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Angels Must Die [M-LVS]


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[I][COLOR=DarkSlateGray][FONT=Times New Roman]It had been six long years before I was released to venture back out into the world. My punishment was to teach me compassion and understanding, but it failed miserably. The first thing I wanted to do was seek revenge and show my "God" just how much I hated what had be done to me.[/FONT][/COLOR][/I]

[COLOR=Sienna][FONT=Arial]"Maybe you'll learn this time around not to piss the [B]Almighty[/B] off," cursed a rather large and hiddeous looking Grigori.

Rolling over onto her back, after landing in the mud, Reoan hissed at him. "Worthless loyalist, you all should perish!"

"You're the one who is worthless, Fallen!" The Grigori spat, literially spitting at her. "You'll go back to Hell if you continue your ways."

"And I'll bring you with me, you in-human beast!" Reoan growled, proping herself up on her elbows.

The massive disfigured man trumpted as he rushed at the much smaller human-like girl. Rage filled his face, and his body and strength would have surely crushed Reoan. But she smiled wickedly at him before a highly attractive man appeared behind the Grigori, grabbing the man's shoulder with one hand.

"Leave her be," the man's voice resinated from the very depths of his soul and washed over the Grigori like a gentle river, calming the raging mass.

"Yes," the Grigori lowered his head, turning and walking through the dark door-way, which he had come from.

The man watched him leave before turning back to the naked and now mud covered Reoan. "Tisk, tisk, tisk Guardian. To see such a body and spirit like yours fall to such miseary."

"Go to Hell, Adiol! You worthless creature! You've damned me to this fate!" Reoan cursed at him, trying to bring herself to sit up was unable to. Her body was undernurished and nearly every muscle and bone nearly destroyed.

The man bent before her, placing his hands firmly on his knees as he stared into Reoan's dark eyes. "What are you going to do, Guardian? Kill me? I'd like to see your pathetic body get up." He looked her over as he growled his words to her.

"You'll be the first I seek, Angel. And I will send your tratirous hide to Hell so you can witness first hand what your [I]glorious[/I] work has created!" Reoan spat back as she fell back, her body trembling from the strain.

"You've grown worthless, Guardian." The man said mockingly as he stood back up and started back towards the door.

"This won't be the last of me, you worthless loyalist! I will seek out my revenge all your worthless beast will perish at my hands!" Reoan called after the man as he disappeared into the darkness, the door vanishing afterwards.[/FONT][/COLOR]

My fifth RPG and hopefully the third to make it all the way to the Square. *prays* Alright, this one will be a tad more strict after watching my last one...Falling of Dreams die after some BIG misunderstandings. I will be very picky who signs up for each of the characters and I want serious rpgers, willing to stick with it and make it interesting. If the story makes it to the Square any big ideas/events you have for your character must be run by me first, you can either pm or im me, my sn is on my profile.

The basic plot is set in modern times. Reoan, once a Guardian of Earth, had broken a vow and fell in love. When that love was taken from her by "God", she sent her wrath upon the world, trying to destroy it. When she was finally caught, she was sent to Hell for a century for punshiment before returning to the Earth where she was enternally damned. Now Reoan gathers others that have been "wronged" by "God" to start an all out war. Loyalist (this can be humans, angels, demons, whatever) want to stop her and the Zodiac are to keep the peace. They play the biggest role in the story.

There will be no GOD LIKE CHARACTERS! No one character is better then the next. I will be running the "supposed bad guys", you, my rpgers, will run the "supposed good guys" and the 8 or so Zodiac that try to keep the balance.

I would like Angels and Demons to be researched some what with real names, like Adoil is Hand of God. Here's a site for [URL=http://www.angelicartistry.com/]Angel Names[/URL] and for information and some names on [URL=http://www.amadan.org/Innomine/Grigori.html]Grigori[/URL]. I don't have any sites for Demons, but I'm sure you kiddies can do that on your own.

I could also use a few humans if ya'll wants. But humans have no "special gifts" like the Zodiac, Guardians, Angels, Demons. Oh yeah, Guardians are basicly humans with extreme warrior skills and the task to protect certain parts of the Earth and its creatures. They once had the ability to heal, some to read thoughts, and some could use magic-like skills. One thing they all had in common was the fact that they were to have no worldly possessions or feelings. They were to take no compassion, just do what they were assigned to do from the Grigori or Angel.

