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RPG resident evil Mansion RPG

_Shiro Amada_

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My name is Michael ordonez, you and as many people as you want are on a "dare" to go into a mansion. we will uncover the mystery of the mansion. who dares to join in on the dare? When we first enter a screaming scientist will tell us to stay away, that there are other scientists in there, we decide to resce them, we supply our selves with handguns that the scentist got from a dead starz team member. we've got to rescue them.
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Cool i'll join, heres my Bio

Name: Brian
Job: Stars member
Age: 29
Bio: He was sent to military school at a young age, he later at the age of 18 joined the army and eventually raised through the ranks until at the age of 25 he left the army to purse a special forces carrier. He came to raccon city and joined the stars special forces, he has been a member for 4 years and is a commander. He now travels around the USA on special forces missions.

Ok here's how i meet you guys.

Brian is running through the halls of the unknown mansion, the rest of his stars squad is dead. He bursts into the main hall and sees six figures, he pulls his gun and just as he is about to shoot he hears "No, where're human!!!" He lowers his gun, and steps forward to see six people, guns drawn. He puts his gun in his holster and walks over to them.

Brian:"I'm Brian, i came here with my Stars team.......and now..........they are all dead. I don't know how, we didn't see 'them' coming, just suddenly........they were dead. I ran, i didn't even see what happened. But now i'm here and we can find any survivors and get out of here."

Michael:"Ok lets go.."
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Shiro: Hey Mister.
Brian: Just call me Brian.
Shiro: Brian.... My friends want to come can they?
Brian: well.... i do need help.
Flash: well if we're going we need to go now.
Cloud: yeah I agree with flash, lets go.
Dr. Miranda: Well then all we have is handguns for shiro, Cloud and safer. what about flash and Kevin?
Goten: you forgot me.... and never mind I have a crowbar, that will work.
Shiro: well then what are we up against, wha killed all these people?
(shiro cocked his handun and blew of some dust on the handle.)
Brian: I don't really know i was supposed to gaurd this place while beta team gets here. this is the second mansion said to be owned by Umbrella, this is the second mansion that has had strange occurences hapening around it. It seems kind of similar to what happened to Racoon city.
Goten: (startled) there are zombies here in Burbank?
Brian: I believe so, i was sent here from racoon city not long ago. I am here to prevent what happened in racoon city to happen here.
Cloud: Why did everyone turn into zombies?
Dr. Miranda: well... Umbrella was devicing a new biological weapon for the US government called the t virus and the G virus. They were supposed to eat away at the victims skin, perfect for war. But, the result was that it also eats away at the brain casing the victim to have a murderous- cannibalistic mind. No logic. No feelings.

Brian: But it also deforms you, into a huge monster.
Dr. miranda: what?
Brian: leon Kennedy, a rookie cop, told me about what happened in Racoon city. he said a scientist called william birkin---
Dr Miranda: Birkin, he is a reat man what aout him?
Brian: He was deformed into a strange creature, huge and hideous.
I also heard from a girl named Jill Valentine that there was this tyrant guy, she called him Mr. X.

shiro: so we're going against zombies and monsters, uhm... hell yeah lets go!

everyone yelled :Yeah.
and they run into the mansion.....

to be continued...
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Brian:"Hmmmm....two hallways...."
Shiro:"I think we should split up"
Kevin:"Ok, how bout me, Cloud, Safer and Goten?"
Brian:"Yeah, that sounds good"
Cloud:"Ok with me...."
Safer:"Uggg...i guess so"
Flash:"Well i guess that leaves me, Brian and Shiro"
Shiro"Yeah that seems allright"

Brian, Flash and Shiro go into one of the hallways, the one that Brian came out of. The notice blood stains along the walls. It is dark and the other end cannot been seen. FLASH! The lights spark on, Shiro looks over to the wall to see Brian next to an 'Emergency flood lights' lever. Just then they hear something.

Flash:"What is that!!??"
Brian:"Whoa, flash you scared me"
Flash:"Yeah, but not as much as this will"

They all look up the hallway and see three human corpses, Brain walks up to them and immediately notices the patch on there uniform. "Stars members....." He rips there dog tags off and puts them in his top pocket. "Their families will want these" At that moment flash notices something on the ground.

