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Art Please rate my banner/avi combo. [IMAGE HEAVY]


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[CENTER][COLOR=Purple][SIZE=1][FONT=Microsoft Sans Serif]Alright, I got PSP8 working again and I tried out a clamp banner and avi. I would like you guys to rate them and give me some constructive critisism if possible... Keep in mind I'm pretty new to PSP and have never done av/banners before in my life before this month. Also, if possible, it'd be really nice if someone would rate my current av and banner as well.

first clamp av:

first clamp banner:

second clamp av:

second clamp banner:

Oh, I didn't put any text on the first avatar because I didn't think it fit very well, and there isn't any border because... Well, I really don't know... There must have been a reason... Maybe not...

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[CENTER][COLOR=Purple][SIZE=1][FONT=Microsoft Sans Serif]I made the other banner a little less blurred and I made it blue!


I also did a little closer up. I kinda like it better now. I have the avatar too, but it's just the same as the other one except not as blurry... And blue![/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR][/CENTER]
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I like them both a lot, I seem to be drawn to that type of signature. But as said above you should make it clearer and compliment the images a bit more. The backgrounds are also a bit plain which does suit the banners, but it might be nice to have a little something in there.
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[CENTER][COLOR=Purple][SIZE=1][FONT=Microsoft Sans Serif]I attached a few more that I did last night... The white/pink one is really plain and turned out lighter than I wanted, but I like the curls and stuff on the Inuyasha one. Also pink(And lacking a border... I couldn't find the right shade of dark pink that stood out, so I just said screw it and left it alone.) ... I'm having a pink mood lately, it seems.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR][/CENTER]
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