I also need about 8 Zodiac. Whom ever signs up for the Sagittarius will be the one to go about the world gathering the other 7 after an angel tells them of the up and coming war. The given gender is not what the character has to be, but has to have personality traits that are like that gender. The animals listed are those you can choose from for their morphing ability. And here's what you can choose from:[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Gray]Cancer: the crab (Innocent)
Where they will be found: Orlando, United States
Order of being Located: Last
- water
- cardinal
- Planet: Moon: ruler of emotions
- hosting a party
Color: Silver
- female
- protection
Animals: Snowy Owl, hawk, dog, wolf
Opal -- secrecy[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Sienna]Aquarius: water bearer (Ozy)
Where they'll be found: Coasta Rica
Order: First
- air
- fixed
- Planet: Saturn: Karma/Uranus: Rebellion
- in a picket line
Color: White
- male/female
- purity, godliness, cleanliness
Animals: Cat, swan, bear
Pearl -- feminity, focus, gentleness[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Red]Aries: the ram
Where they'll be found: Rio
Order: Second
- Planet: Mars: passion
- fire
- cardinal
-pulling the strings
Color: Red
- male
- action, ego, will, aggression
Animals: tiger, loin, badger, alligator
Ruby -- repel poisons, vitality, courage[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Yellow]Gemini: the twins (Rieku)
Where they'll be located: Greece
Order: Third
- Planet: Mercury: communication
- air
- mutable
- mulit-tasking
Color: Yellow
- male
- intellect, mental clarity, confidence
Animals: phoenix, crow, parrot
Tiger Eye -- courage, protection, luck, beauty[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Black]Capricorn: the goat (Ominu Jaku)
Where they'll be located: Japan
Order: Sixth
- Planet: Saturn: Karma
- earth
- cardinal
- in charge
Color: Black
- male
- rebirth, wisdom, control
Animals: dragon, panther, bat, jaguar
Diamond -- fidelity[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Magenta]Virgo: the virgin (Opal)
Where they'll be found: Switzerland
Order: fourth
- Planet: Mercury: communication
- earth
- mutable
- crunching numbers
Color: Pink
- female
- emotions from heart, friendship, compassion
Animals: sparrow, deer
Rose Quartz -- sexuality, calming, love[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Purple]Sagittarius: the archer (Xy GGu)
Where they'll be located: They discover the others with suttle hints for the Loyalist.
Order: none
- Planet: Jupiter: luck
- fire
- mutable
- globetrotting
Color: Purple
- male
- justice, royalty, clairvoyance, charm
Animals: unicorn, eagle, vulture
Turquoise -- psychic connection, protection, balance, strength[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Navy]Pisces: the fish
Where they'll be found: Morocco
Order: fifth
- Planet: Jupiter: Luck/Neptune: Illusion
- water
- mutable
- helping others
Color: Blue
- male/female
- emotion calming, tranquility, loyalty, hope
Animals: bluejay, giraffe, donkey
Sapphire -- prophecy[/COLOR]

Sign ups:

[FONT=Arial]Name:[/FONT] (for angels/demons it has to be a real name. Every one else whatever you wish.)
Age: [/FONT] (give what you appear to be and then how old your soul is. Don't make your soul age crazy please)
[FONT=Arial]Appearance:[/FONT] (pictures or detailed describtion)
[FONT=Arial]Race:[/FONT] (human, demon, angel, vampire, succubus, human, grigori, or one of the 8 zodiac)
[FONT=Arial]Position:[/FONT] (loyal or not to "God" and why you are)
[FONT=Arial]Power:[/FONT] (keep this very limited...say 2 for now. Zodiac try to keep your power related to your sign and color...like gemini could have a lighting power.)
[FONT=Arial]Morph:[/FONT] (for zodiac characters only. please choose an animal from the list under ur sign and give me a picture)
[FONT=Arial]Weapon:[/FONT] (this can range from guns to ancient weaponary, but limit it to 2 or 3. nothing too out there please. remember mordern day.)
[FONT=Arial]Bio:[/FONT] (give me some background information on your character. can be short or long, but remember that I'm judging the sign ups so not every one will make it.)

[COLOR=DarkOrange]I will be posting my character soon. Hope this goes through[/COLOR] :animenose
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[Color=DarkBlue]Name: Akrio Hellio

Height: 150 cm

Weight: 75 kg

Age: 21 on the outside, 130 on the inside

Appearance: See attachment.

Race: Zodiac, Aquarius

Position: Neutral. Akrio is neutral, because he doesn't want upset the very little balance of the world by giving favor to anyone or anything.

Power: Akrio has the power of air. He can command the winds and use them as a weapon, and also a form of short transportation.

Morph: [URL=http://www.mikejs.com/pics/colin.jpg]Cat[/URL]

Weapon: 1873 Charles Daley Magnum, and a short sword.

Bio: Akrio was born into an American Army family, so he grew up moving all around the country. From school to school he moved, making new friends, but never forgetting the old. It was after a friend died back in his ?hometown?, that he began to realize his powers.

After going to the funeral, he began to cry, and he noticed that the wind began to pick up as he cried. He suddenly stopped, and so did the wind. As the memories of lives gone by began to fly through his mind, Akrio realized that he had to hone his abilities. So he did by sneaking out every night to training sending different forces of wind into the different tress in the forest behind his house.

