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[CENTER]Sabbath Productions? Announcement...

[I]We have found her, the goddess of Oblivion, destruction, and death. We?ve uncovered her, her body perfectly preserved in ice, she has been found. Now, I am ready to unveil our plans for the future. Our goddess will be made re-born, and will cleanse this planet of the suffering made by man. Gaia shall be cleansed, by?Jenova.[/I]

[-?End Transmission?-]

?It?s true?they?ve done it??

?The bastards?

?It was only a matter of time?

?Suppose?but the bastards, what the hell are they doing, she?ll kill everything?

?Maybe that?s what they want??

?No, they want more than that?


?They?ll control her?she would be under their control?a goddess of un-imaginable power?

A cloaked figure pulled down his hood to reveal deep gold hair, with dark blue eyes and quite pale skin. The figure stood up and walked across the room, he picked up a framed picture, it was off a girl, she had quite long hair, coloured black with brown where the light hit it. The figure turned around to look at the group sitting amongst the crates.

?Well?are we doing something about it??

Another person stood up, ?What can we do? They have the world in there hands, Cloud?

Cloud glared at the figure who had spoken, still with the framed picture in his hands. He turned away from the group, putting the picture down he walked to the man that had spoken.

?We have her? Cloud stated, pointing towards the picture. He left the room, slamming the door behind him. Cloud walked down the hall, and down the stairs, reaching the door at the bottom. He looked back up the stairs, then pushed the fire exit open. The streets of Treno were dead, it was even the mid-afternoon, the skies were clear, the breeze was satisfying, but it was so quiet.

There wasn?t even birds chirping, no shops were open, no body relaxing in gardens, no-one at all.

[B]JE - NO - VA[/B]


[quote][b]Characters Involved[/b]: Lei, Cloud, Kai, Orion[/quote]
[B][U]Midnight Genocide - Chapter 1[/U][/B]

Lei was lying in her bedroom when she heard the door slamming downstairs. She pretended to be asleep a lot, only because she could hear what they were saying without an awkward silence coming down upon the room she walks in. Downstairs was quiet again, and Lei decided it would be best to get up, the sun peeking in through her window. She slipped on some robes and ambled downstairs, peeking through the banister at a group of solemn looking hero?s and heroine?s. She tried to give them a smile, but they ignored her, she shook her head and walked through into the kitchen.

There were bits of bread lying half-eaten, jam lids lying around the bunker and knives with butter and god knows what were lying on the table.

?Boys will be boys? she mumbled and started cleaning the cutlery away, finally after about half an hour the kitchen was tidy, and you wouldn?t catch food poisoning from eating there. Well maybe. But she sat down with a hot mug of caffeine and thought about the world, Gaia.

She had heard the announcement and knew what Sabbath were planning to do, it was just a matter of stopping them. How would they? How can they? What would it entail? So many questions, but no answers to back them up.

?Cloud will know what to do?? she said to herself and took a long deep drink of caffeine.

I needed to get this started, I expect longer posts, and mosre detailed ones here on out. JJ is the first poster, so we can see his post here whenever he gets the time to post it ^_^ Let's get this parted started.
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Cloud kicked at the dirt on the ground for a moment. The silence sometimes seemed deafening to him, overwhelming his every sense. It was at times like this, when hope got down, that Cloud hated the silence.

Usually, he could use it to kind of forget everything that went on around him, and just think about nothing. Clearing his head, and just letting the flow of time wash over him was something the silence helped, but now it was just remembrance of how hopeless the situation was turning out to be.

If they truly had found her, then they would need to put even more work into figuring out a plan to bring the corporation down on their knees. From the time that they had taken over, and the silence plagued Treno, Cloud had slowly put the variable time into the back of his mind. Now, it seemed like they would have to come up with something good and something fast, otherwise, Jenova would destroy everything and everyone.

Cloud walked over to a big rock across from the spot he was standing, and sat down. He needed to think about what they could do to try and cripple the government enough to stop the revitalization of Jenova.

The name send a shot of fear, cold and painful, to his heart. He had only heard it in the stories, and even those ended with death and suffering.

