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Awaken The Demon Inside: Fate and Marytrs (M-VLS)


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[color=darkred]Awaken The Demon Inside:[/color][color=blue] Fate And Martyrs[/color][color=darkslategray]

[i]Can you feel it, my son?[/i]

A burning sensation rose in his chest.

[i]The fire inside your veins?[/i]

The fire rose out his throat and though his mouth. A plume of flame...

[i]Can you feel the demon?[/i]

He fell to the floor, fire spilling from him like water from a floodgate. A shape formed from the flame, and a hand struck the boy across the face. His neck snapped, crushing his windpipe, killing him.

[i][b]Weak. All weak. The flesh and blood of the Humans are weak.[/i][/b] Dissapointed, the demon walked away, the fire forming a skin around him.

Demons and Angels have surrounded the dreams of man for the longest times. People have done rituals to summon Demons, but few have succeded. What happened when they did succeed? No one knows, because the last time, they rebooted the world.
The dissapearance of the boy sent ripples though the local city. At the age of 15, he was already a brilliant technicion, leading his own firm. Some people suspected a jelously attack. His name was Marcus Red.

Not many people knew what he was really doing,. As a matter fact, none did. Besides one. He told me everything, shortly before it happened to him too.

Marcus was bringing demons into the world, via giving their own lives. The man that told it to me, Call Tarkem, burst like a garbage bag too full of rotten food, his body swollen. The blood from his body formed together into a wholy new, human shape.

There werw 9 demons. One of Fire, one of Ice, One of Water, One of Earth, One of Shadow, One of Thunder, One of Bile, One of Bone, and One of Blood.

"When they meet, the gates to hell will swing forth and a tide of blood will consume our world. No longer will "Forget All Hope, Ye who Enter Here" be for hell alone." He gurggled, and burst,. Unfourtunately, I had brought the Newest, born of Blood, to the meeting center. The Sanatarium where I had brought the man for questioning.

The demons began their slow invasion, infecting people with their blighted spirits, Only the angels could save us now. And that's my plan.
Sign ups:

Name: Around this age, please. Mark and Tim will work,.
Age: 15-27
Appearance: You can use a picture or describe in detal your character.
Race: Human, Demon, or The Holy Possessed. (The last will become Archangels a bit after the entrance posts.)

Weapons: What do you use to fight? A handgun, maybe a sword? You choose. Two starting weapons.

Powers: (Demons and Archangels only) What kind of element do you command? Can you control the blood of the weak, or can you send an orb of ice careening though your foes? One power, please. There will be opertunity for some humans to gain power too.

Biography: What has your character done in their lives? Two paragraphs, please.
I Hope many people sign up. [/color]
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Name: Luna Lee

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Appearance: Long, black hair and golden eyes. She tends to wear jeans and big T-shirts but in her demon form she wears a long black cloak around her. She friendly and tends to be quiet.

Race: Demon/Human

Weapons: A Sword and a staff

Powers: Fire

Biography: Luna is a fifteen year old girl living her life as a regular teenager and keeps her identity sealed. She was born under a mortal/mom and a demon/dad. She rarely knew her dad and she never really thought about it. She has two older brothers and one younger brother. Living her life as a normal teenager, she is trying to get a job.
She has a few close friends and is a gentle person. She isn't friends with any demons because the others make fun of her because she is part human. So she stays in her human form mostly. She has great senses and is a great friend to hang out with.

OOC: Tell me if this paragraph is too short and I'll try to make it longer.
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