After they moved to the last place Akrio moved with, Akrio realized that things weren?t going to end up going well if he didn?t graduate from high school, so he put a lot of effort into his senior year. He graduated Valedictorian and went to Harvard for three years.

In his fourth year of school, he fell into a state of worriedness, and dropped out, moving to Costa Rica, where he waits only for the time that draws near.[/color]
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Name: Camilla "Cammy" Awanti
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 120
Age: outside-23; Soul-110
Appearance: Two of her favourite photoshot pictures of herself.
[URL=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v352/KIttychanann/banners/pics/angel3.jpg][Color=DeepSkyBlue][U] here[/U][/color][/U][/url]
When she isn?t doing her modeling Camilla normally wears just a pair of tight jeans or shorts and a tank top. On some occasions she will throw on a skirt or a dress suit. She is always seen wearing boots though. She finds that they are the comfy shoes she wears.
Race: Zodiac, Virgo
Position: Neutral. Camilla is neutral because she doesn?t like taking side. She would rather help resolve the matter in as peaceful way as possible.
Power: Camilla has the power of earth. She is able call upon vines and weeds to gorw and restrain or attacks someone.
Morph: [URL=http://www.college.emory.edu/culpeper/GOUZOULES/site/images/birds/bpics/chipping_sparrow.jpg][color=DeepSkyBlue][U]Sparrow[/color][/u][/URL]
Weapon: a small dagger that she keeps hidden in her boot and a long 9-inch whip. The whip had bits o f metal at the tip.
Bio: Camilla was born a native the America?s. Here father, Fredrick Awanti was a military scientist and was stationed there when Camilla was born. Her mother is was a house maker and took care of Camilla. They stayed in the America?s for about five years in California. When her Father told the family that they would be moving to London.

In London her father had gotten a job with a big research company. Camilla never knew exactly what he did when he went to work. They were not suppose to talk about to work when he was at home. While in London Camilla?s mother began Camilla?s modeling career. Her father did not approve of this at all and told her mother that Camilla had to stop. Though it didn?t. They where in London for six years and than Camilla?s Father again.

This time Camilla found herself in Russia. She did not like it there and she told her parents so. Luckily for her they only stayed there for a year. During this time there where many argument between her Mother and Father about living there.

So with reluctance from her father they moved to Germany. Since was one of Camilla favorite places that she had lived. In school she was never the best student but she was average. Fredrick wanted her to be in the top of the class, but Camille knew she could never be that good. On Camilla sixteenth birthday, her Father told her that she was going to be sent to Switzerland to live with her Aunt and Uncle. He figured that all the moving was effecting her studies.

So for the past seven years she has been living in Switzerland here and there. When she first arrived there her Aunt and Uncle allowed her to keep up her modeling as long as she kept her grades at a certain point. She agreed and they all got along fine. During the holidays her parents would come and visit. This was always the best parts of the year for her.

Now at twenty-three Camilla still lives in Baden, Switzerland. She never went to college though she had planned on it but never actually did it. She stays in a small apartment with her roommate. They are both models and she often travel to Zurich to visit her Aunt and Uncle.

I hope this is good.
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[size=1][color=green][b]Name:[/b] Mariah ?Sheesay? Woodworth
[b]Height:[/b] 5?8?
[b]Weight:[/b] 149lbs.
[b]Age:[/b] Bodies Age: 18 ? Souls Age: 239
[b]Appearance:[/b] [url= http://www.psycko-manga.de/gallery/babe/28-4.htm]Mariah[/url]
[url= http://ramicard.free.fr/rami/Nadia/img/0690-A.jpg]Mariah2[/url]
[url= http://www.cs.mun.ca/~anime/afs/images/bluewatr/cl-07.jpg]Mariah3[/url]
[b]Race:[/b] Zodiac: Pisces
[b]Position:[/b] Neutral. Mariah cannot choose sides, and she does not wish to.
[b]Power:[/b] Breath?s under water, can control rain
[b]Morph:[/b] [url= http://espanol.geocities.com/sferrr/aves/BlueJay.JPG]Blue Jay[/url]
[b]Weapon:[/b] Scissor blades; a two foot rope with a monkey knot on the end

Currently writing out the rest. Yes, still writing it all. I?m very busy. Sorry![/size][/color]
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[B]Name: [/B] Kadar Romalac
[B]Gender:[/B] Male
[B]Height:[/B]6'3 [B]Weight:[/B]210
[B]Age: [/B] 26[B] Soul:[/B] ?
[B]Appearance:[/B] Picture Below
[B]Race:[/B] Zodiac Saggitarius
[B]Position:[/B] Undecided..will follow the the better of two paths until then.
[B]Power:[/B] Balanced in all elements except dimension (give or take). Ranged ability, but mostly for defense.
[B]Morph:[/B] Unicorn
[B]Weapon:[/B] Flexible with all weapons. Unusually excellent in archery. However, carries a sword instead.
[B]Bio:[/B] Kadar has grown up from a normal lifestyle. However, it isn't normal at all. When he became aware of his "abilities" he had spent his high school years honing the powers inside of him. The freinds around him knew of this and had powers of their own and had trained along side of him. He wishes to keep a balance of all the elements as much as possible.