Cloud suddenly sat up and cried out. He had figured it out. He rushed back to the bunker, slamming the door open. He noticed that Lei was up and drinking coffee. He walked over to where Kai and Orion sat. ?I?ve got it.? He said.

?Got what?? Kai asked, looking at Cloud.

?I have an idea.? Cloud said, grabbing a piece of paper and a pen.

?You sure about it?? Lei asked, looking up from her coffee.

?It?s not full proof, but it?s the best we have for right now.? Cloud said. ?So, I figure, if we make an attack on the scientific base across town, we can steal plans, get information, and maybe even find where they?re keeping Jenova.?

?But, Cloud, we can?t.? Orion said, looking at him.

?Why not?? Cloud asked, looking at the wall above Orion.

?We?ve already tried it; they?ve probably already beefed up security.? He said, turning to Kai.

?Well, then, we?ll have to fight our way in and back out then, won?t we?? Cloud said.

?That means we?d have to kill innocent people.? Lei quickly responded with.
?People who made the conscious decision to work there.? Kai said, turning to Lei.

?I don?t want anyone to fight about this. We?re not going to kill anyone, unless we have to.? Cloud said. ?If anyone has any smoke bombs, we?ll probably need them.?

?Cloud, what if we don?t find anything?? Orion asked.

?Well, does anyone have any better ideas?? Cloud asked, throwing his hands up.
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[color=Navy]While Cloud had been out, Kai had just been sitting around reading. Lei was sitting at the table drinking coffee, and Orion was just sitting around too.

Kai enjoyed to read in her spare time because it was a good hobby for the mind. It also helped her concentration, as she needed lots of it for the things she usually did. Kai had looked up, along with the other two when Cloud burst through the door. Everyone just stared at him as he told them his plan that he'd formulated.

There were lots of doubts floating around the room because they'd already tried to break in and they had failed. But since no one else had ideas they decided to stick with it. Kai checked her room for anything that would come in use, finding some of those smoke bombs Cloud had requested.

Kai grabbed a bag that was stashed under her bed, it was small but had many compartments that could fit a number of things. Putting in a lot of things she has for stealing, she walked back to meet with the others, putting the bag on the table and opening it for them to see.

There was no doubting that it was handy to have a thief in their group. Kai closed it and asked for the details, everyone looked at each other and Kai sighed.

[b]"How about if we have one person as a diversion, two as protection and one to find the information." [/b]Kai proposed.

They seemed to agree with that, Kai decided by herself that it was best if she was the one to get the info because she was the fastest, and stealthiest of them. Now they needed to decide on a diversion and the protection group. After a bit of debate, it was decided for Orion to be the diversion because he had an ability that could make him go faster, and Lei and Cloud would be protection, since Lei could heal them if needed, and Cloud was the brawn.

It was then that they planned for a time to set out and put the plan into action, they hadn't decided so Kai left the discussion and went to practise her stealthiness. The last time they had been base, they had infiltrated it quite easily, but then they had been captured and thrown out, and now they suspected that the guards were on higher alert for any intruders.

Kai went back to the others and asked them to brainstorm the parts of the building they could remember, because it would help them with getting in and out quickly. Kai noticed that they had come up with a way to get in without using the front door and kept that in mind, to use when they got there.

Kai was ready, she sat on the floor and meditated a little, sometimes getting up and doing tai-chi for a while before going back to meditating. She had to focus her mind and couldn't afford to make mistakes because it would put all of their lives at risk. Now all they needed was the time that they would take action.

[color=black][b]OOC: [/b]If you want me to change the whole or bits of this then let me know and I'll edit it. I kinda made it up along the way so we'd have something to post about.[/color]
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[SIZE=1]OOC: I'm gonna get this up before my trip to Colorado. Just wanted to keep this going... check my sig for information about that. Oh, and no fancy boxy thing. >_>;;

Orion closed his eyes, thinking to himself for quite a while. He idly twirled a butter knife in his right hand, subconsciously subduing the impacience within. He wished he could become stronger so as not to let his team down, and for the time of the mission. Sitting around wasn't fun for him, but he had stilled his mind long ago, sucumbing to the cruel fact that time crept slowly by.