Flash:"Hey, what's this?"
Shiro:"Looks like a key"
Flash:"Yeah, i wonder what it's for..."
Shiro:"Hey brain we found a key...."
Brian:"Yeah i know, it belongs to Jeff" *He looks down at one of the bodies*
Flash:"Oh i see...." *He hands Brian they key*
Shiro:"Im sorry...."

Brian takes the key and puts it in his pocket.

Brian:"Don't be, it's not your fault. It's those monsters from umbrella..."
Flash:"Yeah, we'll get them.."
Shiro:"lets just keep going"

*They walk out the other end of the hallway*

(Someone from the other team post now)
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Safer-This is weird.

Cloud-Yeah this place is weird.

Safer-No,actually I was talkin bout the gun.

Goten-I got a crowbar.

A zombie walks towards the group.

Safer-Stay back!!



Safer puts 3 bullets in the zombie's head.

Kevin-Where do we go?

Safer-Through that door.

They walk through the door on the right side of the hall and enter a bedroom with a shotgun in it.


Safer grabs the shotgun and puts the handgun away.


Safer-Here are some shells too.Good cause this thang aint loaded.
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Kevin: Well At least I have my good friend my Combat Knife.

Cloud: You still need a gun.

Kevin: I know.

Safer: It's good to have a gun.

Kevin: I bet it is.

Goten: Let's move on.
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Flash, Brian and Shiro enter a large room with three dors and a staircase. Flash walks over to the staircase and peers up it. While Shiro looks around the room and finds some first aid sprays.

Flash:"Looks like it goes up two levels"
Shiro:"Hey, i found some healing stuff"
Brian:"Good, we will need all the supplies we get a hold of"

Brian walks through one of the doors, it is solid and has a lock. "Looks like we will be safe in here" (safe room). He sees a bed, bookcase and a chest. Flash Opens the chest and finds Three Clips of bullets "Sweeeeeet". Shiro and Brian look around the bookcase and find a file.

Cleaners diary:

While i was cleaning one of the bedrooms i noticed that the bookcase looked like it had been moved, I?m starting to suspect something of Mr Alexan. He has been acting suspiciously lately and has been 'twitchy'. He yelled at me for cleaning one of the Candle holders on the wall, he told me never to touch it again.

Today was my day off, while wandering the halls i noticed a door i had never noticed before, then it hit me. There used to be a painting there, things are getting strange around this place. I think i might leave.

Shiro:"It seems there are many puzzles about this mansion"
Flash:"Well lets get some rest, then continue on later"
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Just a note: the whole zombie thing was hilarious, Safer sees the zombie and just screams, I give you props Safer Cloud.----

Shiro: hey I wonder if Dr. Miranda is okay. Last I saw was him running away. He told me to be aware of the Cerberus.
Brian: Cerberus? Well then, whatever that is let's keepe a look out.

Flash looks at a machinegun by a dead body.

Flash: Hey look its a machinegun thingy, ewww, its a dead body.
*Flash reached for the machinegun by the dead body, tensely he gripped the machinegun and pulled it when the body's arm reached over and grabbed him.

Flash, Shiro, and Brian: Holy crap!

Blam! Blam! Blam!

*Cloud, Kevin, Safer, and Goten look behind them.*
Goten: What was that? Was it a gunshot.
Kevin: Nah, lets go.

Flash: Ahhhh! (He starts pulling off the zombies arm) Get this off me!!!
Brian: calm down, you just shot its head off with a MP5.
Shiro: Mp what?
Brian: MP5 its a machinegun. The one you are holding.
Brian: Okay then I am safe. (he gets up and the zombies arm rips off still holding Flash.) Gahhhh!!!!

Cloud, Kevin, Safer, and Goten run to Brian.

Kevin: Okay that's enough of that. We are going to stick together, enough of this splitting up buisness, I am scared as hell.
Shiro: Hey I found some wierd keyhole looking thing in the wall!

Brian ran over and put the jey they had found in the hole in the wall.

Cloud: Nothing happened.

