage power.Depends on it's speed and eveasion to keep from getting hit and to hit before his enemys can. Dark Blue - nearly black - with two White stars on both shoulders of the frame.Humanoid Shaped(if i need to change this i will - never played ZOE))
Arms:A Submachine Gun with a semi and full burst special attack.
Charecter: 5'10" with Dark brown hair in a pony tail going down to the top of his back.Wears a black shirt and jeans most of the time and occaisonally wears a trenchcoat.
Bio:As a young man had parents that fought on opposite sides in the war.When they met they both stopped fighting and when they had him both parents taught their kid both view points of the corperation. When his parents were killed during a cross fire on the lines He decided he wanted to join but couldn't decide which side to join on and so became a mercanery working for both sides. Intellegent, Carefree outta battle but Cool and Logical in battle. He is sometimes prone to withdrawing into his own thoughts and council when faced with a problem.

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Name: Jab (Jabroni)
Team: United Smugglers Association
Orbital Frame: Piranha EX
Description: As a member of the United Smugglers Association, Jab is required to perform several 'unique' tasks. One of the tasks is to assist in getting the Jahuty. Although failed, he manage to escape death sentence and continue on living in the shadowy streets of Mars. With a scar on his face and a family to raise, he must use his good looks and charming personality to somehow obtain money to continue on living. His frame, a classic frame which was once the royal frame of the royal guards of Mars, has been modify to fit the modern requirement. Equiped with a grenade launcher, the frame is close to be unstoppable.

Power: 200 000
Defence: 400 000
Evasion: 600 000
Speed: 800 000
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uh, what's an orbital frame?:confused: oh well. i'll try to figure it out.

Name: Kool
Team: Unified Earth
Orbital Frame: saiya-jin
description: everyone should know. :p
arms and speciall abilities: A sword that I call Sword of Many Elements. I also have the powers of all the saiya-jins.
Character apperance: Pan
Bio: very serious at times, (-_-) likeable, (:D), excellent fighter, (:mrt: ) cunning, (:naughty: ) and doesn't know why people act the way they do sometimes. (:therock: )

Defense: 5,000,000
Power: 5,000,000
Speed: 5,000,000
Evasiveness: 5,000,000
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ever seen gundam wing...if not well a mech is basiclly like a humanoid shaped robot(although it can be any...) shaped like a human and ussly many times larger....controlled from the inside by a pilot and in some cases a gunner....
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ok i came up with everything...
name-K' Dash, K', or Krizalid
team-unified earth
-arms: beam shot gun and laser excalibur
-special attack: supernova burst attack
-skematics:alot like nebula but is humanoid and tranzforms into the nebula jet mode with different colors.
Bio-erm, can be crazy at times, but free willed. can be serious too.


power vs. defense, subtract the smaller #

more tomorrow...:sleep:
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I want to join.

Name: Tus
Team: Unified Earth
Orbital Frame name: Big Boy
Orbitral Frame: Big and Slow. Power is strong. Red and blue.
Amrs/abilities:Shoots Energy shots out of its palms.
Apperance: Tus is medium size long white hair. looks like sephiroth.
Bio: No one knows about his past not even him.

Defence: 900,000
Strength: 900,00
Speed: 100,00
Evasive: 100,00
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Name: Craig
Team: Unified Earth
Orbital Frame name: Black Ice
Orbital Frame: Small and agile, Black Ice is a typical long range combatant.
Arms/Ailities: Laser Sniper Rifle with cooling pack, Beam Saber.
Special Attack: Black Death
Bio: Quiet, tactical genius.
Description: Blue ripped jeans, black vest, black trenchcoat.
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ok, i got bumped off the last time i tried to do this so ill make several posts or no posts at all.

[u]power vs. defense[/u] see my earlier post.

decides who attacks first. if speed is double or more than ur opponents, u get 2 attack phases for ur turn.

still debating...

range is post at the beginning of the battle between
forces. more later.[/color][/size][/b]
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[size=1][color=firebrick][b]Obviously there's not much intrest in this so we'll go ahead and start, it would take alot to explain the battles, I tried explaining it to Gouf and I had to repeat myself over and over until he got it somewhat. we could just do an interactive story but it probably would'nt be that interesting.(I happen to not like most of them.) But if it comes down to that I will. I've started the story in the first post. You guys can add on to it if you are still interested.[/size][/color][/b]
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