After his high school graduation, he left town and kept his abilities to himself except to help those who were wrongly abused by others. In time, he became more attuned to the world and what had seemed to be "unnatural phenomena" that had been going on in the recent years. He decided to dissappear to study these happenings and get a better understanding of them.

Nearly eight years have passed. Kadar comes out of hiding with the knowledge that he had searched for. After integrating back to society, he waits. He is waiting for a sign.
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Oh, I have to, if only for irony's sake... that and the character's [I]really[/I] easy...

Name: Benjamin Hawthorne
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 176 lbs.
Age: 20
Appearance: Medium build(like all my characters), Blue eyes and blonde hair. There's a small scar on his left cheeck, barely noticable. He wears your standard 'i don't give a *****' gear(t-shirt, jeans and sneakers that are probably more than a year old) with a black leather trenchcoat.
Race: Human
Position: neutral, atheist, just happens to know a Guardian or two.
Weapon: Any sword he can get his hands on (prefers his katana) and two 10mm pistols.
Bio: Ben lived an interesting life. Moving around for the first half, between his abusive army father and his mom who hadn't a clue how to raise a kid. Not to mention getting himself kicked out of most of the schools he went to, for some reason or another, mostly fighting(which he's quite good at, to the point that it was suspected that he was a Guardian). The second half was spent in a small town in the middle of nowhere. After that, he settled down a bit(thank god, for medication and realizing you don't need it). But, he never lost his will to fight. He enjoys that more than just about anything. Recently, though, he hasn't had much of a chance, so there's a bit of energy that needs to be purged.
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[b]Name:[/b] Azrael


[b]Weight:[/b] 176 lbs.

[b]Age:[/b] 22 (Around since creation I suppose)

[b]Appearance: [/b] [url=http://home.att.net/~hoo17/Law/azrael.jpg]Azrael[/url]

[b]Race:[/b] Angel

[b]Position:[/b] Loyal to God. He is the Angel fo Death and holds sway over life and death. Working against God would not benefit him.

[b]Power:[/b] The ability to kill mortals with a touch(He is the angel of Death!).

[b]Weapon:[/b] A flaming sword.

[b]Bio:[/b]Azrael was created by the Almighty for a purpose. His purpose is to bring death to the world. He does not relish his job, but he does not hate it either. He sees it as an unpleasent duty that must be preformed to keep the population of those pesky mortals down. He has a rather condescending attitude towards mortals. He sees them as fragile beings, not capable of surviving the climates and situations on their planet. He enjoys talking to the souls of those he brings to the afterlife, though. He drinks up the information they give him, and has gained quite a bit of knowledge in his stint as the Angel of Death. His worst experience in this job was the Firt and Second World Wars. All those deaths, al the destruction. He almost went against the Word and quit, but managed to contain himself.

Above all else, he loves God. In the few times he has been lucky enough to be in the prescence of the Lord, it was an ecstatic experience. Now, he fights for the Holy God in the war that is beginning. Fortuantely, a new Angel of Death is scheduled to replace him soon, so that frees him to fight for hsi beloved Lord.
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Name: Reoan (pronounced Re-oan the oan being like loan) Fehu
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 120
Age: 17-18 (soul around since Ancient Greek/Egyptian time frame)
Appearance: Dark eyes and hair, attractive. (That's all you're getting ;))
Race: Guardian-Demon
Position: Against because of extreme hatred for the unjust treatment of Guardians.
Power: To be revealed during the story.
Weapon: Born and raised in the ancient world, Reoan will not use guns of any sort.
[URL=http://www.weaponmasters.com/images//products/website/KR-6_large.jpg ]Long Sword[/URL]
[URL=http://www.weaponmasters.com/images//products/website/M-2021_large.jpg ]Katana[/URL]
[URL=http://www.weaponmasters.com/images//products/MC_2002/MCHK-913HL.jpg ]Dagger[/URL]

Bio:[COLOR=Green][FONT=Times New Roman]Guardians were said to be almost cold when first spoken to, though most Guardians could feel the suffering of others as if it were their own. Though Guardians were forbidden to act on such feelings and emotions because it interfered with their work. They were to protect Earth, its creatures and the balance. Selfish acts meant corruption amongst them and they would be punished like so many had.

Most Guardians were born to average, normal human parents. This kept the guardian trait impure and Guardian love from occuring. Though every so often a Grigori or Fallen Angel Guardian did appear amongst their ranks, but most turned blind eyes to it.

