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Manga How many Manga do you own?


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So i was wondering how many Manga do people own in their house? I own about 38 so far. But the number is going to get bigger. I want to have a libary for my own of all Manga. I want to fill shelf after shelf of Manga, like Read or Die, but not that exstreme. I love to read so i was wonder who else likes to read as much as i do and collect Manga. Please tell me how many you have. :D
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Hmm...let's see now...I've got...

Princess Ai volume 1
.Hack volume 1
Excel Saga volume 1
Real Bout Highschool volumes 1 and 2
Dragon Knights volumes 1-5, 14, and 17
Descendents of Darkness volumes 1-4
Here is Greenwood volume 2
Getbackers volumes 4, 6, 7
Saiyuki volume 2
The Demon Ororon volume 4
Petshop of Horrors volume 10
Fushigi Yuugi volume 11
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[color=darkblue]Seeing as this thread will more than likely generate nothing more than posts full of lists, I'm going to have to close this down. If you want to talk about your favorite manga, there are threads already made that you can do so.

Thread Closed.[/color]
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