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The issues of the draft


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Next week the NFL draft will happen and many players dreams will either be realized or crushed all in one day. Here on campus every senior or junior athlete is jumpy and are waiting for there fates to be revealed. I hate this entire process......

The draft has become a playground for little children. Especially in the case of the NBA. Kids who are younger and younger are just skipping college and going straight into the league like slabs of raw beef. I'm just waiting for a middle school student to be drafted. The NBA has discouraged this and are currentlt trying to raise the minimum age of playing to 20, but the teams won't allow this to happen. They want a franchise player who they can mold into a god like figure in the game. A new "Lebron" for the future.

The NFL thankfully can't take players straight out of high school because no player will be quite big enough for NFL play. But what will do is let a player go to a college for a year of straight working out and then get them in the next draft. Though they won't truelly be worth the cap points; the young player is like clay and can be trained like an animal. Just anotherexposed crack in the drafting system.

The only big sport where drafting isn't rampid is MLB. Mainly because they also ready have big enough problems with the steroids issue. Though there are some player in baseball right now who are just 19.

Even Soccer has gotten in on the drafting action with this Freddie dude. They are saying he is the Pele who ever the hell he is.

What I'm trying to say is it isn't fair to the athletes like me, who go to college for a better eduaction along with the sports. It is messing up the drat retirement balance. It is simple, when a veteran player retires the team either trades to get another player or they just draft a new player. This new player would normally come from a college at about the age of 23 and have a good 10 or 15 year career and retire for the next new drafte'. But now the league can draft a younger more eager player over a older player player who has been through college. This new young player will have a 20 or 25 year career and will step down for the new young player. This ruins the system of college sports and mainstream sports and even effects highschool sports. It must be stopped.

What do you think on the issue?
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Although its not usually a good idea to skip through school and join a major sport, I believe its the person's choice to do so. Whether they join right out of school, leave school early, or complete it fully, its their decision what they want to do. If they do leave school and then end up getting hurt, or not making it, then they have to live with the decision they made and hopefully learn from it. If they leave school and do well in a sport then more power to them.
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