Reoan was born to human parents that gave her to the church when they realized that their little girl was extremely special. Her speech and motor functions were far too advanced for her age. This is where Adiol found her, God's Hand, was what he was called by the preist and the monks. Adiol raised her, taught her every thing she was suppose to know about her kind. When she was old enough, he sent her on missions, always keeping a watchful eye on her.

Reoan's first death was painful, dying to a deadly disease. Her next few lives were normal for Guardians and she died in the heat of battle. It wasn't until the middle ages when Reoan would come back into the world and play a huge role in history. But she had a helping hand.

During the Crusades, another war raged. This one against Heaven and Hell, one of the first known Guardian wars to occur on Earth itself. This battle allowed an evil to enter Reoan's heart while a love for the Angel Adiol had already begun. When the angel took on a human form and became Reoan's lover, "God" was ferious and sent his wrath upon them both. Not knowing at the time that Adiol had taken a human form and that Caleb was actually him, Reoan fought for both their lives only to lose Caleb. Upon his death, so stricken by grief, Reoan joined a demon army and began to reek havok onto the Earth.

It had taken ten long years for Adiol to regain his angel form again completely before he could venture back to Earth, but his angel body had a price. He had to stop Reoan by killing her, and sending her soul to hell. He did it and as he shoved the blade through her fragile chest he told her that he had been Caleb. After many centuries, Reoan's soul was released, only to return to hell again. Now she is free and wishes to bring the death of all "God's" followers as part of her revenge.[/FONT][/COLOR]

(Well that ended up longer than I had planned...ah well :animeswea )
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Your biography is excellent, demon child (as well as everyone else's). This definitely is going to be an interesting RP after all.

When can we start? Or are we still waiting for others to join? I noticed that this thread was first posted yesterday and there are quite a few good characters that have joined. I can certainly wait for more.

I apologize if I am a little too straightfoward. I have been doing literally [B]nothing[/B] for the past week and have been very impatient with a lot that has been going on. But for this, patience IS a virtue. Thanks for understanding.
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Name: (Uncertain as of this moment)
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 120
Age: physically - 17, soul - 140
Appearance: A serious J-rock punk. He is of Japanese descent, and has very beautiful and captivating eyes. Both are blue with a hint of violet in each strand of the iris. A smallish nose, complementing his beautiful facial structure, with smallish, seductive lips. Never seen in anything but black. Usually found wearing a favorite spiked black collar, large black boots that reach the top of his calves, and tight leather bondage pants that he tucks into his boots. A tight Muscle tee is worn under a fishnet that reaches the base of his fingers, where he wears fingerless leather gloves. Black eyeliner marked deeply around his eyes, and lips. His hair is done in purple and red streaks, and his bangs long enough to reach his nose but he keeps the hair to the side in a Trowa of Gundam Wing kind of fashion, while the back is spiked up, but is slightly shorter than the front. (I'm getting a friend to draw a picture of him, should be good)
Race: Zodiac - Capricorn
Position: Neutral - Unsure as to where he lies
Power: Medium telepathy capabilities, and power absorbtion abilities.
Morph: Panther (Looking for good pics)
Weapon: Two long daggers each about the size of a normal sized wakizashi, that can attach at the hilt to create a swallow. The sheaths are attached to either thigh. He also uses a small Fuma like dagger in his right boot.
Bio: (Workin' on it)

Lemme know what you think so far, and I'll write more on the bio when it's not 3 AM on St. Patty's day. :P
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Name: Luna Lee

Height: 5'5''

Weight: (not mention)

Age: 18/soul:36

Appearance: [B][URL=http://img9.exs.cx/img9/7962/misc_394.th.jpg]Luna Lee (Pic)[/URL][/B] She has a red long T-shirt with jeans. A better picture of her though it is kind of hard to see.

Race: Zodiac, Cancer

Position: Loyal to God-believes in him

Power: Ability to shoot water out of her hands and to control water.

Morph: snowy owl [IMG] http://images.google.com/images?q=tbn:JusmsJfqQoMJ:www.graysofwestminster.co.uk/images/workshop/comp_2000_angel_snowy-owl.jpg[/IMG]

Weapon: Staff, Magical Amulet and Sword

Bio: (Fill this in later)

OOC: Sorry about the filling in later stuff. I just have to think about it.

Edit: Well I added some pics!

Edit2: I just changed my age

Edit3: Got better pic of her!
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You're a little late their dear Kairi. I do believe Gemini is still open and of course human, guardian, demon and angels and whatever else you have in mind.

