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Project: INFINITE Underground [M-VL]


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[color=blue][size=1]Please don't kill me for taking so long to get this up!! ^__^;;[/size][/color]

Since the year 2009, the world has been at war. The main driving forces, however, are the U.S. and Japan. The year is now 2020, and both countries have begun to loose their desire for war, but a new force has been unleashed.

The experiments of Project: INFINITE

This particular program was started in the U.S., and its results were to become the countries latest secret weapon. Those chosen would become Gods among insects.

For ten or so years of testing, a group of 8 children were fused with DNA and transformed. They gained the abilities of the animals they were joined together with, but they stayed themselves. Their normal appearance and concious remained present. At least, they did until late 2019.

In the November of 2019, three scientists stayed late in the lab to monitor the children, now all in their teens...

[b][u]The Beginninng[/u][/b]
[i]"I'm tired.." a young man, no older than 25, began to yawn.

"Don't volunteer to stay late next time, James. Don't be so whiney," replied a lovely young woman who was monitoring a large screen.

"Yeah, yeah. Hey Watts, you found the file yet?" he called to another man over at the file cabinets, searching for something.

"No.. It's like somebody took the entire thing."

"Well find it."

"Help me find it, you idiot! If we don't, we're all canned!"

The three began to focus on finding the important folder, and left the monitor and children sleeping. While away from the screen, a few boxes began popping up. One surfaced, flashing a bit. Another appeared, also flashing. Inside her cell, a young girl, named Elisa, cringed, holding her head.

"Found it!" James cried, jumping with glee.

"Don't act like a little girl," Watts spat, grabbing it from the bored young man and walking over to his desk.

The woman now returned to the screen. "What's this..? Hey, Watts?"


"Take a look at this.."

He got up, making an audible sigh, and slumped over. "What is it, Lil'?" he asked, sticking a finger in his right ear.

"Look at the screen. It says there's something wrong.. I can't figure it out. Have you seen that code before?" she asked, pointing at the codes in the boxes on the screen.

"No.." Watts muttered, becoming more interested.

Meanwhile, James was busy spinning round in his chair.

"What is it? One of the kids getting their period, or something?"



"Why'd you become a scientist, you moron? More importantly, [b]how[/b] did you become a scientist?" Lily barked.

James was silent.

"Feh." Returning her attention to the monitor, she spotted three more boxes popping up. "Look.. This one monitors Indigo."

"And this one monitors Nina."

Taking a few seconds, the two at the large computer faced each other and gasped in unison, "The children's DNA!"

Rushing over to a smaller computer, Watts pulled up several files, and looked over at the nearest cell, containing the boy Nathan. He was rolling on the floor, gripping his head, and opening his mouth. He was moaning, but the scientists could not hear because of the soundproof glass.

Lilly typed in the codes she copied from the boxes into a program, and up came a large file, showing live footage of the DNA of the children. "The probes.. The probes are picking up sudden transformations in the DNA!" she called.

Hitting at the keyboard feriociously, Watts then ran to the phone, calling in several scientists who were in the upper levels.

"Hello? Emergency desk? This is Kenneth Watts, opperating on lower level 21, on Project: I.N.F.I.N.I.T.E. The subjects are experiencing dramatic transformation in their DNA. Get all the team members assembled down here NOW!" he shouted into the speaker. Hanging up, he rushed over to one of the windows into Cell #4, containing Isaak.

His jaw dropped.

Large amounts of fur were sprouting from his pores, and his ears were changing. Running to the other cells, similar transformations were occuring.

"Lilly! They--"

"They're changing into the animals.." she sighed, still facing the monitor. "This thing was alerting us. It has been for the past twelve hours.. We could have stopped it earlier. It's too late now. They are failures."

The three scientists, now standing silently and watching in horror at the painful transformations the children were going through, waited only for the other scientists to come and take the failed experiments away. But they were all saddened. These children had become theirs. They were [b]theirs'[/b].

After a few minutes, the transformations were complete, and the once human children, now scratched and bang against their walls, screeching so loud even the soundproof glass couldn't keep their horrible sounds in. They were now the animals themselves, and there was no going back.

James, who had been sitting solumnly in his chair got up quickly, and opened a box on the wall. He began flipping switches, one after another.

"James, you ca--" Lilly began, but Watts held her hand. "We can't let them die, Lil'. The government will kill them because they're no longer worth anything to them. We have to let them out now. Before the other scientists come down here. They're on their way.."

James, staring quietly at the last switch, looked back at the cells. "Rip their heads off," he whispered, flipping the last switch.

Just as he did, the large doors opened and fifty or so scientists poured in, holding clip boards and papers. As the children, now animals, slowly walked out of their cells, taking in the new scents, were spotted by a few of the scientists, one said, "Oh.. ****."

And soon the children were upon them, clawing, biting, and trampling over all of them to escape, their new animal insticts screaming at them to get outside.[/i]

It took three months for the children's human conciousness to return to the surface. Their complete animal change did not last, as their skin did return. But not all features returned to the way they were. In that time, however, they ran rampant; destroying towns, killing innocent and guilty humans, and just daring the US to try and attack them.

But now that they know what they are doing, some have stopped being so destructive, and have begun a search for the cure. Others have resumed their barrage of death, and plan to empty the world until only themselves remain.


Well, there we go. That is how the story will begin. Each person will post, and get their desire across (whether they want to empty the Earth, or change themselves back to normal) if they are an INFINITE creature. The soldier we have [hicoboy] will describe the beginning of his search and destroy mission. The INFINITE children will eventually reunite, but you can be alone or in small groups in the beginning. I'll start off later today (I promise xP).

Oh, and before I forget, all the INFINITE children have two forms, humanish and complete animal. The difference is their humanish form is more human (less animal features) and they can control themselves (they are in control of themselves with their conciousness), and their complete animal form is the exact opposite.

[COLOR=Blue][SIZE=1]Well, feel free to post your ideas for the storyline in here, but I decide if and when we find the cure. ^_~

Also, ask any and all questions you have, and I'll try to answer them.

Here's the cast so far:

[center][b]INFINITE Children:[/b]
Indigo - Ozy Jones
Nina - Me
Francesco - Black_Pheonix
Isaak - Rin
Nathen - Anarchy
Inna - StarrStruck
Theodore - Corey
Elisa - Katsie

Sergent Craig Walker, American - hicoboy[/center]

And here are the links. ^__^

[url=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=45948][b]Sign Ups[/b][/url]
[url=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=46011][b]Project: INFINITE - Arena[/b][/url]
[url=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=46003][b]Underground[/b][/url] <-- You are here[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Blue][SIZE=1]Nope. You can post whenever. I never really.. "took" to the whole posting order, thing. But meh. Works for some, not for me.

And I got the thread up in the Square! I'm so proud of myself. x3 The link is at the bottom of the first post. It's also in the first post of the sign-ups thread. Have fun posting!

*is off to bed* <<;;[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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