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[color=crimson]I just wanted to put up my two favorite photos which i am submitting to an art show. Which do you like better? A second opinion is always nice. BTW, the person in the ninja photo is my brother. He's so silly.

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[color=#9933ff]Ah, what the heck. This thread is only two weeks old. I guess it's okay if I reply. ^_^;

I honestly didn't see this before. I was just doing a search for your saiyuki banners (because now I know what they mean and all) and I found this. When did you submit it, and what was it for? (the shots are rather random).

And personally, I do love the one of your brother. I can't believe that's him, though. It doesn't even frickin' LOOK like him. o_0

I noticed Curtis was in the first shot. So is Timmy, and um... Dan, the guy with the glasses that I can't remember his last name and that picture was SO taken last year!!!!! (eheh. ^^') What the heck are they playing? It's not Magic... :/

But yeah, I love the second one better. Your brother is so funny. Oh... unless it was M. (Wow. I forgot his name until now), and not J. Doesn't look like J. (don't want to use their names unless you want me to).

Edit: Oooh. I also noticed Ben Jaffe, Heather (or missy, I dunno), and Liz in the background. Wow that's scary/ pathetic of me. ^^;[/color]
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