And of course I understand if it takes you all a few to finish your sign ups, that's fine by me. As long as you get them done before the story starts :)

Xy GGu, you're fine. I can't wait for this story to start to see what you're mad of ;) And of course from the rest of you. Seen some of you before and enjoy your work :)

Um...DuoMax just want to make sure that you don't go about killing everything, which I'm sure you won't. Especially of my character...being that she is still mortal...speaking of my character, I still haven't given you peeps her appearance. Maybe I'll give you some basics, but nothing solid or defining so you won't know her when you come across her ;) Keep things interesting. I'm going to start an underground once I put this up so any questions or ideas. It'll have the same name :)

Oh, still waiting for at least 2 more people. A friend of mine to sign up and maybe a few others for angels and what haves you :)
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tell 'em to hurry up, because i'm forced to agree w/ Xy GGu(where the hell did you come up with that?)

oh, and allow me to apologize for anything i do beforehand. it should be very obvious to you exactly where this character came from, and he must act accordingly.

ooh, good song on, c-ya later.
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Xy GGu, you're fine. I can't wait for this story to start to see what you're mad of ;)[/QUOTE]

HAHAHAHAHAHA! I can't help, but laugh at how funny that comment is.

[QUOTE=lil kitsune boy]
tell 'em to hurry up, because i'm forced to agree w/ Xy GGu(where the hell did you come up with that?)
Are you refering to my log in name?

Le' see. Way back when, I was coming up with a title for a comic that I was beginning to plan. After I had found one ("Community Blank" patent pending), I was experimenting with the font styles for it. Well, while scrolling through the fonts in Word (I think it was called), I had gotten bored and decided to choose symbols or something like that. When I gave the OK, the whole thing looked jumbled and awkward (no surprise) except for the first five characters. They actually looked like letters. "X..y..G..G..u" (it actually was in the exact uppercase/lowercase format)! At the time, I was trying to come up with a name for the main character and decided "What the hell! Why Not!?" It turns out that I decided to integrate the name of the title and its [B]"interpretation"[/B] to purposefully relate to the character's name (purpose my ***) as an event to take place in the comic.

I was also wandering how everyone would pronounce it. Post me with your version if you would like.

"MAD" indeed!
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[size=1]Yes yes, I am finaly posting my signup, So I'm not going to get yelled at anymore, yay!

I've also decided that I do not wish to hold the Aries spot anymore, but if still needs to be filled by the time the story starts, I will gladly take it.[/size]

Name: Lucifer

Height: 6' 1"

Weight: 192 lbs.

Age: He appears to be in his early twenties but has existed since the creation.

Apperance: Lucifer is a lanky, lithe being who holds a slighter figure than a fighter would poses. Keeping true to his former angelic form, he does not hold a definite male or female appearance. While Lucifer usually carries himself in a very masculine manner, it is not difficult for him to change his manerisims to that of a female disposition. He is fair skinned and lovely in a sense, only when he does not let his bitterness or corruption show through. His pride is his length of ash black hair, midnight wings and his assortment of dark fashionable clothing that he addorns when he walks the human world.

Race: An Angel of the fallen variety.

Position: As of now Lucifer remains neutral, although he leans more towards the powers of Hell by still holding a grudge against God.


Nega- He can manipulate negative energy around him into a physical form and use it as a projectile. This method does not work if there is no Negative energy at his disposal.

Brimstone- A holy power of old that is usually forbiden for Lucifer to use, he undergoes a great amount of suffering each time he uses it.

Weapon: none

Bio: Years and years before Adam walked among the beauty of Eden, or before his creation was ever contemplated, there was a being created by God. This being was blessed with the name of Lucifer.

Lucifer was for a time the most blessed and praised creation of God, blessed with golden hair and pristine wings. He stood between God and the other angels, acting as the highest choir possible. This did not settle with Lucifer however. He wanted to be worshiped by the other angels, and steal a bit of God's spotlight. But this would no do, for it was against God's will, all creatures and angels were to worship and look up to him only.

Lucifer's dissobedience was ignored for a great while as God planned to create a new world with new beings that would eventually become his most favored creation. This infuriated Lucifer and he confronted his Father God, crying out his disspleasure in these creatures that would be known as humans. He said that he and his bretheren came first, and should be greater than the humans. This however, was not so.

As it were, the Angels became servants of the humans. This only angered Lucifer furthur as he began to place seeds of distrust and lies in the minds of the pther angels, some beleived, and some did not. Those who did joined Lucifer's war on God and were struck down by Michael and his Angels. God, infuriated by the actions of his once favored Angel sent him below to hell where Satan resided (for Satan and Lucifer are not the same beings as it is thought). There Lucifer's pristine wings burned into a midnight coal and his hair singed into a darkened ash, he was miserable and punished for his actions by Satan himself, who took pleasure in defiling one of the greatest creations God had wrought.

Eventually Lucifer had repented for his harsh actions, but was not done for his betrayal. He would forever be condemned to earth and hell, keeping the fallen angels and demons in line. He would be the keeper of the damned, and made sure that none of them would do anything against God's will.

