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Welcome to Star Wars: A Wound In The Force, Underground. You can ask questions on the RPG here, and I will be posting information on Workbenches and Labstations, along with Journal Entries for the main group.

[b]Lab Stations:[/b] Lab Stations can be used to create Medpacks, Stimulants, Grenades, Various Spikes and Tunnelers (for security and computer hacking) , and Mines. These are usually in facilites like a ship (every freighter class and up ship has at least one Lab Station), or a Med Bay in a building. They may also be somewhere like the Jedi Enclave, and the Sith Academy. These are valuable.

[b]Workstations:[/b] Workstations are the most useful station in the game. You can increase the powers of your things here, and build new items. You can use this to change the color, Deflector Lens, Energy Crystals, and other things of your Lightsaber, and other weapons.

[u]Other Points of Intrests:[/u]

[b]Non Jedi:[/b] You also may be a non Jedi. You can request the sign up through a PM.

[b]Weapons:[/b] The Lightsaber spot on the Sign up Sheet will also include other weapons, like Vibroblades, Blasters, and other stuff, like Gammorean War Axes and Fighting Staffs.

[b]Credits:[/b] These are used to buy things from item merchants. You must include your credits at the start of each post. Everyone begins with 2000 Credits.

[uThe Questions[/u]

Now you can feel free to ask the questions you require.
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