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The Substitute [PG]


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[COLOR=Navy]I had to write some poetry for a project, and here is one of them. Please tell me what you think.

[CENTER][B]The Substitute[/B]

I came to school one day to find
My teacher wasn’t there.
Instead a stranger sat inside
With fine unruly hair.
Class started out quite well that day
But soon grew most annoying.
Because of many silly rules
This teacher was employing.
He wouldn’t let us talk at all
Especially no idle prattle.
We students all rebelled at that
And soon began the battle.
Airplanes, they began to fly
And spit balls they did hurl.
They landed everywhere
About the room was much awhirl.
We were too big to act like that
This teacher strongly stated.
Down the aisles he did pace
He was more than aggravated.
He made us sit up straight and tall
And face the front of class.
He seemed not to care if school was fun
How could he be so crass?
The minutes they ticked slowly by
The lesson was so boring.
Someone even slept that day
We could hear him snoring.
Our teacher was not happy,
That we gave the sub some flack.
But we were really happy,
When we had our teacher back.[/CENTER][/COLOR]
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