Now Lucifer wanders earth, Seeking out fallen angels or rebelious demons that have strayed from the flock. He is rather placid in this age, not nearly as reckless or easily angered as he was in his youth. Lucifer however holds a deep resentment towards heaven and God for what he had to endure, plus he rarely ventures into Hell for what he was punished for there. Lucifer walks the line of just and wrong very carefully, doing his job and never meddling in the affairs of heaven and hell unless neccesary.

Things remained the same for centuries untill he came across the likes of Reoan, a guardian that sparked his interest when he was near her. This interest wasn't sparked by lust or inklings of love that were emotions he purged years before. It seemed more an interest of her rebellious disposition that reminded him of his old ways. Her presence gives him an odd feeling of reminiscence that he finds quite appealing. It was to his absolute delight to find that she had been banished to Hell. There, he would occasionaly keep her company, or watch her being tortured from a distance.

Now, when he's not around Reoan, he's out doing his work, or contemplating his existance. Lucifer will not merely greet anyone with open arms, angel or demon. He holds a deep resentment towards humans, and one would do best to stay far away from him. He is not looking for affairs of love or romps of lust either, Lucifer merely toys with fragile emotions because he finds it fun.[/color][/font]
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OCC: Tis ok demonchild...

[CENTER][COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1]Name: Rubedo
Height: 6'0''
Weight: 180 pounds
Age: 27 (soul-600)[/CENTER]

Appearance: [URL=http://www.rpgamer.com/games/xeno/xenosaga2/screens/xenosaga2047.jpg]Rubedo[/URL]
Rubedo has a tall, and yet firm body structure. Beneathe his clothing; usually a basic black pants, boots and t-shirt; you can see the scars that he has accumulated over the years. One stretching around his right lung, down to his side; another few cut down his chisseled back, and one over his right eye which is covered by his hair. He has a silver earring in his left ear, and a basic silver chain around his neck.

Race: Guardian
Position: Torn...his loyalty resides with God...but...since his duty is to satisfy the balance...maybe it is time to side with the evil that rises...for God has been superior for far too long.

Power: Aside from the basic powers of a Guardian; the ability to heal...and to sense others emotions around him...
-Rubedo is gifted with super-speed; what looks to be teleportation, is merely his quickness from place to place.
-Rubedos' body is also resistant to all outside ailments such as diseases, as well as attacks from other individuals..making him like a tank. However, he is still mortal...

Weapon: Two scimitars, both buckled to his right side on his belt, and one 12 round shotgun strapped to his back, both weapons being conceiled underneathe his brown trench coat. (see attachments below)

All Rubedo can remember from his past life is his first "birth." He never knew his parents...nor the one who created him. All he knew of was his master Albedo...who named him Rubedo. Devoting himself to a set of moral principles; a code which the Guardians followed, becoming a very wise, strong individual. Albedo cast him away to wander the world as he had been predestined to do. He lived a very long life, due to the powers which had been given to him, fullfilling his purpose.

Whatever happened between that time and now...Rubedo does not know..nor cares. As he did once before; once his mind was of rightful age, realizing his true nature..being born to two simple suburban parents..he cast down all his materialistic possessions; leaving behind the life that he had built..and walked down the road that he has walked for so long before.

Wandering the fields of Europe, Rubedo has become somewhat of a renegade...following the will of his master...and of the Grigori; killing both demons and angels...the humans hunted him, not knowing the work that he did for them. To them...he was killing people, but they weren't people at all...but monsters.

So...he wanders...detaching himself from such petty emotions and connections of the world...ever persueing his inner growth. Becoming one with the individuals who cross his path for whatever time is given to him...with nature that ever envelopes around him..he feels a constant peace, and yet a sense of incompleteness.

News of Reoan's activities has reached his ears in his travels...a guardian well known to them all; one whom he has not yet met personally; has interested him as he senses the coming conflict. And a single word, "zodiac", continues to ring in his ear...so he waits...to see what part he is to play in this. [/SIZE] [/COLOR]

OCC: Tell me if anything needs to be changed...
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Name: Madge
Height: 5'8"
Weight:130 lbs
Age: 15 (30)
Appearance: She poses as a beautiful yong woman. with long dirty blonde hair that stretches past her hips. Herhair has purple and silver streaks and her eyes are a feirce gold with jade specks. She has a darker skin tone and large pouty lips. But her true form is even more stunning. No one but her dead parents has ever seen it.
Race: Half human half demond
Position: ?
Power: She can shape shift. She can also control fire and ice
Weapon: She fights with a staff an arow and an ancient amulet given to her by her parents
Bio: Her father was the son of a powerful demond of the underworld her mother was one of the purest and most beautiful of angels. Both turned out to be a disgrace to their races. The two fell in love looking beyond their backgrounds. Only one other new he was a friend to both. They took a vow of secrecy. A vow that would be broken. The two had a child together and their so called friend realized the danger of such a thing. He told their secret. The two hid their child on earth where she would be safe. Soon after the tragedy of their death occured. The have been searching for the two lover child ever since even 24 years later.
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[center][COLOR=DarkOrange][FONT=Trebuchet MS][b]Name:[/b] Raven Melancton