The the wall opened and behind it was a giant elevator.

Brian: We are going down gentlemen....
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[COLOR=red]They all get into the elevator, and it starts to go down by itself![/COLOR]

Goten: Ok guys, erm, next gun we see, I'm getting it :D A don't think my crowbar will uhhh...whack long range.

All: Ok

Brian: Which floor is it taking us???

Kevin: Dunno...


Goten: W-What was that??? :nervous:

Safer: It was probably just...Errr...


Flash: Maybe it was a zombie landing on the top of the elevator? We DID leave the door open! :D

Shiro: Wouldn't it be in pain?


Goten: Erm...Guys? I...Think its um...Trying to get in...

[COLOR=red]All of them get their guns loaded then aim them at the ceiling of the elevator[/COLOR]

All: 3...2...1...FIIIIIIIIIIIIRE!!!!!!!!!!

[COLOR=red]All of them fire their guns like crazy, and through the little holes they make, a few bits of blood trickle through...Although becuase of all the noise of the gunshots, no-one heard the door go *Ping* and open infront of a few Zombies![/COLOR]

Shiro: Heh...Looks like he won't be bothering us for a while...

Flash: Yeah...

Kevin: *[COLOR=red]Notices all the Zombies[/COLOR]* G-GUYS!

Goten: Wha-WHOA!

[COLOR=red]The Zombies start groaning and stumble towards the gang![/COLOR]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by _Shiro Amada_ [/i]
[B]Just a note: the whole zombie thing was hilarious, Safer sees the zombie and just screams, I give you props Safer Cloud.----
Thanks.But I also blew its head of.
Safer-More zombies?Time to use me shotgun.

Safer loads the gun and blasts away like a mad man.

Safer-AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!:devil: :demon: :smirk:

Kevin-He's gone nuts.

Brian-No joke.

Flash starts firing with his MP5 and finishes the last few zombies off.

Shiro-I guess it's safe now.

Safer-Take this Goten.

Safer hands Goten the handgun.


Safer-Now the next machinegun is mine!:naughty:
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Kevin: Everybody have a gun expact for me how nice.

Shiro: Yes it is nice.

Kevin: I going to so die.

Safer: Yeah you're going to die.

Kevin: Funny.

Goten: yes it is.
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The gang walks into a room with four hallways...... all filled with their favourite un-dead friends. Shiro and flash step forward and begin to unload a bunch of clips into one of the hallways.. "Click", "Click"

Flash:"Im out.."
Shiro:"Me too"
Brian:?Allow me"

Brian steps forward and reaches into his vest pocket, he pulls out a grenade and lobs it down the hall, killing all of the zombies in there. He then takes his double berrettas, does a commando role, and starts unloading bullets down the other hallway. Brian then jumps up reaches over his back, brings out a Assault Rifle and begins to take out the rest of the zombies.

Kevin:"This guy comes in pretty handy"
Flash:"Go stars!!"

After Brian takes out all the zombies he walks over to the group.

Brian:"What? you don't think stars members come prepared?"
Shiro:"Ummm yeah....i guess"
Brian:"This is where we were dropped into the mansion, see the hole in the roof?"

They all look up, there is a hole leading out side.
Brian:"And down there in the Meeting point, where we were to go if something went wrong"
Kevin:"I see"
Gohan:"Well, lets go then.."

They enter the room and see a busted up radio, and some lockers.

Brian:"Damn, the radio is broken. Oh well, at least we still have these"

Brian walks over to the locker and opens it, He takes a pair of uzis, and give a pair to every one else. He then hands out some clips.

Everyone:"Oh yeah!!!!"
Brian:"Ok now that were geared up, lets go"
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Shiro: Hey Brian look, its a statue.
Kevin: So what?
Brian: There is a red ruby in its hand.
Cloud: Hey there is another statue here, with a blue ruby!

*In the distance Safer opened a door, with a wierd painting in the room.

