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[COLOR=#B33D79][SIZE=1]My, it's been a long time since I've requested for an avatar.

[u]Subject[/u]: The girl in the attached pic. Yes, it's pretty cluttered but I bet your powers can handle it. *wink*
[u]Theme[/u]: Red and dark orange. Make it look a bit grungy, pretty much like the avatar I have on now. Feel free to mess around with the Blending modes: burns, dodges, whatever. Your call.
[u]Other[/u]: Please don't put my name in.

Pretty simple, yes? I'm confident that you guys can make me an excellent avatar (you always do). Get cracking, loves.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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The Great Fruede...er...Delta...wants someone [i]else[/i] to do a project?

*bows* We're not worthy!!

Ok, enough fawning...

I made a couple...I hope one of them's what you're thinking of...I honestly don't remember what I used on them...it was pretty much slapping effects on...as usual. :animeswea




I like three the best, actually...I'm not sure why. Hope you like one of 'em. :)[/COLOR]
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[color=gray][size=1]I made a few too :3





they didn't turned out as planned >_>;
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[size=1][color=slategray]I gave it a shot; I can't make different effects, so I used different positions.



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[COLOR=#FF5646][SIZE=1]Thank you for responding, deified artists of OB. It's nice having people like you around! *glomps Ozy, Boo and Mouse*

I picked out an avatar from each artist and will put them on rotation. So that's...hrmm, 3 avatars. I'm so lucky! Thanks again![/SIZE][/COLOR]
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