[b]Height:[/b] 5' 8"

[b]Weight:[/b] 65 kg

[b]Age: [/b]
Appearance - 21
Soul - 150

[b]Appearance:[/b] See attachment

[b]Race:[/b] Zodiac - Gemini

[b]Position:[/b] Shifting


Manipulation of Lightning - Raven can manipulate lightning to her very whim. Storm clouds gather. She can summon the vicious powers of the sky.

Thunder Phoenix - Raven can summon a bird made purely of lightning. It becomes like a pet of sorts.

[b]Morph:[/b] Raven/crow


[u]A single H&K P8[/u]

[u]Two of the Viper Blades[/u]

[b]Bio:[/b] (for everyone's information, the area in which Raven grew up was very backwards, technology and ethically wise)

Raven grew up in the mountains of Greece. She lived with her only guardian, her elderly grandfather. They didn't have much money since neither of them could get work. Her grandfather was too old and Raven was too weak to do any work for the nearby farmers. They lived off the land, gathering what food they could to eat from nature.

One day when Raven was 7 years old, her grandfather grew gravely ill. In order to pay for a doctor and medicine, Raven sold herself as a slave to one of the farmers to pay for her grandfather's well-being.

Forced to do work from before dawn until well after dusk, Raven withered away and became frail. The endless hours of labour and little-to-no sustainance were taking a toll on the small child. Her grandfather watched on helplessly as she got whipped for collapsing in the field day after day.

In one incident when she was being punished, Raven managed to electrocute the punisher to death. At that moment, she enjoyed the feeling of killing. Like all Gemini, Raven has two sides. In this incident, the evil side emerged. From then on, Raven grew stronger and stronger, becoming more resilient and confident.

Years later, after her grandfather's death, Raven joined the police force. The reason was because of her upbringing. She wished for no other to feel the injustice of slavery and punishment. As the years progressed, Raven grew into one of the best police officers in the country. Her resilience, courage, intelligence and never-say-die attitude made her who she is.[/COLOR][/FONT][/center]
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[COLOR=#FF5646][SIZE=1][b]Name:[/b] Tabris
[b]Height:[/b] 5?8?
[b]Age:[/b] ???
[b]Appearance:[/b] See attachment
[b]Race:[/b] Angel
[b]Power:[/b] Able to generate an AT field that stops most conventional attacks effectively. Its use, however, is limited; sustained field generation drains her stamina fairly quickly.

[u]Progressive Knife[/u] - A sleek mithril sword strapped to her right leg. Able to cut to subatomic levels, eliminating the enemy's chances of reconstitution.

When Man was created on the 6th day, God sought to separate this creature of His likeness to His other creations. He bestowed upon them virtues and crafted numerous angels to watch over their use. One of the angels conceived was Tabris and her gift, Free Will, was imparted to Man.

And God saw that it was good.

Through the years, Man improved in skill and became like deities on earth. From the bones of Adam, they created new beings, more terrible than anything that had ever walked in land, and harnessed the incredible power these creatures possessed. They built impenetrable fortresses that reached up to the Heavens and from there called upon their Creator to challenge His supremacy. God, having made His Divine Oath never to send another Deluge, could do nothing but watch the doomed attempt. Seventeen of his angels came forward and offered to right Man?s folly. One by one, they wreaked havoc on the realm of Men.

The use of force, it seemed, was not the solution. It took an arbitrator, Tabris, to convince Man to turn away from the path he had taken. Her avatar lived among humans, understood their plight and pitied them. In her coming, she made them see that salvation was still possible and in her avatar?s death, Man realized his deliverance.

Tabris is in God?s Heaven? all?s right with the World.

Now the earth is again showing signs of tumult and angels have once more taken it upon themselves to set matters straight in the name of God.

[b]OOC:[/b] Too much NGE? I could tone it down if you want.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Where is the underground? Is it on this site or do you have a different location?...

Or, perhaps I have posted too soon and you haven't had the time to make one in the underground section yet (you did, after all, just posted the first campaign post) :animeswea .

I'll keep looking for it, unless you want to PM me.

(My patience wains...if that is even a word...)

EDIT: Okay! I see that you are creating a thread in the underground. (I had to look at your status. That is an awesome option!) Ignore this post.
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Guest redkaos
Name: Akasha Lee
Apperance: straight brick red hair that streaches to the middle of her back,wild brownish-red eyes, her curvey but slender body complimented her useful face, she can often be found with dark eye-liner around her stunning eyes,she's rebellious to the gods
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