Safer: I found some thing! A painting.
Flash: Yes and that means....
Goten: well look at the thin canvas, there's something behind here.
*Kevin runs over*
Kevin: Let me cut through this.
*Kevin tears a hole through the painting. Behind the painting there is three slots. above the slots there are words printed:

Brian and Shiro walk over.
Brian: So I guess we have to put the rubies in.
*At the same time Brian and Shiro put the rubies in the slot.*

Shiro: There is still one ruby left.
Brian: Scout the area for the third ruby. From now on be aware of everything around you there are a lot of puzzles in this mansion.

Goten and Brian kicked through a door across the hall they were in, inside the room there were computers and silver walls. On the walls were monitors and more computers. There was a red laser in beneath Goten but he didn't notice it and stepped on it. A red light started blaring and three machine guns came out from the cieling.

Goten: Gah!
Brian: Duck *he pushes Goten down.*
Brian takes out two handguns in his holdsters and shoots each machine gun, bulletes whizzing by his head and sparks coming out from Brians Gun Barrels. The Machine guns stopped and fell down to the ground.

Brian: Take that you piece of sh**.

Cloud: Holy crap look out!
A robot came out from the ceiling and stood up, it towered over them, 9 feet tall with two gun barrells on each arm.

Brian: Run!!!
They scatter.

Brian jumped in back of the robot and it launches him against a wall. Shiro grabs his handgun and blasts bullets at the robot's head, no damage. Kevin jumps at the robot along with safer: GAh!
The robot grabbed at Kevin and Safer trying to shae them off. Bullets shot out of its arms and shells dropped to the ground. Kevin fell down and groaned, "Sh** I got cut in the arm."
Shiro grabbed a MP5 from Brian's unconscious body and blazed bullets at the robots curuits on the abdomen and the robot fell to the ground. Goten fell aong with the robot still clinging on.

Goten: You almost shot me.
Shiro: Sorry.

*When Goten tried to get off of the robot it got up again, and with reflex he smashed the robots head with his crowbar.

Goten: I love this thing!

Kevin: Hey look there's a purple ruby in a glass case here.

Shiro: Someone wake up Brian. This is what I call security, gees...

To be continued.
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Gohan:"Hey Brian, wake up!!"
Kevin:"Get up!!"
Brian:"Uggghh.......ahh......ooo.....my head, what happened"
Kevin:"well, this big robot came out of the ceiling and you jumped on it to try and take it down, and it threw you against the wall"
Brian:"I see..."
Shiro:"Ok lets get this last jewel in"
Flash:"I'll do it now"

Flash walks over to the panel and puts the jewel in the empty slot. The wall starts shaking and then a panel lifts up, revealing a long dark passage lit by torches.

Flash:"Alright, lets go"
Brian:"Ok.... load your Uzi?s, we don't know what?s coming"
Shiro:"Yeah, got to be careful!"

They enter the hallway, while walking down the hallway they notice a grimy sludge seeping through the gaps in the bricks.

Shiro:"Hey, there's some light through here!"
Kevin:"Allow me"

He gets the crowbar and starts smashing the bricks. When there all finally no more bricks left to smash they enter the newly discovered room.. it's a laboratory, and there are many chemicals in there. The gang starts to examine the room.

Gohan:"Hey what?s this"
Brian:"Looks like a door that?s been filled in with solid concrete"
Shiro:"Lets see what behind it"

Shiro takes out his Uzi?s and starts firing, every bullet bounces off the solid concrete wall. Brian then reaches into his vest and gets a clump of C4 out, he sticks it on the wall, and sets the detonator.

Brain:"Alright, step back"

They all run out the door....BOOOM!!!!...... they come back in and see a wall of solid titanium.........Bwaaa!!!! *They all fall over like Japanese anime characters*

Brian:"Solit titanium.."
Brian:"Hmmm.. maybe there are some chemicals in here that could break through that..."

The group starts looking around for some chemicals.....
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Kevin: Yo mr. brian, sir, I found a disk here it has a note saying that its important hould I keep it?

Brian: yes.

They all walk over to the wall and pur the acid...

A dark fugure crept up towards them suddenly.

Shiro: Gah a zombie!!!!!

???: No I am not a zombie don't shoot, I am Dr. Barney, I'll help you through this hallway, are you kids trhe rescue team.

Shiro: Yessir.
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