Snapping his eyes open, he stood up, and walked around the room for a bit, just wanting to stretch his legs. Quickly, he realized that standing was just as bad as sitting, so he sat back down at the simple wooden table across from Kai. He stared at the grain in the wood, picking out the inclines and sharp mountains in the table. His eyes quickly locked onto Cloud as he entered the room.

"I have an idea..." he trailed off. Perhaps he didn't, but Orion didn't really want to hear much of it. They had failed the time before, why not this time again? While he bitterly wanted to succeed on this next mission, but the chance was bleak. Of course, Kai came up with ideas which definitely had holes in them, but Orion had no better idea.

He glanced at the planning paper, which was filling up with black ink carrying the actions of everyone, the general floorplan, and ideal weaponry of the party.

"I anyone has any smoke bombs, we'll be needing them." Orion nodded at the words, quickly tossing Cloud a few bombs from underneath the bench he was sitting on. Of course the room was quite cluttered, and finding such things were quite easy -- if you knew where to look.

After more words had been exchanged, Kai left the room. It was usual of her, but sometimes annoying. What if there was more to plan? He forced the more important issues to the front of his mind, which were the plans on the attack.

"How about ... tonight? What better time than now." He said in his soft voice. Cloud nodded wistfully, while Lei thought about it for a longer interval of time. It was definitely an important decision, one that had to be thought about for a longer period that just a few instants.[/SIZE]
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?Good idea Orion. I was kind of planning on that, but I?ll give you the credit this time, because you beat me to the punch.? Cloud said, smiling.

After everyone had gone their separate ways the first time, Cloud had thought about the morale of his ?outfit?. Living conditions weren?t really swell, outside or in, and the silence and everything surrounding it. On top of that, the overwhelming odds they were up against tonight, and every other night. If something wasn?t done, someone might get depressed, or moap around. Only he was allowed to do that.

?Was that a smile?? Lei asked, looking over at Cloud.

?So what if it was.? Cloud said, smiling again.

?Nothing, that?s just something we don?t get to see often enough.? Lei said, turning back to her cup.

?Are you still drinking that swill we call coffee?? Cloud asked ?I gave up on that stuff a long time ago.?

?It?s not so bad with lots of sugar.? Lei said, chuckling a little. ?Why so happy all of a sudden??

?Why not? We might be stumbling upon our first big hit since we found out about Shiva.? Cloud said, walking towards Kai?s room. ?Hey Kai! We?ve decided on tonight, is that OK with you??

Kai walked out of her room, with a thin layer of sweat on her face. ?Yep, sounds good.?

?Cool, now, everyone start getting ready, it?s already getting late.? Cloud said, heading towards his room. He shut his door behind him, and turned towards his bed.

He plopped down, and felt down underneath his bed. He found a loosely wrapped package, and pulled it out. He opened the package, took a moment of silence, and just looked his weapons down.

Both shaped as tridents, their points were sharp as a new. The metal shined and gleamed, and Cloud could see himself reflected back in the glow. The red handles shone in the faint light, and almost seemed to glow. Cloud grabbed them quickly, and sheathed them on his back, the familiar cool weight a very welcome addition.

Cloud walked back downstairs, and called everyone down for one last meeting. It took them a few minutes, but Cloud finally got the group into the ?den? area. He stood before them, and said, ?We?re going into this with full hearts. Winning and losing doesn?t matter. All we want is information, but don?t hesitate to kill anyone that gets in your way Kai. Orion, I want you take out as many idiots as you can, without overwhelming yourself. If things get too hairy, then head back over to Lei and me, and we can help.

Other than that, have fun, and watch your back. Now, let?s head out.?

Cloud walked out the door, and walked a couple of steps. He stopped, and watched his comrades walking out. The silence was a welcome blanket for the departing group.
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[SIZE=1]OOC: I'll take the initiative. Heh. But I'm not gonna take things too far.


The silence hung dead in the air, nearly suffocating Orion. The city was dead. Not a single soul was outside, quite strange for the bustling city of Jenova. What was more oppressive than the silence, was the malicious dusk that was collapsing upon the group. It watched them.

Their steps were the only sound, echoing a very short distance. Silence. The thing that he welcomed with open arms was now cruel, and he wished more and more to say something to break it.

