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Where's whats-his-name been?


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o wait, he dont got no name. anywho. for the very few (less than 5 of u) who have wondered where i am, wonder no more! the answer is here (in this post)! I have been playing the high-paced, low resolution online game called Splatterball Plus! I signed up with this thingy that lets u download and play sumthing like 8 online games. Its $10 a month, but hell, ur gettin 8 games (even tho i only play 1).
Now for the links!
[URL=http://www.mythic-realms.com/default.htm]Where to go for this great deal that has No-Name hooked![/URL]
[URL=http://www.legacyofwar.cjb.net]My Splatterball Plus Squad's Website![/URL]
[URL=http://www.mythic-realms.com/splatterball.htm]Directly to the Splatterball Plus page![/URL]
Does any1 here (even tho i seriously doubt it) already play Splatterball Plus? If so, pm me during the game to 1v1 at AgentMaxX.
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