"Let's repeat the plan." Cloud beat him to it. He usually did. His voice was calm, cutting through the air to them. Orion took a moment to process his request, finally finding the words to answer with. By the time he did, Lei and Kai had already spoken their part. He followed suit, repeating his own orders. They kept walking.

[i]But can I do it? Kill as many people as he could, so that his party could finish their mission?[/i]

His mind quickly arrived to the conclusion that it wasn't matter of try or not, but only success. Nothing else. Do or die. And he would gladly do.

As they drew closer to their target location, their steps became lighter, and they spread out in the darkness. The two kodachi on his left hip began to feel more and more friendly, the smoke bombs began to beg to be used soon. He could grant their wishes, killing his foes mericlessly, efficiently, cunningly. Cloud stopped their progress when they were within ten minutes of the building.

"Okay, this is it. We're going to do this. No more failed attempts. From here, we're splitting up so that we can fulfill our mission." The rest of them nodded, solemnly agreeing to his words. Any final words before moving into action would be spoken now, or forever hold their peace.
OOC: Like it? Well, hate it or love it, here it is... hope it's alright.[/SIZE]
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Akki glared at her radio after hearing the announcement. "Idiots," she spat. Getting out of her seat, slamming the "Off" button as she went by, and nearly breaking the entire radio, she grabbed her glass of water and gulped it down.

She slumped into her kitchen, disappointed and worried. [i]The fools don't know what they're doing[/i], she thought. Placing her glass in the sink, she turned and walked over to the basement door. Opening it, she stared down into the darkness below. It was difficult to manuever down the stairs in the dark, and the lightswitch didn't work anymore. Finally feeling no more steps, Akki sighed with relief, but continued blindly stumbling around until she felt the toolbox. She opened it with no trouble, having never locked the box in the first place.

In it was a key and a flashlight. She turned on the flashlight and held the key firmly in her palm. "Didn't think I'd need you again," she muttered before rushing over to her closet. Though she knew it was locked, she found it a habit to try the door beforehand. Indeed, the handle would not budge. Gently using her key, she then opened the door and was greeted with lots of dust and a few bugs floating out at her.

She coughed a bit, and rubbed her eyes of the dust. "I really should clean this place.." Akki thought aloud.

Shining the ray of light the flashlight emitted into the small nook, she saw what she had not seen in ages. "Ah.. I missed this uniform."

Though it wasn't exactly a uniform, she considered it one since she wore it only on her missions. Grabbing the bag and clothes, she then shut the door and returned upstairs. Holding out the uniform before her again, now in better light, she noticed how dusty it was. "I can't wear it like this.." she groaned. But she perked up suddenly, summoning a large bubble with a wave of her hand. "This shouldn't take long," she smiled.

The bubble enveloped the outfit she had been holding a few moments earlier, and began to fill with water. The contents of the bubble swished around a bit until all the water disappeared and the it burst. Akki caught the, now nice and clean, clothes in her arms and changed right then and there.

"It still fits!" she giggled. Dumping her previous outfit in the "to be washed" pile in her laundry room (which was filled to the teeth with dirty clothes), Akki grabbed her bag and rushed through the small house, turning off lights and finding a few things she saw fit to bring along. Once finished with her last minute task, she set out the door, locking it behind her.

"All right, you bastards. Here I come," Akki giggled.

It had been awhile since she'd last traveled on her own, and was out of practice. But she took a deep breath, jumped a few times, getting higher and higher each time, until she could summon a large gust of wind. Spreading her arms, the large sleeves of her shirt acted like wings and allowed her to glide on the rushes of air she called beneath her.

"Whee!" she cried happily. She had missed this part of her journeys more than anything. Flight was, after all, one of the few things that made her feel truly free. The only thing that brought her a bit down was that she had to be alone on her trip.

She had always traveled with others. It was unfair that now she couldn't. She felt herself falling, and quickly called forth more wind.

"I should stop thinking about it," she told herself firmly, "It'll just slow me down."

Determined to forget it, she began to whiz around in circles in the air. [i]Minna.. I'll make things right. I swear it,[/i] she thought to herself. But that was the last of it. She rid the rest of her dreary thoughts from her mind and went on giggling and daydreaming. Like she normally would have.
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